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A new celebrity journalist at 'Scene' magazine had to go under cover and get a sotry from the P!ATD guys...... But will it lead to ruin? Please review, i'd really appreciate it. And yes i ma ...

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I'm not entirely sure what drove me to move to Las Vegas.
I know that i was pretty certain i wanted to move to America.
And definate that i wanted to move out of England.

Better weather & i'm a 5 hours flight away from my parents.

Las Vegas, for me, was really like a lucky draw.
It had no significance in my mind compared to the other
A complete fluke.
A last minute desicion.

I don't normally do last minute desicions.
I, am a Susan.
No Susan is not my name, it's Ella for your information,
but yes i am a Susan.
This was decided by Reese Biscotti, my room mate & best friend.
According to Reese, all the Susans she has ever met,
have been organised and neurotic.
Funnily enough, Susan is the name of my mother,
and she just so happens to fit that description.
I think this is very stereotypical of everyone with the
name Susan, and i'm sure there is a Susan out there who is
a complete and utter nutter, who would rather throw up than
organise her sock draw into sections. [ FYI i don't do that]

But basically i usually plan things way ahead of time, instead of
deciding a day in advance where i'm going to live fo rthe next few years of my life.

But i am forever grateful for that random moment where i
was completely out of character, for if it wasn't for that one
random desicion of mine, i wouldn't be where i was now.
And where i am now is in a succesful job with i guy i would
die for [quite literally i think you'll find]
If it wasn't for that kink in the chain, i would never have met
Ryan Ross. The one the only.
The guy who girls would tear their hair out to just to touch him.
The guy who makes my days sunny.
The guy who changed my life.
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