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Do Not Disturb!

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One sleeping Gerard, one hungry Frank and a stack of pancakes coming from Bob...

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Note: This is another story inspired by playful banter between Jinxeh (jinxeh13) and Gallia (mjls) on livejournal; when talking about Gerard, and how he mentioned perhaps buying a house once he turned thirty, we both came to the same conclusion...that he'd never get any peace and quiet at his own house, anyway, with the friends he has. Enjoy!


Gerard snorted in his sleep, wrinkling his nose and muttering some inaudible string of words under his breath as a low groan. Clumsily, he turned around again, shifting his position in the bed, and drawing his blanket closer to him, but frowning as it fell off of him once again.

Still fast asleep, Gerard's hands grabbed the blanket and pulled it over his body, before turning around again. Through his subconscious, he still felt someone tug at the blanket as he kept it close to his chin, refusing to let it go...

"Mmm.../my/ blanket," Gerard softly mumbled, as he felt another tug. In his growing frustration, he soon let out a sigh in his sleep, shifting once again, until he was lying on his back. His black blanket laid softly over him as it was pulled away again for a brief second. Slowly, Gerard opened his eyes as he felt the warmth of his bedspread disappear.

He blinked in the morning light shining through his windows as he sat up on his bed. Gerard let out a yawn, and rubbed his eyes as he looked around the bed, to see where his blanket had disappeared to. He blinked, trying to see past the rather stringy strands of dyed-black hair hanging in his eyes, and frowned.

"Nng...stupid Spiderman." They were the first words to come to his mind, and therefore the ones that happened to roll off the tip of his tongue, though he didn't know why. To anyone who might have been listening to this, they wouldn't understand it one bit, but in Gerard's sleep-deprived mind, it made perfect sense. Kind of.

As he glanced at the foot of his bed, he paused, his eyes happening upon a sudden glimpse of something small and light colored-a hand, which was now ducking out his his sight, after having pulled on his blankets. Gerard sighed and rolled his eyes, falling back onto his pillow and trying to lose himself in sleep again, even as the aggravated words left his lips:

"Whichever one of you is in my room, kindly get the fuck out, now."


Blearily, Gerard sighed again in his sleep, and pulled his precious blanket closer to his body, pulling up his legs as he snored again, trying to conserve heat. However, even as the last remnants of consciousness left his mind, he still frowned as something poked sharply at his ribs.

The eldest Way snorted before he waved whatever it was away with his free hand, as his other hand held onto the blanket for dear life. Feeling another poke, this time in his side, Gerard opened his eyes slowly, widening them immediately as he saw Frank's face hovering inches in front of his nose.

"Hey, guys! He's awake!" Frank yelled, once he saw Gerard's eyes open. The slightly older man groaned and turned around so he faced the other side of the room, and easily drifted back to sleep, uncaring that Frank was trying to wake him.

"Frank! I thought I told you to let him sleep!" Mikey stood in the doorway of the bedroom, his hands on his hips as he looked at Frank with a raised eyebrow.

Frank grinned sheepishly and stood up from his position at Gerard's bed. Almost guiltily, he walked out of the room, grinning at Mikey when he passed by him. Mikey watched the guitarist walk downstairs-just to make sure he actually left the upstairs of the house-before he took a chance and walked completely into his brother's room. The curtains were open, allowing for a healthy amount of light to stream into the room...but if Gerard was trying to sleep, that light probably wasn't helping. He quietly closed the curtains, and tip-toed back to the door.

Shooting one last glance at his sleeping brother, Mikey smiled, and closed the door behind him.


"He's still sleeping?" Bob frowned as Mikey walked into the kitchen once more, his hands in his pockets and his expression somewhat tired.

"Yeah, fell back asleep after Frank woke him up." His voice caught somewhere between aggravation and amusement, Mikey walked over to the counter and poured himself a cup of coffee, leaning against it to watch Bob prepare some pancakes for himself and the rest of the guys. They were his specialty.

A loud giggle coming from the living room caused Mikey to roll his eyes. The giggle was soon followed by a distinctive thump, as though someone had tripped and fallen flat on their face on the floor...which was quickly followed by another giggle, and then a distinguishing burp.

