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False Hope

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Albus Dumbledore keeps a secret that may be the very downfall of the wizarding world. Will Voldemort learn of this secret, which Dumbledore values more than the prophecy? Or, will someone find ou...

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Disclaimer: Characters of the Harry Potter saga are owned by J.K. Rowling. This story is written as a fan fiction. No right infringement is intended. Any similarity to other Harry Potter fan fictions is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: False Hope

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, sadly surveyed the street and houses in Hogsmeade. Aurors, Hogwarts teachers, Order members, and medi-wizards roamed the magical village, helping the wounded, and removing dead bodies. The carnage was caused by a surprise attack of unknown number of Death Eaters. He couldn’t help blaming himself for the massacre. He should have prepared for this eventuality. They could have driven the Death Eaters with minimum damage, and probably no cost of lives. It was obvious Voldemort would plan an attack this Halloween night. Because of his decision to compromise, innocent witches and wizards were injured and killed.

“Dumbledore,” a brusque voice behind him called. Dumbledore didn’t respond. He continued to gaze in sorrow at the battle scarred street. The man quietly stood beside him, and clinically studied the war zone. “Those blasted Death Eaters have a lot to answer for. No regard for life or property. If this senseless killings and destruction keep up, our world may be exposed to the muggles.”

Dumbledore looked up to a clear moonlit sky. But this time, the sight of the stars and the moon didn’t lift his spirit, or ease his sorrow. He heaved a weary sigh. “What do you want me to do, Bartemius?”

“You’re the most powerful living wizard in the world. Think of something,” Bartemius Crouch Sr. agitatedly said.

“And, you are the Senior Undersecretary of the Minister for Magic. Why don’t you think of something?” thought Dumbledore, irritated. However, as much as he would like to, he refrained from voicing his thought out loud. It would, not only sound childish, but also unbecoming of a highly respected Headmaster of Hogwarts. “You know I have been doing everything I can Bartemius. I have also advised you tolerance on the decrees concerning magical creatures.”

“Tolerance? After those creatures pledged allegiance to You-Know-Who, you want tolerance? We should just eradicate the whole lot of them. Then, we can just concentrate on You-Know-Who, and his Death Eaters,” Crouch Sr. angrily replied.

As always, the narrow-minded view of the Undersecretary never failed to raise his ire. The man had a one track mind when it came to magical creatures. Dumbledore, then, noticed some reporters were heading their way. He looked around for his school staffs and found them gathered, just off his left side. He gave Professor McGonagall a slight nod of his head, and they walked towards Hogwarts.

“Bartemius, I have to go back to Hogwarts and see to my students. I believe you have everything here under control. If you need me, you know where my office is. Good night to you.” Without waiting for an answer, Dumbledore followed the other professors.

Dumbledore entered his office with flagging spirit. The lost of lives in Hogsmeade weighed heavy on his soul. But, instead of sitting on his chair to rest, he went straight to a cabinet containing his pensieve. In no time at all, he was reviewing the battle. It was a typical Death Eater tactic, attack with wands cursing. What was surprising though, was the absence of Voldemort. A high profile attack like this always included the presence of the Dark Lord. Where could he be?

The Headmaster sat on his chair, lost in thought. He stared on the wall with blank eyes, while slowly brushing his long white beard. The lilting song of a Phoenix broke his train of thoughts, and eased his weary soul. His eyes twinkled on a red and gold Phoenix perched on a golden bird stand.

“Fawkes, you always know when to pull me from my dreary thoughts. What is it this time?” Dumbledore asked good-naturedly. Fawkes trilled in response and cocked his head to one side, looking at the table. Dumbledore also looked at the table, wondering what his Phoenix was trying to say. That was when he noticed a pulsing scarlet light, coming from one of the drawers.

The pulsing scarlet light came from a modified remembrall. Dumbledore picked up the item, and placed it on the table. He took out his wand, pointed it at the remembrall, and muttered a spell. The pulsing scarlet light cleared. It revealed a two-storey house. No, it was more like a cottage. It, then, showed a bespectacled man, sprawled on the floor. His face was sprinkled with soot and blood.

Dumbledore’s eyes grew wide in horror. “James.”

Just then, he heard a shout coming from outside his gargoyle entrance. Upon confirming the identity of an unexpected visitor, he let the person in. “Headmaster! Headmaster! The Dark Lord has attacked the Potters.” Severus Snape was breathing hard, as he urgently made his report.

