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Chapter Six: The Senshi vs Scorpious

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The allies have come together, but it's a battle of wits and ideals between the experienced shinobi Scorpious and the Senshi whom seem to balk at the idea of fighting and killing something that isn...

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AUTHOR:Zpan Sven

SUMMARY:Finding Mamoru in the arms of another, Usagi is saved from the Earth Prince's beating by a mysterious ninja and is brought into a world of mystical ancient tournaments....

CHAPTER SUMMARY: The allies have come together, but it's a battle of wits and ideals between the experienced shinobi Scorpious and the Senshi whom seem to balk at the idea of fighting and killing something that isn't a Youma. Meanwhile, their enemies gain more ground...

DISCLAIMER:I do not own Mortal Kombat or Sailor Moon. If you don't recognize it, odds are it's mine...

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Scorpious is 19, the Inner Senshi and Usagi is 17, Mamoru is 23, the Outer Senshi (Neptune, Uranus) is 21, Pluto looks 24 but is over 5000, Hotaru is 15, Carmen is 16, Scorpio* is over 100, although he looks around his late 20s early 30s. Normally I can't stand Rei/Sailor Mars, but for her fans, I'll be nice and change her character into something I can tolerate while trying to stay as true to her original character as I can. However, it's open season on Mamoru-baka. /Kukukuku/...

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("Speech in a foreign language")

('Thought in a foreign language')

-Sign language-


TIMELINE: Post-Chaos Arc for Sailor Moon, Post-Mortal Kombat 4. Major AU on both sides.


WARNINGS:LVSY/Y,,, others please ask.


Hai - Yes

Iie - no

Kono yaro -jerk, asshole, ect

Bakayaro -asshole, jerk, ect

Onna - woman

hime-sama -princess

Youma - monster, demon

Ore/ wa/ - I am. A rough way to introduce one's self.

Atashi wa -I am. Very feminine way of introducing oneself; can be considered flirty, often used by young women and flamboyantly homosexual men.

Nande - What

Nani - What

Tsuki no Hime- Princess of the Moon

Tsuki - Moon

Fuku -uniform, primarily the type worn by the Senshi

Miko -priestess

Gakki - brat

Temee -bastard

Kisama -bitch/bastard

Wakizashi -a smaller version of a katana, usually the backup weapon

Bo Shuriken -dagger-like shuriken, often without a hilt and easily concealed within the hand

Hira Shuriken- normal star-shaped shuriken, ranging from three points to six or more.

Senbon -acupuncture needles, can be used as throwing weapons by ninja

Kunai - a throwing knife, larger then a bo shuriken, with a double edge and a hilt

Tekko - hand covers/wrist guards

Kyahan -shin guards

Tabi - split toe socks worn with the traditional sandals. Modern versions of /tabi/have a hard rubber sole, making them into footwear on their own, generally favored by ninja.

Shinobi -another word for Ninja. Assassin.




The Senshi and the Chosen warriors of the Earth Realm were lead through the caverns by their new allies, rising higher and higher until they passed the narrow slit-like windows, their opened shutters allowing afresh breeze to sweep into the corridors; the windows were tall but narrow, making it difficult for someone to climb through, but perfect for an archer or someone with a long-ranged weapon to take a snipers' position if needed. Many of the doors lining the corridors were closed but some were open enough to allow glimpses of different rooms, many of which appeared to be living quarters.

The temperature inside the fortress was cool, but pleasant with the stone walls shifting from being carved from the mountain's rock face to bricks of the same stone material; the wear on the stones showed their age and made the transfer almost seamless - but despite the fortress's age, it seemed to be as sturdy and impenetrable as the day it had been built. On the walls were silk wall hangings as old as the fortress, carefully tended and hung in a way that they would not be able to offer an intruder cover.

Their journey took them to the heart of the fortress, into a room with a large table; covering the table was a map of the world that seemed to shimmer in the lighting of the room. Several of the chairs were decorated in varying degrees, as though for specifically designated people, with four located where the corners of the square table had appeared to be cut off. Three of the chairs were occupied; the occupants were all female, but that seemed to be their only similarity.

The one in the dark red chair with the kanji for fire encircled by the four comma-like tomoe representing the elements carved on the high back was red-haired, the casually plaited hair the color of dark flames; her eyes were a fiery reddish-orange and under the harsh light of the room her skin was white. The woman rose as they entered, her tired face taking a slight smile at the sight of the group formed by the Chosen of Earth, the Inner Senshi, Usagi, and her own ninja. "Welcome to the War Room. I am Pyre, Grandmistress of the Sa'hill."

She didn't look old enough to be the leader of aninja clan - despite the lines of exhaustion on her face that she wore like badges of honor, the red-haired woman looked barely legal age; her garb was simple, a white tunic with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows to reveal on her wrists black leather /tekko/, black breeches, and a crimson sash belted at her waist. She waved a hand at the other two women: "My fellow GrandMistresses- Terra and Tundra."

The woman called Terra was sitting in a brown chair with green trim, the kanji of nature surrounded by the four tomoe; she was earthy and athletic, her skin a rich caramel with a green tinge to her dark hair, drawn back in a simple thick braid of hair at the back of her head. Like Pyre, her attire was simple - a white sleeveless tunic, brown breeches and aforest-green sash at her waist; clasped around her powerful biceps were bronze bands and black leather tekko protected her wrists and the back of her hands. Terra smiled at them and Makoto of Jupiter could feel a familiar power thrum between them; she was a nature elemental, just like her; the GrandMistress even had green eyes like her.

Tundra seemed the polar opposite of Pyre as her name suggested, her blue chair having the kanji of ice in the center of the four tomoe; her hair was a pale blue that bordered on white, pulled back in a severe bun at the back of her head, making her pale features seem sharper and pointed. In the stark lighting of the War Room, the icy woman's skin appeared to be as white as her long sleeved tunic and contrasted sharply with her black breeches and /tekko/; the only splash of color was the icy-blue sash at her waist. A shiver went down the spine of the Mercury Senshi as her eyes locked with the arctic blue-white eyes of the GrandMistress; the young bluenette didn't need her own abilities to tell her this was an Ice elemental like herself - in fact, the sheer cold that radiated from the woman's spirit made the young Senshi wonder if she was even human.

Lieutenant Blade and Lui Kang stepped forward for the Chosen of Earth and with a serene smile, Usagi seemed to glide forward; instantly her Senshi knew she was in tune with her past self, Princess Serenity. The petite blonde's head tilted as she curtsied, spreading her hands palm up to show peaceful intentions.

"Lady Pyre. Thank you for hosting us in this time of crisis," Usagi murmured as she slowly straightened. "Atashi wa Tsukino Usagi, Guardian of the Ginzuishou."

"And the young woman supposedly kidnapped by a member of my clan," the red-haired kunoichi murmured, amusement in her fiery eyes.

"Rescued would be far more accurate. Our common enemy managed to sink their claws into my fianc
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