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[[11 years later]] Two kids find something that will change their lives for ever.

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Matthew Blackwell woke up. Colourful lights flashed around in his eyes. He felt around for his glasses. He eventually found them and placed them in front of his eyes. In front of him was a TV with a huge crack down the middle. He moved his head to make sure it was the TV but any doubt vanished as a huge crack appeared on the wall in front of him.
"Damn! I've broken them again," he groaned! He realised he must of fallen asleep while watching TV and rolled onto his glasses or something. He took them off and managed to feel his way to the kitchen.
"Good Morning, Couch potato," shouted a blur at the side of the kitchen," I knew you loved the couch but sleeping with it as well...!" The blur gave out a chuckle and walked over to Matthew. He explained what happened with the glasses and Matthew just managed to work out that the blur grinned. The blur, Well, his foster mum, took him into her room and got out his free second pair. He was with specsaver! Suddenly, as he put them on, the world came back to him and a freckled, blond haired lady around her thirties stared at him. Her name was rose; she had taken him in when his parents died. She was an old family friend so he knew her well. He thanked her, walked out of the room and made his way into his own bedroom. Opposite him was a dark oak wardrobe. He walked over to it and pulled out a pair of jeans and a plain red t-shirt. He stripped (making sure the door was tight shut!) and put the fresh clothes on. Feeling refreshed, he switched the Playstation on and continued his saved game of 'Aliens and Demons!'

The Phone rang. He threw his PS2 controller to the ground and ran for it. It kept ringing as Matt looked through a pile of papers. He eventually found it underneath a pile of dirty clothes.
"Eww! Rose! Don't put the dirty clothes on the phone!" he shouted and answered the phone.
"...Hello?" he said trying not to make his voice posher like he normally did.
"Is your refrigerator running?" came the voice of his best friend Sophie.
"Are you looking for a slap?" he laughed down the phone.
"Aw! You got me! Well, I was actually calling to speak to your mum!" she said.
"I told you! She's not my mum...Just call her Rose!" he said.
"Just put her on!" Sophie shouted angrily. Matt held the phone to his chest.
"Rose! Sophie's on the phone for you! Don't know why!" he shouted up the stairs.
"Ok! I got the other one!" Rose shouted back to him. Matt then hung up, knowing Rose had answered the call on the other phone. He ran back up to his room and pressed play on the controller. He had been playing for five minutes when Rose walked into the room.
"Em...Matt, can we talk?" she asked.
Oh god! Not the talk! Matt thought but sat up on his bed and listened.
"Well, you know how it's the summer holidays?" she asked.
"Yes," Matt said slowly, not quite sure where this was going.
"Well, Sophie's parents have invited you to go to Portugal for three weeks!" Rose said, obviously trying not to get excited.
"Wow! Can I go?" he asked desperately.
"Well, of course but you only have a week to pack. She said it had been a spur of the moment thing!" she screamed, letting out all her excitement. Matt hugged Rose tightly realising she had already said he could go but he wanted to make sure anyway.
"What did you say?" he asked quietly.
"I said you couldn't go because you hated the sun!" she said, hiding a grin.
"Liar! Your taking the piss, right?" he said forgetting about the swear ban in the house.
"Don't say that word again, twenty!" Matt stuck his hand into his pocket and brought out a load of coppers. He counted five 2p coins and three 1p coins. Rose snatched the money out his hand.
"Ill pay the rest into the swear jar, seeing as I'm getting a three week break from you...the big green mean swearing machine!" Rose laughed.
"No, that's just not funny!" Matt said and continued the PS2 game as Rose walked out of the room.