Dumbledore immediately went to the fireplace, and called Professor McGonagall. “Minerva, I want you to call Remus and Alastor. Tell them to immediately go to the Potter’s cottage in Godric’s Hollow. And, tell them to be careful.”

“What is this all about, Albus?” Professor McGonagall asked anxiously.

“The Potters have been attacked,” Dumbledore answered mournfully. He saw his Deputy Headmistress’ anxious expression changed to fear and horror. “I have to go Minerva. I’ll see you there.”

After closing the floo, he turned to his Phoenix. “Fawkes, I need you to take me to the Potter’s cottage in Godric’s Hollow. Severus, I want you to remain here in Hogwarts. We will talk upon my return.” The Phoenix hovered overhead, and lowered its tail feather to Dumbledore. With his wand at a ready, he held on to the feather, hoping he wasn’t too late. And in a flash of fire, they were gone.

Dumbledore and Fawkes appeared on a quiet street, facing the Potter’s cottage. He checked his surroundings to make sure nobody witnessed their arrival. The neighborhood was as quiet as a graveyard. He saw Fawkes alighted on top of a tree beside the Potter’s cottage. This drew his attention towards the Dark Mark, floating above the cottage. He turned his attention back towards the cottage. Any hope he was harboring slowly slipped away.

The Potter’s cottage sustained considerable damage. All the lights were out. Not many of the windows had intact glasses. The blackened front entrance was wide open. The door was barely hanging by its hinges. They even destroyed the picket fence gate. No muggle or magical law enforcement seemed to be around. Anti-muggle charms and anti-apparation/portkey wards were apparently still active. Dumbledore dispelled the anti-apparation/portkey wards, but left the anti-muggle charms alone.

With wand at a ready, Dumbledore cautiously walked towards the door. Upon entering, his senses were immediately assaulted by the presence of dark magic. He stood still for a moment, letting his eyes adjust to the gloom. He listened carefully for any sign of movement. Nothing. The sitting room was a mess. He slowly walked to the middle of the room, ready for ambush. He found James at the foot of the stairs. He went down on his haunches, and laid his left hand on James’ chest. His sorrow deepened. James was dead. He left the body as it was, and cautiously walked upstairs.

He went straight to baby Harry’s room. He knew Lily loved her baby more than life itself. She would protect Harry, no matter what the cost. He found her pinned on the floor, beside a wrecked baby cot. A ceiling beam fell down on her, and the baby cot. He also found smoking remains of a black cloak and ashes on the floor, near the baby cot. He flicked his wand at the beam, and put it to one side. As he feared, Lily was dead. Next, he moved to inspect baby Harry, lying on the wrecked cot. At this point, he assumed the Death Eaters were long gone.


Dumbledore immediately noticed the blood on baby Harry’s forehead. He quickly grabbed a towel, and gently placed it on the baby’s forehead. By the light of the wand, the baby looked like he was only sleeping. Dumbledore couldn’t help, but smile a little. He, then, lightly placed his left hand on the baby’s chest. He didn’t feel any movement. He moved his hand near the baby’s nose. The baby was not breathing. Sorrow and anger exploded in Dumbledore’s heart. Another family lost their lives to Voldemort.

The Headmaster sadly removed the towel from baby Harry’s forehead. There was no need for it now. The baby was no longer in any danger of bleeding to death. Once cleaned of blood, he noticed something odd with the wound. Shining the light a little bit closer, he saw the wound was in a shape of a lightning bolt, just above the right eyebrow. He stood up with a puzzled expression on his face. Except for the ceiling beam, the debris was nowhere near the baby cot. He had a strong feeling the wound was the result of a dark curse.

Dumbledore’s eyes lingered on the burnt cloak and ashes. Slowly but surely, he pieced the puzzle together. The ashes and burnt cloak could be the remains of Voldemort. The Dark Lord would surely use the Killing Curse on baby Harry. But, somehow, it destroyed him instead. How could a baby defeat a very powerful Dark Lord? Did this mean Harry was the child in the prophecy? Dumbledore’s eyes fell on the cursed wound on Harry’s forehead. He tried to recall the exact words of the prophecy.

“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have the power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…”

“Professor Dumbledore?” Professor McGonagall anxiously called from the doorway. Instead of answering, she saw the Headmaster picked up the baby, and gently wrapped him with a blanket.

