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Greatest Love of All

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Angel reflects on being a father

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Angel had never felt this way. He had lived for centuries and he knew that he would never feel this way again. His heart swelled and he almost thought that it would beat when he held his infant son. This miracle was something he thought he would never experience. Maybe it was something that he had convinced himself he never wanted since it was an impossibility.

When he was Liam, children were what happened if you weren't careful with the whores. You figured the girls could take care of themselves and if they came calling, there was no guarantee it was yours. Most of them knew better than to try to hunt down the one man of many that got them in trouble.

As Angelus, his only concern for children was as food. He could, even now, still hear the wails of their cries right before he snapped their tiny little necks or as he drained them dry. They were hardly a meal to be honest. More like an aperitif before the main course of their parents. Their innocence was sweet though.

Now though, as Angel, he had told himself to give up any thoughts of a family. It was more a defensive mechanism so that he would be able to spare himself the hurt. Here he was though, with a yowling child in his arms. His child. And his family downstairs in the hotel lobby.

Whenever he looked into the eyes of his newborn son, he felt a kind of love he never thought possible. It was unconditional, it was innocent, it was the love a father has for his son. It was something that Liam was denied growing up and something Connor would never be denied.
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