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Chapter 9 - Hi, i'm a Haroquel.

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Ray's P.O.V:

" They seemed a bit on edge don't you think?" Jane asked me.

" Yeah they did. Ah well they probably needed to talk to eachother or something. Don't worry it's probably nothing. " I lied. I knew there was something wrong with Frankie like he was going to tell Gee something important. I just hope it's nothing that will hurt him or any of us for that matter.

Gerard's P.O.V:

"... he was her fiancé, untill he died about a year and a half ago that is," Frank said turning the other way. My heart stopped. It felt like a thousand pins being stuck into my soul. Tears were swelling up in my eyes.

" Why would she lie to me like that?" I whispered as my tear that were cold with immortality, fell onto the floor, each one filled with as much pain as the next. Frank came over to comfort me.

" They said she has alot of problems dealing with it. I rather them tell it to you than me because they'll be able to explain it to you alot better. Shit, I hate seeing you like this but I knew you had to know. I knew I had to talk to the rest of Dead Girl's Diary and Holly before I even saw her face again. It would only make me hate her more than I already do at this moment...

Jane's P.O.V:

When we were drinking our coffee all of us started talking about different things and I must say it was quite intriguing but in the middle of it all I felt more pain soar through my never aging body. You think they like having to talk to you? They're only here cause of the others. They don't need a little ignorant slut in their conversation so get up and leave them already you fuckin bitch!

Hey, who said that?

" I have to go sorry for ruining your conversation by being here," I said then walked out of the Starbucks and headed towards the tour buses before anyone could say anything. I cried the whole way there. Well that is untill Frank and Gerard saw me crying as hey were standing beside the tour buses. I didn't get a good look because my eyes were filled with tears but it looked like Gerard was crying too. Why the fuck is he crying? I ran into the tour bus and went into the back and pulled out the picture I had of me and Anthony at my 22nd birthday party. I looked up from the picture to see Mikey standing there.

" He proposed to me that night," I whispered not caring if he heard. But in fact he did and so did Alicia who came up behind him. They both sat down beside the bunk.

" What was his name?" Alicia asked sadly.

" Anthony Duvault, he was the love the my life," I answered before crying even more. My feelings were on overload and I needed to let some of them out. " Do you guys promise to keep what I tell you secret from the other guys of MCR? " I said not even looking up from the picture. I felt an equally cold feminine hand touch mine.

" We promise we won't tell a single soul," Mikey replied. Somehow I knew I could trust them with keeping it all a secret so i decided to tell them to get it off my chest.

" Holly and my bandmates all know this because they were with me through it all but I really need to tell someone about it to give me some feel of peace. But be warned, you probably won't like it, wait, you guys probably don't want to hear my fuckin problems," I said looking the other way.

" What are you talking about of course we do! We want to help you you're our friend and true friends help friends through it all," Alicia stated.

" Alright, but it's kinda long and you'll hate me after I tell you."

" We won't, we promise."

" I met Anthony when I was 17. Me and my band were doing little shows here and there and still going through highschool. Anothony was at a local club where we played a show. We talked for what seemed like hours and fell in love. After about 2 years we were madly in love with eachother and our compassion for eachother was growing even more everyday. We started talking abut marrage and stuff around there but I thought it should wait until my band makes it big. At my 22nd birthday party it was also a celebration of my band getting our very own record deal. That night he took me outside and proposed to me. I said yes and then we were offically engaged. I thought it would work out for us but I knew somewhere in my gut that I was dead wrong. I never told him about who I really am and I was too afraid to because I thought he wouldn't love me anymore. But I knew I had to do the right thing and tell him because he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't," I told them.

" What didn't you tell him?" Mikey asked. I was nervous about telling them but they said that it was alright to tell them and that they wouldn't think of me anymore or anyless. I took their word for it and then after a couple minutes of thinking about the right way to put it I spoke.

" Have you ever read stories about legends and myths?" I asked. They nodded their heads so I continued., " Well have you read the one about Haroquels?"

" Yeah and we both believe in them." Mikey answered.

"I think it's sad though that them and also vampires are trapped in the same bodies forever and that they have to feed off of humans to be able to breathe. I know vampires will die without blood but don't haroquels have it worse off?" Alicia asked.

" Yes they do. If they don't get a good intake of blood within about half a day starting the second they feel the need, they can grow soo weak they won't be able to recouperate and they would be stuck like that forever. Weak and useless," I said sadly thinking back to when I tried to make myself like that.

" Don't they have wings?" Mikey asked.

" Yes they do. They cannot fly though. They are just to show how beautiful immortality can be," I replied feeling somewhat better about myself.

" I feel for them. One day, I am going to find one, go up to them and shake their hand to show how much I care about them and then tell them that they should live on forever to keep their kind alive and so that they won't have to be tortured with being paralized for eternity. Without them there probably wouldn't even be myths!" Mikey said sounding determined to find one. I took off my shirt and told then not look for a sec so I could put on my backless purple top. I let my wings out and sighed in relief as they were free from their hiding place. I told them they could open their eyes and I put my hand out for Mikey to shake.

" Hi, i'm a Haroquel."

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