"Honestly, I can't understand how Gerard can sleep through all the noise Frank is making," Bob snorted, and placed another pancake on the plate next to him. Mikey decided against commenting on the fact that the apron Bob wore said Kiss the Chef on the front, in red block letters.

Mikey looked at the pancakes and smiled. Taking another sip of his coffee, he watched as Frank came in the kitchen with a huge smile on his face. His eyes looked from Mikey, to Bob, and then to the stack of pancakes on the plate, his eyes widening as his grin grew wider.

"Ooh...pancakes!" he said cheerily, jogging up to the counter and taking the whole plate in his hands. "Why Bob, are these all for me? You shouldn't have!"

Glaring tiredly, Bob quickly yanked the plate from Frank's hands and set it back on the counter, then swatting at the rhythm guitarist's hands with his spatula as he tried reaching for more.

"Dude, wait until Gerard gets up before eating, all right?" Mikey asked tiredly. "On his own!" he added quickly, stopping Frank in his tracks; he had immediately bolted away from the counter, heading to the hallway, and then probably the stairway.

Frank groaned and sat down on one of the chairs that sat up against the counter, pouting while crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"You guys are no fun...."

Eventually, hearing Ray laugh in the other room, Frank ran back to the living room. Mikey sighed and shook his head, filling his cup with coffee again. Whatever kept Frank occupied so he wouldn't wake Gerard, was most likely a good thing.


"So...any idea when Gerard might think to get up?" Frank asked, walking in the kitchen again a small while later, a hopeful expression on his face. Mikey glanced at the clock, then shrugging when he saw that it was noon. He smiled at Bob and then turned his eyes back on the hot liquid in his cup.

"He usually sleeps until late in the afternoon if we have a day off, you know that."

"Unless Brian wakes him up," Bob added offhandedly.

Mikey looked up in surprise at Bob, but nodded anyway. His eyes glanced at Frank who had grabbed his cell phone from his pocket, and was currently searching through the names in his contact list. Glaring, Mikey quickly snatched the cell phone from Frank, and flipped it shut.

"Why did you do that for?" Frank complained, a scowl dominating his lips as his light-colored eyes narrowed themselves.

"You will not call Brian to come over and wake up Gerard," Mikey sternly, pocketing Frank's cell phone even as the other guitarist stuck out his tongue.

Frank groaned and threw his arms in the air. "C'mon...he has to wake up /sometime/, you know! It's already noon!"

"Frank, everybody in this house knows how much Gerard needs the sleep," Ray said, walking in the kitchen with an empty bowl and a spoon; he usually preferred cereal to pancakes. Frank pouted and sighed deeply, looking at the pancakes with a longing expression.

"No pancakes, Frank," said Mikey tiredly, in reminding. "Seriously, how does Jamia put up with you, sometimes?"

"Easy, she doesn't cook," said Frank simply, shrugging his shoulders. "And c'mon...Gerard isn't awake yet, but I'm hungry...we can just keep some of the pancakes warm for him!" Frank said sweetly

"Where? In your stomach?" Mikey laughed.

Frank nodded enthusiastically, and moved towards the plate of pancakes. Bob placed his hand on Frank's chest, stopping him in mid-action.

"Wait until Gerard gets up. Then you can eat pancakes."

"Gerard! Wake up!" Frank yelled up the stairs, leaning back in his seat and cupping his hands over his mouth to amplify his voice.

Mikey rolled his eyes, grabbing Frank by his arm to prevent him from bolting off of his chair, and making a mad dash for the stairway right outside, in the hallway.

"Don't forget you're in his house Frank. So let him sleep, will you?" asked Mikey, playfully shoving Frank all the way back into his chair.

"How did we get in anyway?" Ray asked, letting out a yawn as he put his dirty dishes into the sink.

"Spare key." Mikey grinned. "Got it from Mom. For some reason, Gee didn't feel the need to give any of us one, though. Can't possibly imagine why, though..." He let his voice trail off, watching as Frank tried to steal a pancake from the plate, only to have Bob smack it away with his spatula.


