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Phone Calls and Crutches

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The title basically says it all.

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Gerard's P.O.V. (again)

My phone rang again just seconds after I hung up. I looked at my caller id and was nonetheless infuriated when I saw that Mikey trying to call back. I wanted to know what he had to say but I didn't want to break down again, and knowing Mikey, that might just happen again if I answer. Curiosity got the better of me and I flipped open the phone and pressed talk, holding it up to my ear with a shaky hand.

"Yeah?" I said, hoisting myself up onto the railing of her porch and propping my sore foot up, letting the other hang limply to the side, swinging occasionally. I waited for a response and didn't get one, but I could hear Frank saying something to someone so I knew he hadn't hung up.

"What did you want?" I irritably said. I heard Mikey say something to Frank and I heard him protest and soon Mikey's voice filled my ears.

"Come home." He ordered flatly.

"No, I have business to take care of here." I stated matter-of-factly. I heard Frank yell a few obscenities to him but he just continued to talk.

"I said come home, Gerard. That wasn't a suggestion you idiot." He said, raising his voice to quite a high decibel yet again. I shuddered at the voice, but blinked back all the tears that were still falling quietly from my stinging eyes. I heard some banging and thrashing around a bit then the whole line went silent before more talking came. This time, not from Mikey.

"Gee, what your brother was trying to say is that we are worried about you." Frank explained in a calmer tone. I sighed and he continued, "When are you coming home?"

"I guess I'll just go to the airport now and take the next flight back to New Jersey if that's what you want." I mumbled. I had, after all, given her the ring. That was the only thing I came for, wasn't it?

"Yeah, man. That would be for the best." I snapped my phone shut and jumped off the ledge, letting out a scream in pain when I landed on my ankle. I collapsed onto the ground, clutching my ankle and biting my lip to keep from yelling things that I might regret later. I reached back and grabbed the railing, pulling myself up on one ankle and cringing in pain with every gram of pressure put my left one.

I dragged my swollen leg across the porch and back into Kristen's house. Finally reaching her kitchen table I sat down on a chair, propping my foot up on another chair so I could see what I had done. It was puffy, swollen and there were purplish-yellow bruises spread thickly around the base of my ankle. I couldn't move it without experiencing the utmost pain, so I fished in my pocket until I found my phone. Pressing number four on speed dial, I waited for an answer. When the dial tone stopped, I checked to see if anyone was there.
"Ray?" I asked, hoping that he picked up.

"Hey Gerard. I haven't heard from you in about four days, where you been?"

"Oh so Frank and Mikey didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what? Where are you?" he asked, sounding completely confused. I explained about being in California and how I told Frank I would get on the next flight back to Jersey.

"Okay, did you call to tell me all this or what do you want?" he asked, finally getting it.

"Well, I was wondering if you could tell Frank that I might be a little longer." I asked, hoping he would just say yes and drop the discussion.

"Wait, why?" he sounded confused again. Well, back to square one.

"Okay, don't tell anyone else why. I fell and hurt my ankle. I can't move it and it's swollen so I can't walk on it and Kristen isn't here. I think it might be broken, but maybe I am just overreacting. I guess I'll be home as soon as I can." I said and pressed the 'end' button on my phone. I wanted to get up and search the medicine cabinet for pain killers or get some ice to numb and dull the excruciating hurt in my calf. I sat at the table for about an hour before I realized that I could not wait for Kristen anymore. I pulled myself up and made my way on one foot over to the couch where I took off my shoes, immediately noticing their absence.

Swiveling around, I looked at the room, trying to locate them. My eyes scanned the floor quickly until my gaze fell upon my old black pair of shoes. Limping over quickly, I sat down on the floor; legs outstretched and began to put my socks on. When I got to my swollen foot, it was throbbing and pulling the other sock on caused me to double over in pain. I gave up and shoved it in my pocket, slipping one shoe on and grabbing the other one. I grabbed the ace bandage from earlier off the cabinet beside me and stuffed it in my shoe before gently pulling myself up and tottering out the door. I made it out into the car without too much pain and started it up, heading to the local drugstore to see if i could pick up a pair of crutches.

I pulled into a CVS parking lot and got out, swinging my leg around and quickly wrapping it with the Ace Bandage before limping slowly inside. I was immediately hit with a cool blast of air walking in, allowing my sweat plastered forehead to be relieved of the California heat. Inching my way slowly to the back of the store with the shelves for support, I got to the area where they had a few pairs of crutches on the wall. I grabbed the most decent looking set and made my way to the cash register.

The teenage girl working the register grabbed the crutches without looking at me and quickly scanned them. I reached in my pocket for my wallet and dug out the money to pay. "Thank you, and have a ni- OH MY GOD! YOU'RE GERARD WAY!" she screamed, suddenly getting excited when she looked up.

"Yeah," I said, backing up slowly. "Listen, I have to go now." I told her, and grabbed the crutches. That was certainly not what I wanted to deal with at the moment. I put one crutch under each arm after adjusting them slightly and made my way back out to the car.

"Now to the airport," I sighed, shaking my head as I backed out of the parking lot and onto the main road.

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