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the end

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it's the twins 1st birthday and camryn has some news.

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ok .. well this is the last chapter for sure. i don't really have any more ideas for it and i don't want to drag it on any longer. so here it is :)

(ryan pov)

today is the twins 1st birthday. we got about 2 months off starting today, so we all decided to throw them a party. camryn was upstairs getting them dressed. yeah that's right... she never left. she just wanted to teach me a lesson, that i can't take things for granted. i'm pretty sure i learned that lesson and it's never gonna happen again. the doorbell rang, so i went to answer it. "hey ryan, how's it going" pete asked, pushing his way through. he was followed by danny and their 5 month old baby taylor. "hey ry, where's camryn" danny asked giving me a hug. "she's upstairs getting the twins ready" i said. she went upstairs to she if she could help with anything. spencer and kk were the next ones to show up (fyi kk is 6 months pregnant! .. what can i say? us panic boys do it good). kk also went upstairs with the other two. everyone else eventually showed up too. the girls came down and we opened the rylee and dean's presents. those two are very spoiled and at a very young age. i looked over at camryn and she caught my eye. i nodded my head upstairs and she shook her head yeah. we told everyone we'd be back and i swear i could hear pete yell "use protection."

(camryn pov)

"what is it..." i couldn't finish my sentence. ryan had pushed me up against the wall and was kissing me like his life depended on it. after what seemed like an eternity, we broke apart for some air. "what was that for" i asked, smiling. "for being such a great mother and wife. for putting up with me and all the tough stuff" he said hugging me. "i don't really have a choice do i" i said laughing. "well, no i guess not" he said kissing me again. "lets go back downstairs" he said. "ok, i just need to use the bathroom really quick. be down in a few minutes" he left and i ran into the bathroom and puked up what was in my stomach. this started a couple of weeks ago and i knew it only meant one thing. i had gone out earlier and got a test while i was getting stuff for the party. kk and danny were with me when i tested. i just now got the nerve to look at the results. it was.... i went back down stairs. ryan was just lighting the candles on the cake. we sang happy birthday and helped the twins blow out the candles. we gave them their cake and watched them smash it in each other's faces, getting it everywhere. afterwards, danny helped me with their baths and we put them down for a nap. we joined everyone else downstairs and decided to watch a movie. we decided to watch grease 2. i love that movie! we had to sing along to it ... you couldn't watch it and not sing along. after that ended, brendon wanted to watch peter pan. we knew he would throw a fit, so we decided to watch it but that's ok because it's an amazing movie as well! after that, i decided to tell everyone the good news. "hey everybody, guess what" everyone looked at me .. ok breathe .. "uhh .. umm.."come on camryn spit it out" pete said. "i'm pregnant" i said smiling. "way to go ross" i heard brendon say and give ryan a high five. "shut up brendon" "ryan, do me a favor" pete said. "what" ryan asked confused. "QUIT KNOCKING MY SISTER UP" he yelled. everyone started laughing and ryan just looked sad. "aww it's ok ry. i still love you" i said kissing him. everyone decided to leave after that. we made sure the twins were sleeping good and went to our bedroom. "when did you find out" ryan asked me while i was changing. "after you went downstairs to get the cake" i said. "oh" was all he said. "are you not happy ryan" i asked hurt. "no, of course i am. don't ever think otherwise" he said pulling me onto the bed with him. "i love making babies with you. we make beautiful babies. i just want to make sure you're happy" he said. "if i wasn't happy, i would have left 10 months ago" i said seriously. "do you have to keep rubbing that in my face" he asked. "yeah ... but you know i don't mean it. and i never would have left you because i would have would have gotten to chicago and came straight back. i love you too much ryan ross. and you're never gonna get rid of me that easily" i said kissing him with everything i had. "good, because i love you too camryn ross." i don't know how i ended up with such a great guy but i like it.

THE END! how'd you like/hate it? i don't know if they're will be a sequel. as of right now -- probably not. depends on how the reviews are and how many i get. thanks for sticking by my side through this story :)
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