The day passed as normal; play the PS2, watch some telly, have some tea, watch more telly, go to bed. But half way through the night, Matt woke up. It wasn't any spooky noises or monsters under the bed; he was too old for that. He had had the same night mare as he had had every night for the past few years; ever since he had been told how his parents had died; his father shot through the shoulder and left to bleed to death and his mother strangled, stabbed, amputated and several other various ways of torture. The police said they had obviously been kidnapped. So ever since that day, he had had gruesome nightmares of gunshots and sliced-off fingers. He sat up-right and wiped his forehead. He had been sweating a lot. He stood up and walked into the en-suite bathroom. He poured a glass of water and gulped it down, enjoying the feeling of icy cold water running down his dry, brittle throat. Once he had done a pee and was feeling a little better, he walked through into his bedroom and lifted his laptop onto his bed. He switched it on and waited several minutes for it to load up. He then clicked on 'Matt' and typed in his password; s0phie; and clicked into internet explorer. He logged into a website called Ficwad and went into the Doctor Who section. Ficwad was a website were people could write short stories and let other people read them. He was reading a really sexual story including The Doctor, Captain Jack and a king sized bed! He moved onto one called 'TARDIS Trouble'. Once he had read that, he shut the computer down, put it on the floor and went to sleep.

He was playing the Playstation when Rose came up with a bowl of scrambled eggs. He ate the scrambled eggs and eventually got bored of the Playstation. He took the tray and dishes went onto a chat room hotel called 'Habbo Hotel'. His name on the chat room was Striker. His best friend, Sophie Colum, was also online. Her name was BestBabe! He went into her animated room and typed in:

Striker: Hiya! How are you?

Bestbabe: Yo mate. I'm fine! You?

Striker: I'm ok. So I see you got some furniture for your room!

On habbohotel, you had to pay to get some credits. With credits, you could buy furniture for your room.

BestBabe: _\o/_ ...Lol! O yeah. Ma dad
Actually let me spend £3.00 on credz!

Striker: hey! Why don't you come round?

BestBabe: Em... Yeah! Ok! Be right there!

Her Habbo disappeared from the room and he switched off the Laptop.
"Rose! Sophie's coming round to the house!" Mathew shouted through the house. Rose's boyfriend, Ritchie, walked in from the hall and grinned.
"You know Matt, I couldn't think of a better couple..." Ritchie smirked as he received a frown from Mathew.
"You think? I never thought of her a as a girlfriend ...just a friend!" Matt found Ritchie and Rose easy to talk to.

When Sophie came round they went up stairs and played a board game called 'Wanderer of the forest!'. His mum and dad had given it to him on his 5th birthday, three days before there bodys were found at the bottom of a Japanese Temple. He had the red man and Sophie had the blue. They were already half way through the game by the first ten minutes.
"So...guess what Ritchie said this morning," said matt, trying to make conversation. "She reckons we would...make a good couple, I mean how silly is that!" he said nervously. Although matt didn't notice it, rose didn't find this silly at all and when he said that, her face fell slightly.
"Err...Yeah, silly!" she smiled weakly and took her move. The board wobbled and her piece fell over. She screeched quietly in annoyance and flipped the board over.
"What is making it do that, that's the fourth time..." she stared at the board and frowned. She scratched her finger along the board and, just before matt thought she had gone bonkers, a piece of old cream tape, exactly the same colour as the board, slid off the board. Smiling, Sophie peeled the tape off to reveal a slit along the board. Then matt realised that something had been hidden in the board.
"Cool!" said Sophie, and matt pulled out a thin piece of paper from the board. Sophie and Matt bundled together to try and read what was on the paper at the same time...

Brief for Jane and Michael Blackwell, Agents 104 and 105

Mission: Gerald Taorkoen: Murders and Drug deals in Tokyo.

Gerald Taorkoen was 17 when he was first put into prison for 4 years for possession of Class A drugs. He was let out a year early for good behaviour. Once he was released, his deceased father was buried in Limekilns cemetery and Gerald received £700,000,000 from his father's enormous fortune. Gerald then used this money to build several bars, hotels and casinos around the world. His main Hotel stationed in Portugal is called the "Class A Dragon".

When two bodies and 700 grams of Cocaine was found in the back of one of his delivery vans, the police started an investigation, and so did we.

We now need you to infiltrate the "Class A Dragon" and get some dirt on Gerald.

Your stuff is hidden in the base underneath the "Goodman's Bakery".

Good Luck.

The two kids gasped.


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