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Anna had the worst life everything was crappy, and it tends to stay that way. She hates her only friend because she won a raffel. Is her life bound to stay screwed up?

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I was on my way to my crapy job, in this crapy town, with crapy people. I guess you could say my
life sucked, well it did. There were those times I wished that I could change my life. What if what
you wished came true? I would love it!
"You're late!" my boss yelled.
"Sorry," I almost whispered.
"No're fired!" he screamed. Tears welled into my eyes, what? That can't be true I can't
even pay my bills now.
"But...I-I ....but," I stumbled upon my sentence.
"Get out," he glared at me. As I walked out the door I could feel his eyes burning in my back. Ring
"Hello? [hey Anna...something wrong?] no it's just...I got fired [oh no I'm sorry] it's not your
fault...[well I'm sorry anyway] thats nice [I'll loan you money] no! [oh okay I won't] sorry I'll
just feel like a my mom living off my dads money [but she spent it all] I know but while
it lasted...I'm gonna go bye [okay bye]" I hung up as I walked in my cruddy apartment. I lived
alone. I had to sell my t.v, double bed, and table to get by on the rent but now I got nothing.
"Miss Kolber!" the owner yelled, "I need to talk to you!" I opened the door revealing a short
tempered fat old lady.
"Yeah?" I coldly asked.
"Your rent?" she asked holding out her hand.
"Look I just lost my job and I need a few more months," I plead.
"No Buts!" she yelled, "I already gave you 12 months to get the money."
"Then..." I drifted off.
"No rent, no home," she scolded, "do you have your rent?"
"No..."I whispered.
"What?" she asked.
"No!" I replied.
"Out!" she screamed. Now my house what else could happen? I left with nothing except the clothes I
had on now.
"Okay it's still day," I mumbled, "I'll find a place to stay by dark you'll see." God now I'm
talking to myself!
I went inside sam goody for fun.
"Hey Anna!" Jen yelled. I waved.
"H-hey," I stuttered.
"Your stuttering...what's wrong?" she asked.I shook my head. "Okay, well...oh do you know GC's gonna
be here!"
"Really?" I gasped.
"Yup to sign stuff like guitars, cds, and other junk," She drifted off as I walked over to the third
GC CD. I wanted sooo bad.
"Hello ma'am can I help you?" a woman asked.
" much is this CD?" I asked her.
"Well it's on sale for...$8.00," she smiled.
"Thanks," I replied. I had $10.00 that was enough plus I could ask Jen to get me batteries and a
walkman and maybe a bag to carry junk in. I grabbed the CD and paid for it.
"Do you want good charlotte to sign this when they come cause I'll hold on to it for you," she
smiled. I shook my head. "Are you sure a lucky indivdual will get it for free."
" that case okay," i replied. It was worth a shot.
"We have arrived!" I heard a man say. I turned and it was Paul and the rest of GC.
AHHHHHH! The sound of teenies was everywhere and the marry mes. Jen and me were the only ones not
crowding them.
"Wierd," Jen whispered.
"What?" I asked.
"We are the only ones who aren't teenies in here," she laughed. The teenies were all pulled off as
GC sat down.
"Okay the winner of a free signed item is....Jen!" the clerk yelled. WHAT!?!?! She didn't even need
a free CD! She was rich.
"Cool I won," she calmly said. She wasn't even punk, she was a poser! How can something like this
ruin our relationship?
"What am I saying?" I asked myself. I grabbed my bag and left.
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