“Harry is still alive, but he has been injured. I will take him to Hogwarts, and let Poppy have a look at him. I will also inform the Ministry of what happened here. Would you stay here, Minerva, and watch over Lily and James’ bodies?” Dumbledore asked in a sad and tired voice. Fawkes appeared, and hovered above him.

“I will, Headmaster,” Professor McGonagall replied, her eyes full of unshed tears. The Headmaster and his phoenix disappeared in a flash of fire.

Professor McGonagall conjured a blanket, and covered Lily’s body. She also covered James’ body, before walking out of the house. Once outside, she took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself. She couldn’t understand how Voldemort broke the Fidelius Charm. Surely, Sirius wouldn’t betray them. Two loud cracks alerted her of new arrivals.

“Professor McGonagall? I came as soon as Moody found me, and told me news. How are Lily, James, and Harry?” Remus anxiously asked. He would have entered the house, but Professor McGonagall blocked his path.

“We’re too late, Remus. Lily and James are dead. Professor Dumbledore took Harry to Poppy to heal his injury,” Professor McGonagall tremulously answered.

Remus stood where he was, staring at the house in disbelief. Anger and grief filled his heart. “How could this happen? Dumbledore said the Fidelius Charm would keep them safe. Sirius wouldn’t tell anyone even under torture. I know he wouldn’t,” Remus said angrily. But, there was a little bit of doubt in his words. After all, Sirius was also a Black. His family was a strong follower of Voldemort.

“I don’t know, Remus. I really don’t know. Perhaps, Professor Dumbledore has an answer.” Professor McGonagall sadly looked at her former student. The murder of the Potters could very well end the friendship of the Marauders.

“Stay alert. We have company,” Mad Eye Moody said in his gruff voice. He turned to the direction of the unknown intruder. Professor McGonagall and Remus automatically drew their wands.

“Where is the intruder?” Remus asked tensely. Mad Eye just pointed his wand at the approaching black speck in the moonlit sky.

“Can you identify the intruder, Moody,” Professor McGonagall nervously asked.

“No. But, we will soon find out. Professor McGonagall, I suggest you take cover inside the house. Remus, hide behind those bushes. I’ll take cover behind that tree. Wait for my signal.” They hid in their designated places without further question.

Peering through the window, Professor McGonagall waited tensely for the intruder’s arrival. As the intruder approached, she also heard a noise, which seemed to be growing louder, and louder. The intruder was now descending on an odd looking broom. The noise was now deafening. Professor McGonagall suddenly realized the intruder wasn’t riding a broom, but a muggle contraption. She only knew one wizard, who owned such a contraption…Sirius Black.

“TRAITOR!” Remus hurtled through the bushes like a wild beast, and savagely tackled Sirius. They fell on the street in a tangle of arms and legs.

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake…” Professor McGonagall walked briskly out of the house. “Mr. Lupin! Mr. Black! Stop this instant!” she sternly ordered.

Mad Eye hurriedly grabbed a hold of her arm, before she could reach the brawling wizards. “Moody, what are you doing? We have to stop this,” Professor McGonagall firmly said, trying to free her right arm from Moody’s tight grip.

“Professor, there is a far better way to stop a fight, than to step between two angry wizards. Now, if you will just stay here, I will take care of this.” Standing just out of the way of the two brawling wizards, Moody pointed his wand and murmured, “Incarcerous, Incarcerous”

Mad Eye levitated the two wizards, and dropped them inside the fence of the Potter’s property. In spite of being bound, the two marauders still struggled to reach each other. “Mr. Lupin, Mr. Black, I will release you, if you two promise to behave.” It took a few moments, but the two finally agreed.

Once released, Sirius ignored the wand Moody was pointing at him. Instead, he immediately started yelling at Remus. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? WHY THE HELL DID YOU ATTACK ME?”

“WHY WOULDN’T I ATTACK YOU, YOU TRAITOR? TAKE A LOOK AT THAT! TAKE A GOOD LONG LOOK AT THAT!” Remus was furiously pointing at the ruined Potter’s cottage. “Why did you betray them, Sirius? What can Voldemort possibly offer you to turn against us, your friends? Because of you, James and Lily are dead.”

“What? James and Lily are dead?” Sirius’ anger was replaced with fear and grief. He was about to run inside the house, but the three wands pointing at him stopped him. “Remus, you don’t think I will betray them, do you? You know I will rather die than betray them.”

