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idk, just looked up the lyrics for combination and gonna go with it. oh the lyrics will have ** between the stanzas.

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"Joe, just stay please." came a voice from behind me.

sitting down on the bed away from him I thought over my choices.

*The street is cold, the dawn is grey
my heart says no but my head says stay
my work is finished, or so I've been told
can't part the three of us, once we got a hold*

"I don't know if I should,"

"Just look at me, tell me you don't want to and you can go."

*I forgot the name
I took a shot on the chin
I'm rearranging my game
tell by the shape I'm in*

I couldn't turn to him. hell we both knew i wanted to be here, I was just scared.

I didn't want to upset him, but I didn't know what else to do.

*in line of fire, you know what to say
they gave us no choices, just one shade of grey
my legs keep movin', I don't seem to stray
but I know each step we take, they're one step away*

The rest of the band had to be catching up on their mounting adventures. no matter what precautions they took one of the others whether it was Brad, Tom, or Joey, one of them was there with questions.

*I found the secret, the key to the vault
we walked in darkness, kept hittin' the walls
I took the time, to feel for the door
I found the secret, the key to it all*

We both knew that we couldn't keep sneaking around. We'd get caught sooner or later. We may get away for a little while, but what happens if we're caught? was this the end. I didn't want it to but maybe it was for the best.

*I got the Nouveauree
and dragged it home to bed
I traded you for me
I took it all and said*

"We have to end it, not for me, but you have more at stake than I do."

"I don't care, Joe I want you. Don't leave me please,"

What could I do, I couldn't leave him. there was no way I could do it.

*I find my own fun, sometimes for free
I got to pay it to come lookin' for me
walkin' on Gucci, wearin' Yves St. Laurent
barely stay on cause I'm so God damn gaunt*

I'm here in a bind, but there's always another time to make a decision like this. I love him, why leave now, we can talk it over later. I think as i crawl back in bed.
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