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Chapter 10: She's Not Bleeding On The Bathroom Floor Just For The Attention

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Patrick and Abby are teenagers in love....drama insues

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Chapter Ten She's Not Bleeding On The Bathroom Floor Just For The

Patrick's POV
I hear Abby's scream. I get up and rush to the back nearly knocking
down my
band mates in the process. "Abby baby open the door it's me." When she
the door I'm met with my fiancé's dishelved face.
"Pa...Patr...Patrick...I'm bleeding out...I think I may have lost the
but I'm not sure I need to see the doctor" I nod and go get our doctor
in the front of the bus. Pete did something stupid last night so his
arm was
getting bandaged. "We need to stop this bus...Abby thinks she lost the
I'm choking back the tears. Pete forgets about his arm and tells our
to stop.The doctor rushes to the back to look at her. After about 20
she reemerges. I look at her through my glasses rimmed hopeful blue
"I'm--I'm sorry Patrick...we have to get her to a hospital she had a
miscarriage." I don't know how to react. I walk back without a second
to anyone.

Abby's POV
I'm sitting in the back crying. I feel a familiar pair of arms around
me. He
buried his face into my neck. I feel his hot tears dampen my neck. "I'm
Patrick first I give Melanie away and now I lost our second shot at a
family. I'm sorry so so sorry." I sob. "We haven't lost hope yet baby,
will find Melanie and we will get her back." I kiss her neck and
prepare to
get up as I feel the bus stop.
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