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Tricks on Danielle

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"Hi, what's your name?" The guy had a fucked up accent. Danielle had no idea where he was from; it kind of sounded like Long Island, or at least the New York area.

She wrinkled her nose. "What's it to you?"

He smiled; a nice genuine smile. "Do you mind if I do an experiment with you?"

Danielle told him where he could stick his "experiment".

This time, he laughed. He looked at her with such a sparkle in his eyes, as he asked, "are you .. are you threatening me?"

Danielle stood up. "What if I am?"

It seemed that Derek finally looked up, since he gasped and grabbed Danielle's back pocket. "Dani! Stop!"

She didn't even turn to look at him. She kept eye-contact with that bozo in front of her, and said, "Hold on, Der. I'm going to show this jackass a thing or two."

He smiled again.

"Danielle," Derek hissed. "That's Criss Angel."

This time, she turned and looked at him. "Criss who?"

"Criss Angel." Danielle turned back around and met the guy holding out his hand, a toothy grin spread across his face.

She looked at his hand, then his face. "Listen, buddy. I don't have any idea what the fuck you're all about, but the name Criss Angel isn't really helping your case here."

He let out a quick burst of laughter. "Wow. You're feisty."

"You ain't seen shit," she muttered. Derek pulled her back down to the seat.

"Dani, that's Criss Angel. He has that show, 'Criss Angel Mindfreak' on A&E. He does magic tricks," he pulled Dani close to his ear, "and he's sexy as hell."

Criss laughed again. "Thanks."

Derek blushed.

"Okay," Danielle looked up at the said "Criss Angel". "So, what do you want?"

"Well, I saw your friend here, and he seemed kind of .. down, let's say. So I thought I'd perform a trick to make him feel better."

"You think he's going to feel better just because you're gonna pull a rabbit out of your hat?"

Criss laughed. "You have an amazing dose of sarcasm in that body of yours. I can feel it radiating off of you as we speak."

"You sure that isn't anger?"

He whooped again. "You're very amusing."

Danielle smiled slightly. "Yeah, well, anyways. I don't think Derek wants to see some stupid - "

"I want to see! I want to see! Jesus Christ, let him perform a magic trick!"

Criss laughed at Derek. "I think the chosen one has spoken."

Danielle huffed and leaned back. With her arms and legs crossed, she looked up and watched Criss pull out a deck of cards.

"Okay, I'm going to shuffle through the deck. Pick any card you want." He proceeded to shuffle, and Derek pressed his finger to one. "All right. Take the card; don't show me what it is. You can show Miss Sarcasm over here." He grinned at her.

Danielle rolled her eyes and looked at the Queen of hearts Derek had chosen. She nodded, signifying she saw it.

"I have a pen here," Criss reached into his right pocket, switched the cards from his left hand to his right, and checked his left pocket.

"It's in the rim of your hat. Next to your ear," Danielle said, pointing.

Criss laughed and pulled it out. "Thanks. I'm getting old."

Danielle smiled. "I'm sure you are."

Criss handed the sharpie to Derek. "Okay, write your signature on the face of the card, and place it back into the deck."

Derek scrawled his name on the card and put it between the stacks in Criss's hands. Criss shuffled the deck, fanning the cards from one hand to the other. He tapped the edges of the cards, straightening the sides.

"Okay, the card is completely lost in the deck. Correct?"

Derek nodded. Criss smiled and jerked the deck behind his back. A card spun out, into the air, and he caught it between his teeth. "What was your card?" he asked, around the object in his mouth.

"Queen of hearts," Derek said.

"This your card?" Criss asked, bending down. Derek pulled the card out and swore.

"Holy Shit, Dani! Look!" He held up the signed Queen of hearts.

Danielle looked up at Criss. "Impressive."

He grinned. "Thanks."

Criss proceeded to do another card trick, same steps as the one before. Except this time, he made Dani look through the deck for Derek's card.

She searched for the nine of clubs, but couldn't find it. She looked again, and again, but it wasn't there. "It's not in here," she muttered.

"Don't play with me. Seriously."

"It's not in here," she urged.

Criss narrowed his eyes. "Wait, wait. Hold on," Criss breathed deeply, and placed his hand over Derek's head. "I feel .. I feel it's here somewhere."

"The fuck are you doing?" Danielle asked.

Criss had his eyes closed, and was letting out slow, loud breaths. "Wait .. " His eyes popped open. He looked at Derek, and grinned. "Check your wallet."

Derek kept his confused eyes on Criss, as he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. He flipped it open and looked, then screamed and threw the wallet on the floor.

Derek was practically crawling into Danielle's lap. "Jesus fucking Christ! Danielle, it's in there! Look!"

"It can't be," Danielle muttered, grabbing the wallet. She opened it up, and inside, was the signed nine of clubs. "Holy shit," she breathed, looking up at Criss. "How'd you do that?"

Criss smiled, but his eyes were very dark, and deep. "Tell me about your experience," he said, and walked away.

And all Danielle could do was watch him. She was stunned.

Danielle still couldn't get over what Criss Angel did. How the fuck did he do that? She didn't see him close enough to take Derek's wallet, let alone do it without his knowledge.
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