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Hidden Love

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~Anna's POV~

I walked into the kitchen to find that today Benji and Joel weren't going anywhere.

"You left your notebook out, just to let you know," Benji told me throwing it on the table.

"I read it and I think it's really good," Joel commented while I sat down with my cup of coffee,
"Who is it about?"

"What?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"Who did you write this song about?"

" ex-boyfriend." I took another sip of my coffee and looked out the window, seeing Cash
running in the backyard.

"Anyone we know?" Benji asked. I shook my head no, and kept my glance on Cash. He started barking at
the door and I got up to let him in, then he stayed at my side again.

"Benj," Joel started grabbing his attention, "we are losing our dog to a girl, he's supposed to be
man's best friend."

"Well we are never home."

"That's true."

"And because Anna's here Cash can stay home and junk."

"Yeah." I sat back down drinking my coffee and ignoring everything that they were talking about. It
didn't really even matter to me, it's not like it was about me either.

"Are you guys doing anything today?" I asked during the silence.

"We want to take you to a movie," Benji told me, "you haven't done anything at all lately."

"I have too done something!"


"I went out job hunting and to walk Cash everyday."

"So, you need to have fun."

"And our house is strangely clean now," Joel said staring me down.

"I was bored," I told him. Benji pulled me up to my room followed by Cash and Joel, then closed the
door once Cash was in.

"Get dressed; we are going to the movies!" Benji yelled through the door. I sighed and pulled out my
purple glitter boy tee shirt, torn jeans, and black converse. I pulled my hair in a high ponytail,
and then started on my make-up. I put on black eyeliner thicker on my bottom lid, then dark blue eye
shadow, and red lip gloss.

"Ready," I commented walking out with Cash.

"Good lets go and pick up the guys," Benji smiled pulling me over to the car. Joel followed
irritated and got in the drivers seat.

"What are we going to see?" I asked before we stopped for Billy.

"We don't know, it depends what is playing when we get there," Joel told me.

"Hey," Billy smiled getting in the car.

"Hey," We all said. I laughed and looked out the window then at Billy.

"What do you want to see?" Joel asked me.

"I was waiting to go to the movies until Corpse Bride came out," I replied.

"That's a long time, it's not until September," Billy sighed, "I want to see it too."

"How the hell do you two know when it coming out?" Benji asked.

"Tim Burton is our favorite director," We told him in unison.

"I've almost seen every movie by him," I sighed, "I still wanna see Charlie and The Chocolate

"Let's see that!" Billy whined.


"Can we please?!" Me and Billy begged together annoying both Benji and Joel.

"Fine!" They yelled together. Billy and I clapped and started cheering.

"C'mon guys, lighten up!" I smirked playfully hitting Benji. They just shrugged and Billy started
whispering stuff to me and I was laughing at the guys about it. We stopped in front of Paul's place
and Joel started honking the horn.

"Hey guys...Anna," Paul groaned.

"What up?" I laughed.

"Nothing," Paul smiled. We reached the movie theater and looked at movie times.

"Well there is The 40 year old Virgin, Red Eye, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Wedding Crashers,
and The Skeleton Key," Joel read off.

"I wanna see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!" Billy and I whined together.

"Well, we made Anna come with us the most we could do is let her see a movie of her choice," Joel

"So Charlie and The Chocolate Factory it is!" Benji cheered before running off to get tickets.

"Now I can actually say I've seen every Tim Burton movie," I laughed.

"Me too," Billy agreed and we started laughing hysterically.

"Got the tickets!" Benji smiled putting his arm over my shoulder, as I gave a help me look to Billy.
I pushed Benji's arm off of me and then linked arms with Billy while snatching the tickets out of
Benji's hand.

"Theater 15 straight ahead," the man informed us as he ripped the tickets and handed them back to
me. Billy and I walked off again, closely followed by the rest of the guys and a very disappointed

"We'll get the goodies, you guys get a seat," Billy told them keeping a hold of my arm and I
couldn't help but smirk.

"No!" Benji yelled very upset as Paul grabbed his arm.

"Come on Benjamin!" Paul scolded. They pulled him off and I walked off with Billy still linked with
me, while telling our order to the guy at the counter.

"You know Benji really likes you, I mean like loves you," Billy told me.

"Eh, I had that feeling after he climbed into my room."
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