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You Look So Peacfull When You Sleep. I Wish You Would Sleep All of the Time

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cute little chapter...

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When he finally drove them back to his house, he got out of the car and opened the passenger door for her to get out. She did, and followed him inside the house she hadn't seen in such a long time. They entered the house, where Joe, Andy and Patrick were all sitting at the kitchen table playing a board game. They all turned around and looked at both Pete and Kate. They were all suprised at the fact that he had brought her home.

"Ah, hey Pete. What's going on?" Andy asked timidly.

"Nothing much. Kate's staying here for today. Don't ask questions." Pete said throwing his coat on the table.

Pete grabbed Kate's hand and brought her up the stairs to his room.

"Why am I staying here?" She finally spoke.

"Because we're gonna wait until that jerk has left your house." Pete turned on the TV and sat on the bed next to Kate.

"Pete, I really don't need to stay here. I'm sure it's fine if i go home now."

"No. Stay for dinner and then i promise i'll take you home." Pete laid down on the bed, while Kate remained sitting.

"I really apreciate what you did for me, Pete." Kate smiled.

"No problem. It was no big deal." Pete said, not taking his eyes away from the TV."

Kate suddenly leaned in and kissed him.

Pete starred back at her and then flintched away. "Kate.....We can't...I mean, we're not together anymore..."

"I know, i'm sorry. That wasn't a good idea. Sorry." Kate blushed with embarrassment and then took her eyes over to the TV.

Pete did the same and tried to forget he was in a very aquward situation.

They watched TV for a few more hours, and were enjoying eachothers company just like old times.

"Hey, i'm sorta hungry. I'm gonna go get something from the kitchen, do you want anything?" Pete asked as he got up from the bed.

"Yeah sure. I'll have whatever your having." Kate replied.

Pete nodded and went down to the kitchen. He began making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, until Joe walked in the room.

"Pete. What's going on? Why is she here?"

"Joe, it's fine. It's a long story that i'd rather not get into. She's only gonna be here for dinner and then afterwards i'll take her home.

"Alright." Joe sighed.

After Pete finished making their sandwiches, he went back upstairs to find Kate lying on the bed sleeping. He was about to wake her, but then he took a moment to see how peaceful she looked. He decided to let her sleep, and eat his sandwich before waking her up.

awww, petey is such a cutiepie aint he? KATE IS SUCH A BITCH! haha sorry, i thought i would just go along with the crowd. Apparently no one likes her; hell, i don't like her. I luv my Petey! I thank everyone for the reviews you've given me.
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