Gerard groaned and placed the pillow over his head as he heard Frank yell up the stairs for him to wake up. Letting out a snort, he kept the pillow in its place, trying to block out all sounds coming from downstairs.

He heard footsteps coming up the stairs and into the hallway, but stopping abruptly outside of his door. Gerard sighed in his fractured sleep and turned around again, facing the other side of his room as the sounds downstairs died down.


"Hey Gerard! Wake up!" Frank yelled loudly in his ear.

Gerard shot up from his sleep with wide eyes as Frank jumped back to avoid getting hit, grinning widely. Gerard glared at Frank as he sat next to him on the bed. Frank smiled, trying to look innocent, but Gerard only glared and fell back on his pillow. However, Frank was not to be deterred.

"Bob made pancakes," the shortest member said matter-of-factly.

Gerard closed his eyes and turned his back to Frank, already snoring softly.

"Oh, fine then. Be that way!" Frank rolled his eyes, poking Gerard as he tried to wake him up again. It didn't work, so Frank employed another tactic. "We got Starbucks coffee..." he called in a sing-song voice.

The only thing he received as a reply was a snore coming from the lead singer. Frank pouted and crossed his arms in front of his chest before he stomped out of the room. Once he reached the door, he paused, his eyes glancing between the closed curtains and a soundly sleeping Gerard. Frank grinned.

As silently as he could, Frank snuck towards the curtains and he was about to pull them open just as someone else loudly cleared his throat by the doorway. Frank jumped and turned around, looking guilty. Mikey raised an eyebrow at Frank, before pointing outside the door with one finger.

Frank sighed and walked out of the room with slumped shoulders, looking like a lost puppy. Mikey shook his head and closed the door again.

"Sleep well, big bro," Mikey whispered before he walked into the hallway, only to find Frank leaning against the wall, whistling under his breath and his hands in his pockets. He smiled at Mikey innocently.



"Dude, Frank, can't you just let the guy /sleep/?"

"But I want pancakes!" Frank whined, stomping one foot on the floor while pouting and sitting down on the couch.

Ray rolled his eyes. "Oh for the love of god, give the man some pancakes!"

Mikey looked at Bob inquisitively, as the drummer sighed.

"If it makes him shut up and stay downstairs...alright then," said Bob with a shrug.

Frank cheered and followed Bob towards the kitchen like a different sort of puppy; an excited one that knew he was about to get a nice little treat. A huge smile was plastered on his lips; he looked like a little kid at Christmas.


Gerard yawned and sat up in his bed. The black blanket fell down to his waist as he stretched his arms above him, working out the kinks that had formed in his joints overnight. Slowly, Gerard rubbed his tired eyes, trying to get the sleep out of them as he shifted to the edge of his bed.

He swung his legs over the edge, placing his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. Going through his short black hair with his fingers, Gerard yawned again and stood up from his bed.

His feet met the coldness of the wooden floor of his room as he walked over to the bathroom. Slumped in front of the sink and looking at himself in the mirror, he splashed some water in his face. His dark eyes looked at his reflection in the mirror as he managed a tired smile.

Once he was back in his room, Gerard opened his curtains, blinking in the bright sunlight that shined through them. He scratched his head and rubbed his eyes again as he yawned once more, before he walked out of his room.

Slowly, Gerard made his way down the stairs, still stretching his arms above and in front of him as he entered the living room. Mikey looked up at his brother and smiled, while Ray's eyes were glued to the television set.

Gerard grinned and waved half-heartedly at both of them, and walked into the kitchen to see Bob making more pancakes-he was having a difficult time keeping up with it, since Frank kept eating them all.

Frank looked up from the pancakes at Gerard and smiled brightly for only a split second before digging in another stack of pancakes on his plate.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." Bob smiled as Gerard grabbed his cup and filled it with fresh coffee. Gerard looked at Bob with weary eyes and smiled a little before taking a sip of the hot liquid.


Gerard walked in the living room, unceremoniously plopping down on the couch, while hiding a yawn behind his hand.

"You sure you slept enough?" Mikey asked worriedly. Gerard looked at his brother in surprise and nodded, rubbing his tired eyes again.

"Yeah, I guess. Why are you all here so early in the morning?" Gerard asked, mentally trying to figure out how they'd even managed to get in.

