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Chapter 8

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Jason couldn't even deny this guy was hot.

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"Hey Frankie! How've you been?" Jason said once his stuff had been out away in the guest room that had once been his bedroom.

Frank shrugged and looked away.

"What's the matter dude? You depressed or something?" Jason asked, lifting Frank's chin with a finger.

"Naw... It's nothing..." Frank replied.

"You sure? Cause if your not, you know you can talk to me right?" Jason reminded him.

"Yeah, thanks." Frank said, smiling back at his older brother

Talk over the dinner table didn't interest Frank; he stared into space for most of it. After the food was done and the dished cleaned, Jason took a shower, washing off the stink from his car trip.
When he was exiting the bathroom, fully clothed and dry, he heard the shower turn on. When he turned around, Frank stood in the middle of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, and seemingly unaware of Jason.

"Frank? You done with your shower?" a voice called from somewhere outside the bathroom.

"Yeah! You wanna take one? I've left the water on." Frank yelled back.

"Um, sure... Hold on a sec!" the voice replied.

A moment later, the guy Jason recognized as Gerard from the videos entered the room. Frank was drying his hair with a smaller towel, sitting in front of the mirror.

"If you told me you were going to take one, I would've waited." Frank said, absently examining his face.

"Sorry." Gerard said as he stripped down to his boxers and tested the water.

Jason couldn't even deny this guy was hot.
Gerard had short black hair that looked almost as if he'd gelled it up into a messy spiky sort of style. His skin was tight around him middle as if he was a bit undernourished, but he still had more muscle than Jason had ever had, even though he worked out every time he got the chance. Frank was in pretty good shape too, now that Jason looked at him. Gerard's skin was pale and smooth, no blemishes. His eyes were hazel-green and incredibly mesmerizing.
Frank got up from the stool and hooked his arms around Gerard from the front, kissing him deeply.

"...doesn't mean you can't get wet again." Gerard said, grinning as he slipped Frank's towel off onto the floor.

Jason almost choked on air. Gerard's boxers soon joined the towel on the floor, but Frank's also naked body was in blocking Gerard from view, so the only thing Jason could see was his brother's back and ass. Frank giggled and pushed the taller boy gently backwards into the glass shower cube. The door was closed behind them and suddenly the water was off. The bathroom was empty.

"FRANK?!" Jason yelled as he ran out of the bathroom.

"Shh, honey, he's sleeping." His mom told him.

"What?! That can't be right! I just saw him making out with some guy in the shower!" Jason exclaimed.

"Then we must all be hallucinating, see for yourself." She answered, opening Frank's door a bit to look in.

There was Frank, sprawled across his bed, snoring. He looked peaceful, but Jason knew his brother well enough to recognize the slight hint of discomfort in his position. Frank was troubled.

"Something's bothering him." Jason said.

"Yeah, do you think it has to do with that Gerard guy?" she replied, looking on again on her sleeping son.

Jason shrugged and watched his brother as well, studying his face carefully.
The two had been very close their whole lives, and could pretty much tell anything to each other. Jason had been the first Frank told when he broke the antique vase while the parents were gone, and Jason had told Frank all about his date with the girl he'd been trying to get with throughout high school. No one understood why Frank wouldn't tell Jason about this problem.
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