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Apollo's Gift

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What if Doyle hadn't died in Hero? He had to die sometime.

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Seers were always on a short timetable.

Doyle remembered one time, sitting in this Greek restaurant, waiting for his bookie. He was reading one of those myths of ancient Greece placemats. It was all about Cassandra. Cursed with visions, nobody believed her, went crazy, and died. Pretty standard life for a Seer.

Everybody that worked for The Powers died young. Just the way it was. Take the Slayers for instance. Never saw one of those girls living past the ripe old age of 25. Champions too. Unless they were of the souled vampire type and even then, they got maybe a couple more years once they got Power'ed employed. Seers, dime a dozen. Living to thirty without the back of your head getting blown out was a luxury.

Being half demon helped, made it a little easier. Not much though. Maybe they never let you live long because of all the suffering. Has to drive someone insane, feeling all the pain of this city. Makes you lose hope.

He could have died a thousand times since finding this Champion, Angel. Had his brains eaten and fried, had his eyes torn out. Not to mention all the nightly fights with vampires and demons, saving those helpless people, trying to find redemption other than at the bottom of a bottle.

He never expected to go this way.

Walking towards Cordelia's desk, finally getting up the courage to ask her out, he felt himself veering off to the left. He couldn't feel his side and his mouth felt strange. He was numb all over. He fell to the ground. He tried to tell Cordelia to stay away but he couldn't speak. Dialing 911, it was too late. This was it. Brain wasn't blowing out, it was blowing in.

Then things went dark. He was gone by the time Cordelia started the CPR. Angel was no help, just standing there dumbfounded as Cordelia signed her death warrant. With her breath of life, he gave her the kiss of death.

Seers were always on a short timetable.
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