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Fall To Pieces

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Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Patrick Langlois, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-06-22 - Updated: 2007-06-23 - 1009 words

I ran down a deserted field and into a group of trees that surrounded a creek. I sat on a rock and
started to catch my breath, then looked at my reflection in the water. My eyes were swollen and red,
my wet face still had tears streaming down it, and black marks of eye liner were there. Not only
that I had cuts and bruises from the fall that killed my daughter. Benji and I were looking forward
to raising that baby, and I wanted to be a mother so bad. What did I do that pulled Benji away from
me? What is so unappealing about me that made him cheat on me with an ex-friend? I pulled myself
away from my thoughts and reflection and went across the creek; they all knew I would be here which
gave me a reason to keep going. I finally got out of the trees and found an open field that lead to
a real forest, so I started walking across it. I looked at everything around me it was so beautiful.
Once I was halfway across I stopped to rest and felt my cell phone vibrate. I looked at the caller
ID; it was Benji or somebody else from my house. I put my cell right next to me and cautiously
watched it. About three minutes later it rang again, this time it was Joel's cell. I laid down and
started watching the clouds go by...something me and Benji would never do together. He was too
uptight and more into romance then hanging out if you ask me. I turned over and started playing with
the grass; it was so quiet and peaceful here. I picked up my cell and started to dial Billy and put
the phone to my ear and waited for an answer.

"Anna? Where are you? Benji's going ballistic! We are all out looking for you like crazy!" Billy
panted and almost sounded like he was crying, "Anna? Anna please answer!" I started to cry and
couldn't bring myself to hang up or answer anything he was saying. "Anna don't cry, just tell me
where you are and it'll only be me I promise."

"I can't," I whispered choking on tears, not only would he not understand he will start to panic
that I'm hurt or something.

"What? I can't understand you...Anna!?"

"I'm sorry." Then I hung up and sat up looking around and then pulled myself into crying with no one
around to see how weak I really am. Then I started bawling, I should've gone to Billy but my anger
got the best of me. If I go back now I'll look like an idiot and no one will forgive me.

~Billy's POV~

I had just hung up after Anna, I couldn't tell what she was saying and I looked over at Joel. He
pulled into a deserted parking lot and looked at me for an answer.

"I have no idea where she is," I sighed.

"How are we gonna find her?"

"All I know is she was somewhere quiet."

"So she's nowhere in public."

"Let's track her cell phone signal."

"She will get mad at us then."

"Well it's a matter of life and death I guess."

"And she probably went somewhere that was close if she got there on foot in like fifty minutes." I
looked around and told him just to take us to the police station. Once we got there I ran inside and
asked for them to track her and they did. She was in the middle of a field, I got directions and
Joel pulled by a deserted and trashed field.

"I'll call you when I find her, or when I need you to come and get me." Joel nodded and drove off.
While I started walking and hoping I would find her.

~Benji's POV~

I was pacing around my house hoping for her return or the guys with good news. I swear I didn't
cheat on her; Kate just threw herself at me like we had been dating for a while. I stopped and
looked at the ring that I was going to give her on out date tonight and announce to the whole world
that I was getting married to this woman. But now I have to go on live T.V and announce why I can't
give them what they want and that I'm truly sorry.

"Benji!" Joel yelled running into the house.

"Yeah? Did you find her?"

"No, but we traced her cell phone signal, she's in the middle of a field."

"Go look for her!"

"Billy is doing that right now and he promises he will talk to her about this Kate thing." I nodded
and prayed to god that she was alright.

~Anna's POV~

I got up and started walking again, it was hard I felt woozy and my stomach felt funny. It was
probably side effects of losing a kid. I heard loud crackling and rustling of bushes and trees by
the creek, I stopped and looked back at the moving bushes and figure behind them. The figure
appeared and it was Billy and I panicked. I started running and Billy soon caught up and grabbed my

"Let me go!" I screamed.

"No not until you listen to Benji."

"I have nothing to say to that bastard!"

"It's a misunderstanding and I would act the same but you have to know the truth...will you listen
to me?" I was starting to believe him and I stopped struggling then his grip eased. "Kate was trying
to get back at you."

"I don't even know why she hates me...she just does."

"For years she's asked out Benji and he's always refused cause he liked you more then he finally
made his move on you."

"So she was jealous about me having his child?" Billy nodded and then I go dizzy. Yet again side
effects right? Then I fainted and could only remember the faint sounds of Billy's voice.
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