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Iam Not Okay, I Promise

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It was a few minutes before the concert, and I was heading backstage but
not until they went on stage. I waited by the backstage entrance, it was
only going to be about 20 more minutes.

``This is getting boring,'' I laughed.

``Well, in a few minutes we will be backstage,'' Robin reminded me. We
waited for a while, while I played with my shirt, the hole in my pants,
and my nails. I couldn't wait to see Benji. I was going to find a day me
and Benji could go to my parents and tell them the big news! We went
backstage just as the guys went on stage; I walked over to the edge of
the stage and watched them get ready for their first song. Paul and
Billy noticed me, but they where the closest to me also. I put a finger
up to my mouth telling them not to tell Benji. They smirked and looked
back out to the crowd, Benji was still occupied with playing his guitar.
I stared at him like it was my last time seeing him. Robin came up
behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. I looked back and smiled at
her, then turned back to Benji.

``You have a lot of time to look at him,'' Robin laughed, ``let's go sit
down.'' I followed her and we sat on a couch. I sat back and listened to
them play `Chronicle's Of Life and Death' It got me thinking, how did I
and Benji meet? I almost forgot I wasn't born in this life. My past life
was horrible, but I did meet Good Charlotte from being miserable. I
closed my eyes and tried to remember. But only crazy things went through
my mind, did I just go into a coma and lose some of my memory? Maybe
this was my real life, I have the same name, and I just started a band.
Was this my actual life?

``Hey Robin?'' I asked opening my eyes and sitting up. She looked at me
waiting for me to talk again, ``do you know anything about my

``Yeah, you told me all about it, Benji said you were having memory
problems lately.''

``Yeah, can you tell me something about my childhood?''

``Sure...You went to the same school as Benji and Joel, but not at the
same time as them. met them at a concert.'' This defiantly
wasn't my life, I never lived in Waldorf or Maryland for that fact. I
grew up in California as the freak who doesn't where t-shirts or bright

``Is it possible to leave one life and go to another?''

``Do you mean like incarnation?''

``Something like that.''

``It's never been proven why?''

``Like if you died then woke up in a place that you've never seen
before, as an adult who has a totally opposite life as you, can that

``No, why?'' Maybe this was just a dream...I'm just asleep.

``No reason, just thinking.'' I got up and went to the side of the stage
again, watching Benji, watching my new life.

After the concert they were walking off stage and I backed off to the
side where they couldn't see me. Billy stopped and noticed me I walked
beside him; everybody else was in front of him so they didn't see me as
long as they didn't want to talk to him.

``Mom! What are you doing here? Where's Anna?'' Benji rambled. Everybody
but Benji had noticed me by now, but they all knew to keep quiet.

``She told me that I should go and see you, right now she's busy with a
concert,'' Robin smiled. I tried not to laugh and so did the guys. At
least Benji wasn't looking at them then that would give it away. I
jumped on his back and he almost fell to the ground.

``Hey Benj!'' I chimed. He laughed.

``You're going to kill me!'' he complained.

``Give it up, you're a bad actor.'' I got off his back and gave him a

``Why didn't you tell me you were coming?''

``I didn't want to make you a nervous wreak,'' he looked at me like I
was lying, although I was, ``I wanted to surprise you.''

``When did you get here?''

``Last night.''

``Who's taking care of Cash?''

``Settle down, it's all taken care of, Cash is fine.''

``Okay.'' He smiled then pulled me into a short kiss, ``So how are you
feeling?'' At that point everybody was looking at us like I was crazy. I
leaned towards his ear.

``They don't know yet do they?'' he shook his head and I smirked it
would be so funny when they did find out. ``Me and...the baby are doing
good today.''

``Wait, wait. What?'' Joel asked.

``Baby?'' Paul asked.

``I'm pregnant,'' I laughed.

``I knew something was wrong!'' Joel exclaimed, ``Benji you were acting

``Yeah we know Benj too much to not know when something is going on,''
Billy laughed.

``And he was excited about something,'' Joel added.

``So its Benji's right?'' Paul asked, I looked at him like he was crazy
and Benji's smile was gone. Everybody turned to me.

``Yeah, why wouldn't it be?'' I asked.

``Because of this,'' Paul said handing me that same article that my band
showed me. The one that accused me of cheating on Benji.

``What?!'' Benji yelled snatching the paper from my hand. ``Where were
you for that 20 minutes?''

``I was with Billy and Joel...outside...puking,'' I told him, he looked
at Billy and Joel.

``Yeah she was with us,'' Joel replied, ``she had a little too much to

``She's not the kind of person to cheat on a guy,'' Billy said, I guess
he of all people should know. He's my best friend and Benji's.

``Well as long as it's not true,'' Benji started smiling again. They
went back to the tour bus and I went back to the hotel with Robin.

``You should call you're parents and let them know,'' Robin told me. I
nodded and took out my cell then started dialing my parents.

``Yeah?'' my mom moaned.

``Sorry is this a bad time?''

``No Anna its fine, what do you need?''

``I need to tell you something,'' I waited for her to say something but
I guess I'm supposed to continue, ``I'm pregnant.''

``WHAT!?!'' she screamed, ``I knew you would be a screw up! Ever since
the day I adopted you!''

``I was adopted?''

``Yes, we didn't want to tell you cause then you would be even more of a
screw up.'' I hung up this was too much to bare at one time, I looked
over at Robin she had to be on the phone with Benji cause she was
talking about me. I put my head in my hands and cried like there was no
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