“Explain to me how Voldemort found them, then. The house is under a Fidelius Charm. You are the secret-keeper,” Remus angrily retorted.

“What? I’m not the secret-keeper. Peter is the secret-keeper.” Sirius suddenly stopped talking, when he realized the significance of what he said. “I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him! That #&*@+!, good for nothing rat has played us for a fool. Wormtail is the traitor.” Sirius was now pacing furiously, his thought full of self-recriminations, and guilt for being a thick, stupid git. Some auror he turned out to be. He’s as good as handed Lily and James to Voldemort.

“You are not making any sense, Mr. Black. What are you talking about?” Professor McGonagall curtly interrupted his ranting. “What do you mean ‘Peter is the secret keeper’? And, who is Wormtail?”

He stopped pacing and faced his three accusers. “Professor, when the Potters went into hiding, everyone believed I’m the secret-keeper. Well, guess what? Everyone is wrong. Peter Pettigrew is the secret-keeper. At the last moment, I convinced James to make Peter their secret-keeper. Who would think that the Potters would choose Peter as their secret-keeper? No one. While Voldemort and his Death Eaters search for me, thinking that I’m the secret-keeper, Peter hides in a safe-house, hence insuring the Potters’ safety. Wormtail is Peter’s rat animagus name. So, it would be doubly hard to find him. I thought it was foolproof. I guess it only made me a fool.”

“Why didn’t you, at least, tell Dumbledore you made Peter the secret-keeper?” Professor McGonagall asked, bewildered. She would also like to know, how Peter became an animagus, but decided not to ask. Now is not the time.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Am I not a marauder?” asked Remus, betrayal and anger evident in his voice.

Sirius looked at Professor McGonagall, and then, dropped his eyes in shame when he turned to Remus. “Please, forgive me Remus. I suspected you as the traitor. That’s why we didn’t tell you. In hindsight, it wasn’t such a good idea not to tell anyone. But, at the time, it made perfect sense.”

Several cracks sounded, and they were surrounded by blue cloaked Ministry Aurors. “Don’t move! You are surrounded!” shouted the lead auror.

“At ease, Lieutenant,” Mad Eye ordered. “I am Senior Auror Alastor Moody. These are Auror Sirius Black, Hogwarts Professor Minerva McGonagall, and Mr. Remus Lupin.”

The lead auror approached Mad Eye, and saluted. “Sir, we have order to take Auror Sirius Black into custody, for the murder of James and Lily Potter.”

“WHAT? I didn’t murder them. I’m innocent,” Sirius quickly protested.

“Be quiet! Go with them Auror Black. We’ll sort this out later,” Mad Eye brusquely told Sirius. “The bodies of the Potters are inside. Have your report ready on my desk by tomorrow morning. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” the lead auror promptly answered.

Two aurors bound Sirius hands with magical manacle, and took him to the Ministry holding cell. Professor McGonagall, Mad Eye, and Remus decided to see Dumbledore, and apprised him of the situation.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts’ hospital wing, Dumbledore was sitting calmly beside baby Harry’s bed. Madam Pomfrey was muttering spell after spell at the baby. It took his great Occlumency skill to hold his tongue, and let the school nurse do her job. It was fortunate the hospital wing was empty of students and patients.

“I’m sorry, Headmaster. There is really nothing more I can do. The baby is dead,” Madam Pomfrey softly said, greatly saddened.

“Are you sure, Poppy?” Dumbledore asked with forced calmness. “If you will examine him again, maybe you can find a way to revive him this time.”

“Headmaster, I already examined him three times. Now, I am grateful you have such high regards with my skills as a healer, but I am not a god. I cannot bring back the dead,” Madam Pomfrey replied, barely holding her frayed emotion. “As I explained to you earlier, he suffered multiple broken ribs, which I say once again, punctured his lungs. I would assume something heavy fell on him. If that didn’t kill, the Killing Curse surely did. Yes, the wound on his forehead was made by a Killing Curse. Now, is there anything you don’t understand?” Madam Pomfrey’s voice broke in the middle of her discourse. A tear was now falling down her right cheek. Dead or dying babies and children always affected her deeply. She always wondered why she chose to work in a school.

