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Chapter 15

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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The walls surrounding here were a very bright white. Or was it a pale blue. It was so hard to distinguish the colors when your head is pounding and you have no recolection of what had just happened merely hours before.

She was pretty sure her head hurt, and the last thing she remembered was her room. Not the room she had been sharing with her new beau, but the one where she used to call home. The one where she would lay her head at night and dream of far away lands.

She was also pretty sure, this was not the color of that said room.

"Ugh, ow." Peyton managed to say through clenched teeth. The thought of moving was nauseating.

"Peyton?" Came a soft voice from beside her. She recognized it. "Peyton are you awake?" Or atleast she thought she did.

"No, I believe I have died and gone to hell." She refused to be nice to the voice that had awaken her from her slumber. "What did you do to me?"

Her question was met with an evil chuckle. "Nothing, nothing at all. I see that you broke into my apartment. Well, more like I saw you laying face down in my apartment. You left the door open, thats how I knew someone was in there. Did it hurt?"

Peyton sighed in frustration. "No Oliver. It was orgasmic. Of course it fucking hurt!"

A slow grinned came over his lips as he wetted them with his tongue. "Good. Now you know how I felt."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Now if you excuse ME, I know for a fact your little new boy toy will be coming to join you. I don't want to interrupt the happy couple." Oliver towered over her. Peyton tried to move, but found that she was strapped to a bed. 'I'm on a bed? Why am I on a bed?' He leaned over and kissed her temple and left, letting the door close silently behind him.

"Hello?" Peyton called out.

No answer.

"Hello? Patrick? Gwen? Pete? ANYONE?!" She started to panic. Here she was trapped in a white room, bound to a bed, and her 'ex' may have attempted to kill her. "PATRICK!" Tears flowed freely down her face as she tried to suck in a breath to breathe. "PATRICK WHERE ARE YOU?!"

The sound of a door being swung open calmed her down for a bit. That was until she felt the needle in her skin and sleep take over once more.


Gwen paced the room and rubbed her belly to try and calm herself down. "Where is she Patrick?"

Patrick didn't bother to look up from his spot on the couch. Gwen and Pete had took the earliest flight to get here to be with him and to find her. "I don't know Gwen. Don't you think I would be with her right now if I knew where she was!" He raised his voice with each syllable. "Jesus!"

Pete walked up behind him and grasped his shoulder in a brotherly way. "Calm down man. Joe and Andy are out driving around the apartment to see if they can catch Oliver. Maybe he knows something. Stay positive."

Patrick shook his head. "How am I supposed to stay positive when I can't find the one person I SHOULD BE PROTECTING!" He stood up from his spot on his couch and stomped off towards his room. The last place he had seen her.

Gwen stopped her pacing and turned to Pete with tears brimming her eyes. "Where could she be Pete? I mean, wasn't Patrick going to follow her to the apartment, what happened?"

Pete walked over to her and embraced her, holding her close to him, he let her sob into his chest. "Shh, its going to be ok. Thier going to find her. Its just a matter of time."

"Thats the problem Pete, we don't have time. Don't you watch those crime shows?"

Pete chuckled slightly. "Yeah I'm sort of addicted to them." He pulled her away gently to look her in the eyes. "Patrick couldn't help the fact that someone slammed into his car on the way over. He couldn't help that there was a hit and run accident on his way. Its just how fate is."

Gwen sighed and scooted herself back into his arms. Pete rested his chin on her head as she tried to get the gist of everything. "Did he call the cops? I mean, did he say he was hit and.."

"He did all that. His SUV is wrecked, he can't get a hold of Peyton. He's flipping out Gwen, he's doing what a boyfriend would do." Pete sighed as she shivered. "He called the cops and theres nothing they can do for twenty-four hours. The most we can do is call around to hospitals and see if she's there."

"Pete?" She questioned after a slight moment of silence.


"What if they can't find her?" She broke from his embrace to look him in the eye, searching for some kind of answer.

"They will find her. Its Joe and Andy."


"Want an M-n-M?" Joe questioned Andy as they both sat in the parking lot of Oliver's apartment.

Andy took a look at his friend and saw his mouth filled with them. "No thanks."

"Dude, liven up. She will show up." Joe popped another chocolate wonder into his mouth.

The parking lot was pretty packed, and from what they could see through the windshield of their car was that someone upstairs was having a party.

The two occupants though could care less about the party upstairs, instead they were busy keeping a very keen eye on the doorway.

"When do you think he will ever show up to his apartment?" Andy questioned after another half hour passed and still no sign of Oliver.

Joe shrugged, his eyes were heavy and the M-n-M's made his stomach hurt. "I don't know, but it had better be soon man, I can't take this without falling asl.." He stopped abruptly and sat straight up in his seat. "Andy, do you see that? Is that.."

"Oh my God. Grab her!" Andy yelled as he flung open the car door and rushed out towards the woman that had emerged from the apartment building. She was staggering and looked completely lost.

Joe, having the longer legs, made it to her first before she collasped in his arms. "Peyton?" He whispered as he slapped her cheeks gently, trying his best to rouse her. "Andy get the car and call Patrick. Tell him we found her."


"What happened?" Patrick questioned as Joe slowly layed the frail Peyton down on the bed. They were all gathered and hovering over her with concern and worry.

