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Chapter 2

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high school ( Rydon )

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Title- Out of Place and Under Dressed chapter 2
Pairing- Ryan Ross/ Brendon Urie
Summery- High school
Disclaimer- FanFICTION i do not know or own any of Panic! at the Disco, or its members
title belongs to Panic! at the Disco as well

Brendons POV

Even as I walked into my second period class room I couldn't get my mind off that boy.
Ryan Ross, he was perfect. He has long light brown hair that fell over his face covering his left eye. He also had the most intoxicating eyes, they were a beautiful hazel color with a hint of honey in them. He is also very thin, like skin and bones thin.He also had long graceful limbs and fingers. He was also the pure essence of fashion and always looked perfect.

He is very quite and doesn't talk much, i have tried to start a conversation with him many times but he always just shrugs or gives one word responses. I don't think he likes me. I can understand why though, I Brendon Urie am a major jock, but I'm not like the others, i don't really like football, music is my real passion. I don't pick on people, but i don't defend them either. I also hang out with those meat heads i call friends, who constantly give him crap and beat him up for being ' queer' or a ' fag '.

Every time they say those words i flinch. He should be rewarded for being brave enough to be himself.
God knows I'm not. Yes, I Brendon Urie am gay. But I know I can never tell this to anyone.
I was raised a good Mormon boy and taught that homosexuality was one of the greatest sins of all.
This is why I can never come out of the closet, my family and friends would disown me, I would be kicked out of the house, my social life would be nonexistent, and my school life would be hell.

This is why I can never tell anyone. Ever.

Brendon! I snapped out of my daydream and looked up only to see my teacher Mrs. Vigue and the rest of the class staring at me.

" Brendon, pay attention in my classroom!" Mrs. Vigue hissed " Maybe you will have time to clear your head in detention! " She handed me a pink slip and strode back to the front of the classroom wearing a slightly sadistic smirk, on her face.

Mrs. Vigue hated me and I knew this. She hated me because her son Kyle hated me. We used to be friends in middle school before he joined band and I joined football. We spoke to each other less and less until eventually we stopped speaking at all. Later the silence between us managed to turn into insults and fights and so on.

I looked at the obnoxiously bright pink slip on the desk as if had some sort of infectious fatal disease, and shoved it into my binder, hearing the bell ring I stormed out of the classroom and was first out the door.
The day went on slowly before lunch. I walked into the cafeteria and sat at my usual table ' the popular table '.

Threw out lunch I picked at my salad and made small talk with my best friend Brent.
Brent really was a nice guy don't get me wrong i just wish i could eat and talk to someone who wasn't as shallow as the half full bathtub. Like Ryan, he seemed so deep, he was always writing intently in that notebook of his, but never letting anyone read it. I wished I could get into his head see what make that beautiful boy tick.

I looked over at Brent he was jesturing tword his burger he had ordered and asking me if i wanted some.
I scrunched up my nose and shook my head. " Dude, you know I'm a vegetarian. " I said, raising an eyebrow at him.

" you still doing that? Thought that phase would have passed by now. " he replied.
" It's not a phase Brent, I actually do care. " I replied in an irritated tone.
He just snorted and went back to talking to that skank of a girlfriend of his.

Speaking of skank... " Hey Brenny! " I mentally rolled my eyed at the nickname as my girlfriend Ashly made her way over to me.

I know what your thinking I just called my girlfriend a skank. Well I'm not dating her because I like her.
Hello, gay remember? Yeah, I thought you did. I'm only dating her because I'm head of the football team and she's captain of the cheer leading squad. It's like an unwritten rule that we date.

So...well we do.

I gave her a dismissing wave and left my seat, and headed of tword my last class, I was a little early but anything to get away from that whore.

After the last period of the day i walked into the detention only to come face to face with the boy who's fault it was I was in here. Maybe detention wouldn't be so bad after all?
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