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But Do They Have A Pool?

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A crossover with Melrose Place. Amanda Woodward and Billy Campbell stumbled into Caritas

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They had been driving around for an hour now, looking for a bar where they could at least get one drink. Billy Campbell didn't feel right having alcohol in his apartment since Allison was still struggling with her alcoholism. Besides, Amanda Woodward, his companion for the evening, always said that he made a lousy martini.

The only reason they were even driving around Los Angeles like two desperate travelers in the desert, looking for water, was that Jake had closed Shooters for renovations. What with all the bar fights that broke out there and the crazies that frequented it, it was amazing he didn't do it sooner.

"Amanda, hey...what about that place?" Billy motioned towards a small neon sign that could be easily missed by a casual passerby.

"Caritas? Sounds classy but it is no Shooters but as long as they have martinis and no Sydney or Jane, I am game." Amanda replied.

After finding parking, which was surprising in L.A., he lead Amanda down into the place. He placed a hand on the small of her back. It was a familiar gesture and one that he was surprised she permitted him given they were in public. However, he stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell on the bar patrons.

The one that caught his eye first was the one on stage singing. Maybe it was just the rendition of Bel Biv Devoe's Do Me that caught his attention at first but it was hard to ignore the red skin and...horns?! His eyes traveled quickly to scan the rest of the crowd. Scales, tails, more horns, red eyes, skin in every color of the rainbow and enough skin conditions to keep a dermatologist happy for his whole career. He swallowed hard as a green skinned...well, he could only guess it was a demon, took the stage. Red eyes, red horns, but he was wearing a pretty cool looking purple silk suit.

"Let's give a big hand to Karl. And here's hoping you can find love tonight, big guy." of this demonic karaoke lifted his drink in salute to the red demon. Billy thought he was going to faint. Amanda, for her part, seemed unfazed as she made her way to the bar.

"This goes out to my favorite little strudel with a soul. Her name was Lola..." Greeny broke out into what Billy had to admit, was a pretty good rendition of Copacabana. Billy kept rubber necking as he followed Amanda. He couldn't believe his eyes or his ears. Strudel with a soul? He half expected a pastry of some sort to start debating morality.

"Martini, dirty." Amanda said coolly as she stood at the bar.

"Amanda!" Billy said lowly, taking her by the elbow. "I think we should get out of here. This place...I would have never believed it...but this is a place for demons to hang out."

"I know." She replied as she picked up her drink. "But it isn't any different than what I have dealt with at D&D."
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