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Chapter 5 - Behind You

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Jane's P.O.V:

I felt it again. That quenching thirst. I looked over at Adam and he sensed why I was looking at him for. He nodded at the other guys and Holly. They all nodded solemly.

" Well sorry to run but I have to go, nice meeting all of you," I yelled all I ran for the nearest exit.

" Where is she off to?" I heard Bob ask.

" She has an... appointment," was all I caught before I ran out the door.

" Jane!" I froze. Oh fuck no... I turned around and...

Gerard's P.O.V:

She said she had to go and then ran off. What the fuck? Her friend Holly said she had to go for an appointment or something. I noticed she dropped her purse on the floor. I picked it up and then ran after her. Anything to talk to her at least for a minute, anything to hear her soft, gentle voice, see her hair blowing in the wind.. see...

SHUT THE FUCK UP GERARD AND GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE ALREADY! Frank yelled through his mind to me. Opps must've been thinking out in the open.. that means if he heard me then he knows that I like her... Shit...

I made it outside then found her searching her pockets for her keys.

" Shit where's my purse!" she yelled to no one in particular. She's beautiful even when she's frustrated...

Who the fuck said that! Shit.

Behind you.

What the... she stopped mid responding and saw me there with her purse.

" Forget something?" I asked holding out her purse.

" Oh yeah thanks," she giggled nervously.

" No problem, where you off to?" I asked thinking that the others were just saying that to hide the truth.

" Ummm, I.. I have..." she stuttered. How I wish to kiss her sooo bad. She stopped trying to answer my question and looked at me weirdly.

What the fuck dude?

You can talk like this too? I asked shocked.

" Uhhh I gotta go see you tomorrow," she said then got her keys out of her purse, opened the door and drove away before I even had the chance to speak back to her.

I was still frustrated and sad as I entered back into the arena.

Tomorrow i'll make sure to have an actual convesation with her... And nothing will stop me...

Jane's P.O.V:

" SHIT!" I screamed hitting the dashboard with my hand as I drove down the street. " I've really fucked up this time." SHUT UP! You know he doesn like you someone probably asked him to return your purse for you... I thought. I found my next sacrifice. An old bum sitting in a dark alleyway. Why me?

I got out of the car, locked it then silently made my way up to the man. With a crack, I snapped his neck. I felt for his pulse... None. I drank up all I could untill I was full then ran back to my car and popped the trunk and grabbed some empty plastic bottles and filled them up.

" Hey there baby what are you doing?" a man asked me. Then another one came into view.

Shit... SOMEONE HELP! I yelled out in my mind. Then, all of a sudden one of the men grabbed a hold of me a pushed my up against a wall.

" You're so beautiful, why do you even bother to wear these clothes?" the other man sneered at me.


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