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(Be) Patient Peter Wentz

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Pete seeks Dr. Morley's help; Kirsh is not acting all that professional.

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Chapter 12: (Be) Patient Peter Wentz

"It was very smart of you to come see me," Dr. Morley greets Pete as he enters his office.

Actually Kirsh dragged him here, his headaches have gotten stronger and stronger. Now she's waiting outside, not wanting to invade his privacy even more. During the couple of days that she's lived with him she noticed how his demeanor has changed.

He's clearly intimidated, frustrated, paralyzed. And I can't help him. The stalker's so goddamn elusive. No fingerprints, no last name. Since a Phebe Peeps does not exist according to the government's database it is only natural that there's no entry corresponding with what is assumed a pseudonym in the police records either.

Of course, they have drafted a profile. Most definitely the stalker is a female, supposedly fairly young, a teenager or a woman in her early 20s. Delusional, possessive, short-tempered, etc. - character traits that fit most stalkers, nothing new; redundancy. Nothing that really helps the officers working on the case, nothing that helps Kirsh. Plus, if this is somebody who plans their moves just in order to create such a profile, than they have less than nothing. Then they're completely on the wrong track.

"Among victims of stalkers, it's quite common that the situation that they're in affects both their body and mind," the psychologist stops and tries to interpret Pete's mien. He looks tired, drained. "So you're not feeling well. Can you pinpoint how this not feeling well manifests itself, Mr. Wentz?"

The bassist nods and sits up straight in his chair, "I sleep badly, sometimes only a few hours per night. I've always been kind of an insomniac but it's never been so bad. And I've never had so many nightmares."

Jotting down a few keywords, Dr. Morley interrupts him discreetly, "What do you dream about?"

"Being followed... being watched. I'm at home and I have the feeling of being watched, somebody's eyes are on me. Everytime I look around I don't see anybody... I dream about being trapped, being strapped down."

"So there's never an attacker or stalker in your dream? Physically present, I mean."

The man shakes his head, "Sometimes I see her... when I am being tied up. She never looks the same though, the hair color changes... it's always a young girl. Probably... I don't know, a teen. 17 or 18 years old."

"Resembling anybody you know?"

"No... well, she looks like some girl I recently saw in the crowd at a show or interview... My mind is playing tricks on me, I know it." Pete forces the last sentence out between his lips, he's angry.

"Mr. Wentz, I can only assure you that this is very natural - considering you situation. I know this is of little consolation, nobody wants to lose control. Do you you feel like you've lost control over your own life?"

He nods in reply.

"I also dream that she hurts people I care about... my girlfriend... my friends... me. She forces herself onto me and wants to... but I can't..."

"Of course not, I understand," the psychologist says.

Dr. Morley skims trough his notes quickly and then encourages his new patient to mention further symptoms.

"Headaches, horrible headaches."

"When the stalker has just contacted you?"

"Yes, mostly... Also, I feel like I'm losing time? I don't know how to say that. Memory loss?"

"Aha," the doctor nods and busily scribbles on his pad. The sound of the pen scratching against the paper is starting to annoy Pete, like fingernails on a chalk board. "Could you elaborate on that a bit, please?"

"Sometimes I don't remember what I just did. Ah, I wake up and don't remember having laid down. Short memory lapses, but it bothers me."

"Mr. Wentz, I am sorry that I have to bring this up but - you said that you dream of the stalker wanting to copulate with you. Is that right?"

When will the embarassment end?


The psychologist continues; this isn't surprising to him, "And you said that you don't get aroused? Very understandable, of course. You don't need to be ashamed, Mr. Wentz."


"Now, my question is: Have you also encountered sexual dysfunction in real life lately?"

Perfect, let's talk about my dead dick that half the population of this planet has seen by now.

The doctor's countenance reflects understanding, interest.

He's probably heard about this a million times already, so fuck it.

"Yes, a couple of times. With my girlfriend... Is that normal?"

"Very normal, Mr. Wentz. Don't worry. The kind of stress that you're suffering from causes your brain a kind of preoccupation that doesn't allow for you to relax and feel comfortable, which is necessary for intercourse."

"When will it pass?" Pete's voice is urgent; these kinds of things are never easy to deal with.

"Mr. Wentz, unfortunately I can't tell you," Dr. Morley replies, regret in his eyes. "It seems to me that you partly blame yourself for what's happening. Is that correct?"

Pete sighs in frustration, "I upset her, I made things worse. I am putting my friends and family in danger."

"There is absolutely not reason why you should feel guilty. Don't blame yourself and don't be embarrassed. It's not your fault. Your stalker is sick, mentally unstable. You have to be strong; you have the upper hand, Mr. Wentz. You are completely in charge of the situation. You decide how you react."

"Bullshit!" the bassist can't help but scream out. "I ignored her and she stole my pictures! I can't do anything. I can't even fucking trust anyone anymore!"

He fights back the tears in his eyes. How much does he have to show this man of himself? He doesn't even know him.

"I can't even write anymore... she's controlling my life," his voice is calmer now, sad.

There's a knock at the door and Pete winces in surprise.

"Enter," the psychologist says.

A second later Kirsh's head pops in, "I... sorry to interrupt. I just heard Mr. Wentz getting louder and I wanted to check that-"

"Everything is fine. You will understand that a situation like this is not easy to talk about," Dr. Morley cuts her off.

"Alright. I apologize again," the woman whispers meekly and closes the door.

"Do you trust Officer Kirsh? Do you think you're safe with her?"

The man didn't expect these kinds of questions. He's taken it that this doctor and the police are bosom buddies. Why would he doubt her competence. Is he actually doubting her competence?

"I... I think I'd feel even more helpless if she wasn't around. If that answers your questions..."

"Do you two get along?"

"I think we're both very impulsive beings so there's... points of contention every now and then. But it's getting better now."

The doctor glances at the clock above the door, "Well, that would be all for today. Unless there's something else that you want to get out now."

The patient rises from his chair and extends his hand towards the other man, "Nothing I can think of right now, doc. Thank you."

"Alright. I suggest you talk about a further appointment with my receptionist, Mrs. Fuller. I would very much like to support and try to help you during this difficult phase, Mr. Wentz... You need to be patient, you CAN pull through this; and you don't need to do this on your own."

He nods and leaves the room after they shook hands.

Dr. Morley sits back down and goes over his notes again:

sleeps badly, nightmares, fatigue
headaches, time lapses
sexual dysfunction, problem with intimacy
fear, insecurity, feeling out of control
self-blame, guilt, embarrassment
frustration, anger, irritability/ easily startled
problem trusting others
decreased ability to work (write)

"A textbook example," he murmurs to himself. Pete displays the most common symptoms of a stalker's victim. They don't alarm the psychologist, he's dealt with numerous cases like this one before. Yet, one thing is unusual, even risky, but it isn't about the bassist himself:

Officer Kirsh (Wentz's protection) seems to take the patient's situation to heart too much; too emotionally involved?
Call Maxwell about this???
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