Dumbledore was ashamed for badgering the kind school nurse. “I am sorry, Poppy. Please, forgive me. I was just confused. I know you already healed his injuries. And, I saw you successfully resuscitated the baby a while ago. He was breathing. What I cannot understand is why you keep telling me he is dead. Would you enlighten me, please?”

“He was breathing because of magic. His blood was flowing because of magic. Magic is keeping his body alive. Muggles doctors can also do this. By attaching tubes of oxygen and liquid nutrients, they could keep a body alive, indefinitely. But, it is only a body with no soul.” Madam Pomfrey blew her nose, after she finished explaining what she did.

Dumbledore was quiet for a moment. He was thinking over, what the school nurse told him. Once again, he asked for Madam Pomfrey’s forgiveness. Then, he stood up with a smile on his face and eyes twinkling. Madam Pomfrey drew back, alarmed.


“Poppy, I thank you for saving Harry Potter’s life. I knew you can do it. The whole wizarding world owes you a debt of gratitude.” Dumbledore’s voice was dripping with honey, as he heaped the school nurse with praise one after another.

“What? What are you talking about, headmaster?” the confused school nurse asked.

Dumbledore’s smile broadened, and his twinkling eyes grew brighter. He picked up the baby, and wrapped him again with a blanket. “Baby Harry, here, has defeated Lord Voldemort…” Madam Pomfrey flinched. “For a moment, I thought he would lose his life. But, you have snatched him from the jaws of death, and brought him back to the land of the living. Thank you, Poppy.” Dumbledore gave the school nurse a slight bow, and then, walked toward the door.

“Headmaster, wait! You can’t take him with you. He must stay here for further observation,” Madam Pomfrey said, displeased. If she just pulled baby Harry from the jaws of death, she needed to make sure he remained stable.

“I’m sorry Poppy. I can’t do that. Lord Voldemort…” Madam Pomfrey flinched again. “…may be gone, but his followers still roam free. I have to take him to a safe place.” Without giving the school nurse anymore chance to protest, Dumbledore quickly left the hospital wing.

Albus Dumbledore was back in his office, guiltily pondering his decisions. What he did to Poppy was unethical. She didn’t deserve it. The aged headmaster reasoned it was necessary. But, what weighed him down the most was sacrificing his morality for the good of the wizarding world. Harry Potter was the child in the prophecy. He was not meant to die. That night, he made sure he would live, if not in body, at least in the hearts and minds of all magical beings. That night, he performed magic so dark, it would not only land him in Azkaban if discovered, but also shunned by the wizarding world. He hoped wherever James, Lily, and Harry were, they would find it in their hearts to forgive him.

Dumbledore immediately wiped the tears off his face when Professor McGonagall, Mad Eye, and Remus stepped into his office. After they sat down, he offered them tea and told them that another wizard would join them. As much as he regretted revealing a secret, Dumbledore told them that the wizard was a Death Eater spy for the Order. Therefore, he was important to their cause. Professor McGonagall, Mad Eye, and Remus were surprised when Severus Snape walked in. Professor McGonagall politely offered Snape a cup of tea, which he coolly accepted.

“If you please Severus, tell us your report,” Dumbledore calmly urged.

Snape slowly sipped his tea, before he started. “The attack at Hogsmeade was a diversion. The Dark Lord’s real target was the Potters. He believed, that the prophesied child who will defeat him, was Harry Potter.”

“Why didn’t you tell us about the impending attacks, before they happened? What use are they to us now after the fact?” Moody asked suspiciously.

“What prophecy are you talking about? And, how did Voldemort know about it?” Remus added confused.

“There is a prophecy that gives us a clue as to who will defeat Voldemort. For security reason, I cannot tell you the whole content. However, the first part of the prophecy tells us of a child, who will be born on the end of July from parents who defied Voldemort three times. Unfortunately, one of his followers heard the first half of the prophecy. I surmised from this little information, Voldemort decided the son of James and Lily Potter fit the description of this child,” Dumbledore solemnly answered Remus’ questions. For a moment, the Headmaster’s somber eyes clouded with pain and sorrow. “As to the attack at Hogsmeade, I knew beforehand it would happen. Severus already informed me.”

“Headmaster!” Professor McGonagall yelled in shock. Mad Eye and Remus faces also showed the same expression, and more.