Joe sighed before speaking, trying his best to take it all in. "Well, Andy and I were just sitting outside Oliver's apartment. You know, just to see if he would come out or what not so we could 'ask' him if he had seen Pey. Well, he never showed."

"Bastard." Patrick mumbled under his breath as he slowly stroked Peyton's forehead. "Well, how did you find her?"

Andy stepped forward with a wash cloth and handed it to Patrick. "She just came out of the apartment building. She looked like she was drunk or drugged. I don't know which, but she was stumbling everywhere. It was bad man." He paused and watched as Patrick leaned over and whispered something into her ear before signaling him to continue his story. "The minute we approached her she just collapsed. Joe grapped her and we made a run for the car."

He nodded and then turned back towards her limp body. "What happened to you Peyton?" Patrick whispered to her.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" Gwen shouted from the living room, panic lacing her voice.

The door behind Patrick flew open with a bang, and Gwen stepped in, clutching her stomach as she walked over to her sister. Her face already stained with tears. "Oh my God! Whats wrong with her Patrick?"

Patrick looked at Gwen and shook his head. "I don't know, she won't wake up." He turned his gaze back onto his sleeping beauty.

"Well...DO SOMETHING DAMNIT!" Gwen yelled, causing many of the people in the room to jump.

"Gwen, sweetie, please calm down." Pete finally piped up from somewhere along the wall. "You need to stay calm for the baby and for Peyton."

Gwen threw her hands in the air. "How am I supposed to do that Peter when my sister could be DEAD!"

"She's not dead." Joe stated obviously.

"How do you know, are you a doctor?"

"No, but I'm pretty sure that thing she's doing with her chest, is considered breathing Gwen. She's just, sleeping or something." Joe placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. It wasn't working.

"Maybe we should take her to the ER." Gwen suggested, shrugging off Joe's hand.

"No." Patrick stated simply. "If we go there, there will definetly be media. I don't want her to have to go through that. They will twist everything out of porportion and make it look like I did it or that she's a druggie and needs to go to rehab or something."

"Sounds like a Pete problem." Joe blurted out.

"Not a good time buddy, but kudos to you for that one." Pete gave Joe a thumbs up and walked over to Gwen, enveloping her in his arms.

"I'm scared." Gwen whispered to him.

"Me too." Pete whispered back, kissing her cheek gently.

"What the hell?" came a small voice from the bed.

"PEYTON!" Patrick shouted, taking his attention from the room and placing it all on the woman laying in front of him. He watched her slowly stir and wince in pain as she tried to sit up. "Don't sit up just lay there for a bit."

"Patrick.." Peyton whispered as she tried her best to focus on her boyfriend in front of her. "What happened?"

Patrick looked at her with confusion. "What do you mean 'what happened?'"

Peyton slowly raised her self into a sitting position, ignoring Patrick's glares of disapprovement for not listening to him. "I mean, what happened? Last thing I remember was I was in the apartment getting something and WHAM! Someone hit me with something and I was out like a light."

"Did you see who it was?" Patrick grasped her hand tightly in his and sat down next to her.

"No, it was too quick." Peyton shook her head, she needed some kind of pain medicene, and quick. "My head...Patrick can you get me something for it?"

"Sure I'll be right back." Patrick leaned over and kissed her forehead lightly and ran out the door towards the kitchen.

"That wasn't all I remember," Peyton started as she made sure Patrick was definetly out of the room. "Please don't tell him because I'm not to sure if it was a dream or if it really happened."

Everyone shook their head in agreement, making a silent promise to Peyton. "Ok, well...I don't know if I dreamt it, like I said, but I woke up in this white room and Oliver was there. He was like moking me or something. I don't remember what he really said to me and then all of a sudden there was this 'girl' or what felt like a woman in the room and she was jabbing me with something. That's all I can remember."

"You don't remember what was said?" Pete questioned, his grip on Gwen getting tighter.

"No. It scares me because if that is what truely happened, I'm scared of whats to come." Peyton shook from the anxiety

"We should inform the police." Joe whipped out his phone but it was swatted away by Gwen just as quickly as he had got it out.

"No we can't. You don't know what kind of person your messing with here Joe. If that really did happen, Oliver would have the police on his side in no time. He's that kind of guy you know. He charms and bull shit's his way out of everything. He could even convice you that your own sister is out against you."

Peyton slowly shook her head in agreement with Gwen. "Gwen and I didn't talk for quite some time because of him. We actually just started talking when she came on tour here."

Gwen walked out of Pete's arms and sat next to her sister, hugging her to her. "Everything's going to be ok. Were going to get through this ok?"

With that said, Peyton lost her strong defense she had up and began crying.


OK..OMG I'm sooo sorry for lack of said update. lol Well, see theres this boy who I call "Pandy" lol. His name is really Andy..but we call him Pandy because I swear to you he reminds me of Patrick lie. LOL and I have been hanging out with him and what not, and then I had appointments for school and stuff so yeah. I'm a horrible horrible person. Shoot me. lol well anyways heres the new it or hate it just lemme know.

PS. I have another story idea...I maybe posting the story prologue tonight or tomorrow...lemme know what you think of that too if and when you see it
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