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The HAppiest Moment Of Our Lives

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Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Patrick Langlois, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-06-22 - Updated: 2007-06-23 - 316 words


"I'm WHAT!?!?!" I screamed. This was a big shock to me, how is this possible? "I can't be!"

"You are," the doctor replied, "you shouldn't stress about, I think you are ready."

"You gotta be kidding!" I was now pacing horribly. "Benji can't handle a kid with his career and my career, then my mom, and who will take care of it? I know my mom won't."

"I'll leave you two alone and you can leave whenever you want to," the doctor said.

"I'll help you or you can get an abortion," Robin suggested.

"No I always told myself that I would never get more then one abortion."

"More then one?"

"I'll tell you tonight."

"Okay lets go." We left and I kept in my mind of what I was going to do I was going to raise this child, hopefully with the man I love. I'm sure Benji won't be like his father, like by not being there. But the hard part is telling Benji this, how will he take it? I went into the house and grabbed the phone:

"Hello?" Benji answered.

"Hey, Benj."

"Hey something wrong?"

"Benji, I-I'm pregnant."

"Oh, I really don't know how to react, but I'll worry once the child comes."

"I was thinking-"

"Your not getting an abortion are you? Cause this is the happiest moment of my life."


"Having a child with the woman I love."

"I-I love you Benji."

"I love you too. Do you want to come down to one of my concerts?"

"Yeah, I actually was thinking about that, but I'll have to see when I'm available."

"Okay, love you!"

"Love you too. Bye"


I hung up and looked at my calendar.

"Robin, we are going to tomorrow's concert." I said and went to pack my stuff so did Robin and we got in the car and left for the airport.
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