“Yes, I know. I am as guilty as those Death Eaters who cast the Killing Curse. And, I shall carry this guilt unto my dying day.” Dumbledore, at that moment, looked his one hundred thirty seven years of age. “It was my belief, that if I acted on the information given by Severus, we would reveal his status as an Order spy. He is the only one we have in Voldemort’s inner circle. It was one of the hardest decisions I made. But I have to do it, for the greater good of the wizarding community.”

“Did you also know that Lily and James would be attacked tonight?” Remus’ question held an undercurrent of anger, and promised retribution.

Dumbledore looked Remus in the eye, and sincerely said, “No, I didn’t know.”

Remus turned to Snape, and menacingly asked, “Did you?”

Snape scoffed at the implied threat, but nevertheless, answered truthfully, “I learned of the attack, after I questioned the Death Eaters, who accompanied the Dark Lord. They remained outside, while the Dark Lord personally killed the Potters. They ran away after hearing the Dark Lord’s horrible scream. One stayed long enough to cast the Dark Mark.”

Remus held Snape’s gaze for a moment, before turning his attention back to Dumbledore. At least, James and Lily didn’t die for nothing. Their son lived, and Voldemort was gone. “Professor Dumbledore, about Harry, how is he really?” Remus asked with concern.

Dumbledore smiled widely, and his eyes twinkled. “You have nothing to worry about, Remus. Harry is perfectly fine. A married couple, who I trust implicitly, was looking after him. His injury left a lightning bolt-shaped scar above his right eye, as a mark of his encounter with Voldemort.” Remus sighed in relief.

“How did he survive, headmaster? How did he defeat You-Know-Who?” Professor McGonagall asked, bewildered. She couldn’t imagine how a baby stopped the terrifying power of that evil wizard.

Everyone was looking at Dumbledore, expectantly waiting for his explanation. He was quiet for a moment, seemingly trying to collect his thought. “I cannot tell for sure. But, I can hazard a guess. We all know Lily was an excellent charm student. I believe that in order to protect Harry from Voldemort, Lily managed to create a shield, fed by her love for Harry. Voldemort underestimated the love of a mother to her child. I don’t see how he could. It was, after all, an old ancient magic. When Voldemort struck Harry with a Killing Curse, the shield didn’t break, but reflected the curse back to the Dark Lord.”

“Professor Dumbledore, do you believe Lord Voldemort is gone? Do you believe he will never return?” Mad Eye dubiously asked.

“No. I believe Voldemort is still out there, a shadow of his former self. An evil like Voldemort cannot be easily destroyed. No. I believe Voldemort will return. But, by that time, we will be ready.” There was a brief silence as everyone absorbed the information. Dumbledore raised his wand, and conjured a fresh pot of tea. For a moment, they sipped their tea, and savored the feeling of freedom from fear and evil.

As the hour was getting late, Professor McGonagall, Snape, and Mad Eye took their leave. Remus continued sipping his tea. He wanted to tell Sirius’ situation to Dumbledore, but he didn’t know how to begin. “Remus, is there something you want to tell me?” He heard Dumbledore asked with some concern.

“Professor Dumbledore, has anyone told you that Sirius was arrested for the murder of James and Lily?” Dumbledore just shook his head, and urged Remus to continue. “Sirius told us he was not the secret-keeper of the Potters. It was Peter Pettigrew. I believe him. I want to ask you, if you could ensure he receives a fair trial. In this time of uncertainty, it will be easy to sweep his case under a rug.”

“I will do whatever I can, Remus,” Dumbledore promised.

Remus smiled, relieved. “Thank you, professor.” With that, he took his leave.

The news that You-Know-Who had been defeated spread like wildfire throughout Hogwarts, and beyond. The next morning, in the Great Hall, all the students were already seated in their respective house tables, even before breakfast was served. Everyone was excited to hear the headmaster, confirm the news. At the head table, some of the chairs were still vacant, but slowly being occupied as the professors walked in. At last, all the professors were present including the headmaster. The Great Hall grew quiet as the headmaster slowly stood up.

“For a long time, the wizarding world has been terrorized by Lord Voldemort.” Gasps, Shrieks, and Eeps emanated from the student body. “You don’t have to fear his name anymore for he has been defeated.” A loud roar, shouts, and clapping rolled over the Great Hall. “Please, everybody stand up. I would like to propose a toast…to Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived.” Dumbledore noticed the toast was repeated by everyone, except Slytherins. If only Harry had survived, the whole wizarding world would have something to truly hope for.


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