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Dedicated to and written for a friend of mine who had a motorbike accident...

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My hands tremble as i slam down the phone,
unable to believe what i've just heard.
All these thoughts and feelings whizzing through my head,
are absolutely obsurd.

This empty room filled with nothing but silence,
memories begin to fill my head,
As my whole body starts to ache.
How could this be happening?
What a life to take.

Tears start to flow down by cheek,
my body shaking from the shock,
So much I can barely speak.
It all seems unreal,
like a horrible nightmare.
Everything's numb now,
Nothing i can feel.

They must have it wrong,
That's it they've made a mistake,
you can't be gone.
You promised me you'd always be around,
Forever that's what you said,
Suddenly i feel my body collapse to the ground.

Crying out at an unstoppable pace,
I start to wonder what the last thing i said to you was,
Every arguement we ever had suddenly seems such a waste.
I realise now i said too much of what of shouldn't of,
and not enough of what i should of said to you.
I'd give anything to turn back the clock,
And i'm sure you would too.

I'm sitting by the phone now,
waiting for you to ring.
I just want to hear your voice again,
that familiar laugh or sigh.
How am i going to live without you?
I'm not ready to say goodbye.
It seems impossible to do.
You promised you'd stay with me forever,
but forever just wasn't long enough.
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