"Dude, it's like three in the afternoon." Frank walked in the kitchen with a pancake in his hand and the brown sugar in his other. He wasn't even using a plate.

"And if we don't watch you, you'll eat the whole package right here, won't you?" Gerard asked in amusement, as Frank almost dropped the bag. Mikey chuckled as his brother groaned a little and rubbed at his temples.

"Did I really sleep that long?" he finally asked tiredly, then very quickly receiving several nods from the other band members. "Then why didn't you wake me up?"

"Because Mikey said we should let you sleep," Frank muttered, sticking out his tongue at the bassist before he took a bite from his pancake.

Gerard nodded, knowing that his little brother was always a little concerned about the sleep he managed to get. "Didn't we have any interviews?" He frowned, looking at the boys sitting on the couch.

"Brian moved them to tomorrow when he saw how tired you were last night."

Gerard nodded once more as he stood up from the couch and walked back upstairs without saying another word. Mikey frowned at his brother, looking as though he wanted to say something.

"Oops..." Frank looked at the pack of sugar spilled out over the floor.


Gerard fell down on his bed, closing his eyes; he was still dead tired, though knew he probably shouldn't be sleeping the whole day away like this. He sighed deeply and sat up, realizing he was actually still in his pajamas. Reluctantly, he got to his feet, yawning.

'I wonder where my skeleton pajamas disappeared to...' he thought while he walked over to his closet to pick out his clothes for the day.

The eldest Way threw his clothes on his bed, looking if they fitted each other. Not that it mattered, really; he never really cared if they did, and most were of dark colors, so they weren't very difficult to match, anyway. His fingers trailed through his black hair as he yawned again, uncaringly leaving his clothing on the bed and instead walking to the bathroom.

Soon enough, cold water fell down on the linoleum of the shower as he turned the handle, trying to warm it up. Feeling if the water has the right temperature with his hand, he stepped in the shower and relaxed under the warm water.

Gerard closed his eyes and listened to the soft trickling of water running down the sides of the shower and upon his head. His hands went over his face, like he was trying to wash the sleep away. Letting out a deep sigh, he let the water take away all his worries.


"He really looked tired."

"Mikey, your brother always looks tired." Frank raised an eyebrow at Mikey as the youngest Way placed his head on the back of the couch. Bob and Ray were playing Guitar Hero as Frank ate the last bits of pancake.

"I wonder where he's at." Mikey frowned, realizing his brother had been gone longer than he was used to. He looked at Frank, who was suddenly more interested in the game than in him.

Mikey stood up from the couch and left the room as silently as he could. Walking up the stairs of his brother's house, he didn't hear the sound of a shower. Knocking softly on the door of Gerard's bedroom, no reply met his ears.

Slowly, the bassist of the band opened the door to his brother's room. The curtains were wide open and the lead singer was resting peacefully on his bed with fresh clothes on. His black hair hung in front his closed eyes as he let out a slight snore, before turning around so his back was facing the door.

Mikey laughed a little to himself and shook his head while he took the blanket from the floor and placed it over Gerard's sleeping form. Gerard opened his eyes briefly and looked at Mikey.

"Mikey?" he croaked out, rubbing his eyes as he sat up on the bed.

"You fell asleep on your bed."

Gerard looked around and made a small 'o' with his mouth as he threw the blanket next to him. The eldest Way brother locked eyes with Mikey and grinned a little. Gerard sighed and got out of the double bed while stretching his arms in front of him.

"Guess we better get downstairs, huh? Before the others do something stupid they might regret..."

"They're playing Guitar Hero...Bob's totally kicking Ray's ass, which is weird, if you think about it." Mikey raised an eyebrow at his brother.

"That's what I mean," Gerard said as he walked out of his room, with Mikey following suit.


"I can't believe you almost threw the game station out of the window." Gerard rolled his eyes, closing the huge window in the living room. "Now whose idea was it?" The lead singer raised an eyebrow at the other band members.

Ray and Bob both pointed at Frank, who pointed with his two hands at Ray and Bob. Realizing he was outnumbered, Frank's smile fell from his lips.

"Well /shit/..."
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