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Wicked Games

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Cordelia and Willow backstory

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Once a week, during the summer between second and third grade, Mrs. Rosenberg would drop her daughter off to play at the Chase house. Willow looked forward to these trips from the time she left the one before until she went to the next. Anything was better than another summer of Jewish summer camp. The night before her big visit, she would stuff her well worn backpack with every single Barbie and Ken she owned.

They were nothing compared to the hundreds of dolls and accessories that Cordelia had. Her shoebox convertible wasn't as flashy as Cordelia's Barbie Corvette and her small Day to Night apartment play set was hardly the castle that Cordelia's Barbie Dream House was. It didn't seem to matter because for a few hours a week, she and Cordelia could play as equals. Cordy used her shoebox car and she got to make Doctor Ken kiss her Workout Barbie. Cordy never made fun of her for wanting to use the top of an Icee cup as a chair and would even suggest that they have pool parties downstairs in the huge Chase kitchen sink. Sometimes, Cordy even forgot that Willow had put the ruffled Peaches 'n Cream dress on her doll or the day to night outfit and these were added to the collection in her backpack.

They played games of young girl fantasy. Cordelia would have Malibu Ken and Jewel Secrets Ken fighting over Dream Glow Barbie while Willow would secretly wonder what it would be like if Theresa and Skipper kissed. The Chases never bothered the girls because they were never around. It was Willow and Cordelia, alone in the bedroom that was almost as big as Willow's whole house. Cordelia always made sure that their Barbies were sisters, sharing the dream house, the dream cars, and the dream life.

That was, until Harmony Kendall moved to town.

Then the weekly visits stopped. She never got a reason why other than the Chases were busy, Cordelia was busy. The Barbies, the Kens, all their fabulous homemade accessories stayed in Willow's backpack. She took them out sometimes. They zoomed around her room in their shoebox car that she had decided could fly. But it wasn't the same. Barbie had lost a sister.

When school started up after that long summer, Cordelia, Harmony, and the rest of Cordelia's new fashionable friends teased Willow for playing with dolls. They teased her for how she dressed. They made fun of her clothes and her hair. Harmony and all Cordy's new friends would laugh, taunting and pointing. She was learning they were the haves and she was the have nots, even if all she understood about it was the hurt she felt. If Xander and Jesse hadn't stood up for her, she might have spent the entire school year alone.

There were no more dream houses. No more dream cars. And no more dream life. There was only Willow, a forgotten backpack, and the "We Hate Cordelia Club".
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