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I Went To Sleep A Poet and I Woke Up A Fraud

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Pete learns some mistakes can't be fixed.

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Chapter Two I Went To Sleep A Poet and I Woke Up A Fraud

Pete sat in the waiting room, Andy and Joe on both sides of him. He was internally struggling with himself, not knowing what to think or how to react.

The doctor came out."Are you all here for young Patrick Stump?"

"Yes," all three members answered in unison.

"Well I have some good news and some bad news"

"What is it?" Pete asked desperately.

"Well he's alive and well except"

"Except...?" Pete drawled.

"He has a slight case of amneisia"

Pete's jaw dropped.


"Maybe seeing his old friends will help him recover from it"

Pete looked over to Andy and Joe who both nodded in agreement.

"Go on Pete, go see him"

Pete nodded before getting up to head into the room. As he saw Patick's sleeping form, he quickly waltzed over and gripped Patrick's hand.

Patrick woke up in shock. "Who are you?

Pete's eyes watered.

"Patrick? I'm Pete, I'm your best friend."

Patrick shook his head,signifying he didn't understand.

" into a fight. But trust me, we're best friends. You just...bumped your head..." Pete explained, eyes welling up with tears.

"We were?"

"O-of course. We were in our own band..."

"A band? Like the ones on television?"

Pete nodded his head quickly.
"Yeah. We wrote music and everybody loved us. We even won awards," Pete listed.

"What's our band name?"

"Fall Out Boy," Pete answered.

"LIke on The Simpsons?"

Pete laughed, wiping his eyes with his free hand.

"Yes, exactly like it."

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm just...I don't know..."

"Maybe I can help"

"How?" Pete asked, "You don't remember anything."

"Well I know how I am"
"And how are you?"

"I'm good at advice,you say you know me I believe you!"

"Of course I know you; you're Patrick Martin Stump. The sad thing is, you don't know me. I'm Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III...or just Pete."

"Long name"Patrick giggled.

Pete smiled.

"Yeah, it's a family name. Most people just called me Pete. You favoured Peter Panda or Peter Pan though."

Patrick bit his lip. "You called me Trick.."

"You remember?" Pete asked.

"It's static"

"Well, yes, I did call you 'Trick."

"I sing..don't I?"

Pete nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah, and you played guitar."

"I can play drums too..Panda..I'm-sorry"

"Sorry for what?" Pete asked.

"Punching you"

Pete shook his head, other hand coming to Patrick's cheek.

"Don't ever apologise for that. It was my fault you're like's all my fault sweetheart."

"I punched you though"

"I provoked you," Pete interjected, stroking Patrick's cheek.

Patrick sat up in his bed and rubbed Pete's cheek.

Pete looked to Patrick's hand that was placed on his cheek.

"Do you remmber anything else?" Pete asked.

"I remember...being in love with you"

Pete smiled, looking into Patrick's eyes.

"Well here is something you don't remember: I was inlove with you too, the whole time we knew eachother," Pete whispered.

"Y--you did?"

Pete nodded.

"That's why I'm so ashamed of...of doing this to you."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Anything." Pete answered.

"Do you still love me?" Patrick asked.

"Of course I do," Pete answered, closing his eyes.

Patrick took the advantage of Pete's eyes being closed and kissed him softly.

Pete opened his eyes briefly before melting into, the kiss, placing his hand over the one Patick had on his cheek.

Patrick pulled back softly

Pete gazed at Patrick, mouth slightly hanging open.

"I was so scared when I thought I had killed you. I was angry at myself and dying inside because I never would have gotten to say goodbye," Pete whispered.

"Then don't say goodbye"

"What do you suggest I say?"

"Say you'll be my boyfriend"

"Patrick, I'll be your boyfriend," Pete recited with a grin.

"Really really," Pete answered with a nod.

"I wanna go home"
"Alright sweetheart, we'll go home," Pete promised, hugging Patrick.

"I'm excitited"

"I'll go check you out okay?" Pete asked, pulling back.

"Thanks honey"

Pete nodded, heading out of the room.

Patrick got out of the bed and pulled the hospitial gown off and was pulling his clothes out of the bag.

After Pete had signed Patrick out (after much agruing with the nurses), Pete headed back into Patrick's room. At seeing Patrick getting dressed, Pete turned away and blushed.

"I could...uh...just come back..."

Patrick pulled his boxers up and his jeans after."It's ok"

Pete turned back around, seeing Patrick's "lower-half" clothed.

"Ready to go then?" Pete asked.

"Yeah"Patrick responded buttoning his shirt."Remember though I still remember everything"

Pete waited until Patrick headed over to him to open the door, letting Patrick out before himself.

Patrick waited for Pete and then brushed his hand against his.

Pete took the hint and grasped Patrick's hand in his own as they headed out of the hospital.
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