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Nakatsu knows

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Nakatsu plays a peeping tom when he hears Mizuki talk in a feminine tone, what does he witness between Sano and Mizuki? Something that makes him explode with emotion!

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The following day. . . .

Mizuki woke up much earlier then Sano the next day, for once. She considered waking him, but decided she might end up making him angry. Besides, he was an athlete, he needed his sleep. After yesterday, Mizuki's soul was dancing the Tango. She was so happy that she hummed while she got herself ready for the day, and whistled as she walked to the dorms vending machines. "I think I'll get some juice for Sano and I to share this morning!" She chimed as she stuffed her money into the vending slot and jammed the button for her desired drink.

"Mizuki are you sick?" It was Nakatsu's voice. "Your voice sounds kinda funny."
Mizuki had been so caught up in her thoughts of joy that she had completely forgotten to deepen her voice when she spoke. So when she talked she had sounded completely feminine.

"Oh! Nakatsu," She tried to sound like she was clearing her throat, "Uh, you snuck up on me there, I uh, just had a little frog in my throat, but I'm better now!" She gave him a nervous smile.

"Whatever you say," the blonde boy yawned, "I'll take your word for it."

Mizuki sighed in relief, taking the drink that she bought from the machine, "Uh, well I had better get this to Sano. He doesn't like to be kept waiting you know, so. . .bye!" She ran off towards her room, not really sure why she was nervous.

Nakatsu watched her gallop off, utterly confused. "Hmm. . . whats wrong with him?" He asked himself. He thought about it for a moment, then decided he should follow her, just in case something was happening between Mizuki and Sano.

Mizuki slipped into the room, trying to be quiet in case Sano was still asleep. He wasn't. He was awake and rubbing his eyes tiredly. "Mizu-ki. . ." he mumbled dazedly. "You left . . . ?" he asked still trying to wake up.

"Yeah, but only to get us some juice!" She chimed, thrusting the juice forward so that he could see it.Sano stared at the drink for a few seconds, then smirked and said "You didn't have to do that."

"But I wanted to. . ." She said blushing. Sano laughed, pulling her into an embrace. She snuggled her head into his shoulder, they held each other closely, completely unaware of the blonde boy peering through the small space of the unclosed door.

"Mizuki," Sano said, Mizuki looked up at him.

"Yes?" She asked. Sano didn't answer, he merely put his hand behind her head and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Nakatsu's jealously went off the charts at the site of that. He couldn't take it anymore, he had to do something before he exploded.

"Mizuki!" he screamed, charging in on the couple. Sano and Mizuki immediately separated.

"Nakatsu!" Mizuki said, her voice filled with fright. Nakatsu pulled her from Sano's bed and to her feet. "Mizuki, what is going on here?" he demanded, referring to what he witnessed between she an Izumi.

"Nakatsu, it isn't like that! I mean. . .it is, but. . . you, you, you can't tell! I mean, it's not like, Oh Nakatsu there's an explanation for all of this!" Mizuki panicked in what to say to him.

"Mizuki, why do you talk to Izumi with your voice all high-pitched like that? What's going on?" Nakatsu asked loudly. Mizuki began to cry, causing Nakatsu to feel a stab of guilt. "Look, I know you and Sano like each other, but since when do you talk like that? What are you keeping from me?" he tried to soften his voice but his temper was making it difficult.

"Nakatsu I've always talked like this! I have talked like this since I learned to talk! I talked like this until I came to Osaka high school, okay?" Mizuki shouted at him, tears coming faster now. Nakatsu stared at her in disbelief. "Nakatsu I swear if you tell anybody I'll, I'll. . ." She couldn't think of what to say, but hoped her message was getting across.

"So, you're a girl?" Nakatsu asked, still trying to grasp the concept.

"Yeah, I'm a girl, okay?" she said in sobs. Nakatsu felt a certain satisfaction that he wasn't gay, but also felt as though all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together.

"It all makes sense, the reason you wouldn't go to the hot springs, swim in the ocean, stay at my house for summer vacation, to the bath house with Sano and I, you. . . you're not really allergic to chlorine, are you?" Mizuki nodded. "So. . . you really are. . . I mean, I'm really not. . ." Nakatsu stammered with his words out of shock. A smile began to form on his face, but disappeared as another thought formed in his head, "But. . . you love Sano. . ." he said with absolute sadness lingering in his voice.

"Nakatsu, you're going to keep Mizuki's secret, aren't you?" Sano asked him.

"Yes, I'll keep her secret." Nakatsu said with absolutely no emotion, but stabbing a glare in Mizuki and Sano's direction. Sano and Mizuki breathed a sigh or relief. "If she tells everyone we're a couple." Nakatsu finished.

"What?!" Sano and Mizuki said simultaneously.

"I said, " Nakatsu repeated his terms, "I will keep Mizuki's secret if she tells everyone that she and I are a couple. I also want to go out on dates with her, and kiss her, and hold her. If she does that, I will keep her secret."


Author: Is this good enough for you? Or do you want more??? Well leaving you on a cliff hanger wasn't an accident! Sheesh, of course there will be more. But I am demanding a ransom of reviews, so ta-ta for now! :P
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