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Home tonight

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idk just running with an idea again. time line around time joe came back to aerosmith. this one's better than combination, i think.Lol.

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Here he was talking with Steven. It'd been forever since they'd just sat here and talked. There was so much to catch up on, after all he'd been gone four years.

They spent the whole night just talking. Talking of the old times, and how much fun they'd had. The dreadful moment came when the clock struck three. Joe knew he had to go he couldn't spend the night without raising eyebrows. Besides it was too early to start things up again.

Standing up he embraced his friend. before turning to leave.

He was stopped however when Steven began to sing a familar song from 'Rocks'.

"Now it's time to say good night to you
now its time to bid you sweet adieu..."

He didn't get to finish since Joe joined in and took over for the second half.

"baby, drink a cheers to yesterday
and maybe you'll drink your tears away
so baby, don't let go
hold on real tight
'cause I'll be home tonight
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