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MOM! Buffy's In The Closet

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Post-Chosen, not comics compliant. Buffy/Faith, trapped in a closet

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Buffy could hear her heart pounding in her ears as she ran. Her lungs were burning and her neck was getting sore from turning around to look at the army that was bearing down on herself and Faith. How could an army that big fit in the halls of an abandoned elementary school, she'd never know. She took a sharp turn, knowing that Faith would be right at her side.

Then she saw it. The open door. It would buy them just enough time. She grabbed Faith by the upper arm, yanking her to bank further left.

"Hey B, what the --" Faith's words were cut short as Buffy threw her into the supply closet. She barely avoided hitting a rack of cleaning supplies as Buffy slammed the door shut. Faith just watched as the blonde Slayer started moving heavy barrels of industrial cleaner.

"You mind helping out here instead of just standing there and watching?" Buffy said as she shot Faith a look over her shoulder.

"Why? You just ruined my fun. Two against two hundred. Was liking those odds."

"I am going to call the others. I think fifty against a hundred is just a little better, Faith." Buffy replied as she dug her cellphone out of her pants.

"Still can't loosen up and have a little fun. Whole army of girls just waiting for some action and you give up some prime ass kicking to hide in a closet." Faith shook her head. It was dimly lit in the closet but she could still see the shining gold of Buffy's hair. It had that way of just reflecting whatever light was around.

"Buffy. We have a situation. That nest that Giles promised me was only a dozen or so demons. Yeah, try two hundred. Faith and I are holed up in the school. Send as many as you can, Xander. And bring the big guns. Weapons too." She flipped the phone shut but paused as she felt hands that were not her own touching the bare skin of her arms. "Um...Faith...what are you doing? I realize I am super smooth and soft but this is not the way to find out my exfoliation secrets."

"You got me all worked up and then shoved me in the closet. I need some way to blow off a little steam here." Faith's hands slid up Buffy's arms and then to her shoulders. She gently pulled the other woman back against her. It always took a little coaxing to get Buffy loosened up.

"The team is going to be here soon. And what if the demon army comes back here? They might have really good senses of smell." Buffy protested despite the fact that Faith had now pressed her lips against the nape of her neck. It felt good enough that she allowed her eyes to slip closed, to get lost in the moment.

"Then they are about to get a big ol' whiff of eau de girl sex." Faith moved her hands around Buffy's waist, kissing her neck and shoulders. She chuckled softly as Buffy sighed. Buffy might still be in the closet, but at least she wasn't here alone.
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