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Trapped in a Room

by xxotakuxxmindfreak 2 reviews

part two of trapped. there is a death. oh, fyi: i do not own Saw. but i do own the characters of this story. ^.^ again: i suck at summaries

Category: Saw - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror, Humor - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-06-25 - Updated: 2007-06-25 - 249 words

"what is that?" Alicia asked in a yell.
"how the fuck should i know?!" Joyce yelled.
Aridia looked around and said,
"oh, god! save me! its the demon color!"
"huh?" Alicia asked. Aridia huddled in a corner, careful not to touch the walls.
"" she said, rocking back and forth.
"okay...gotic weirdo." alicia said, turning her attention back to Joyce and the tape recorder.
"push play!" maven shouted.
Joyce bit her lip and pushed 'play'.

"Hello." it said, "You maybe wondering where you are, and why you're here. But, i will tell you that around you are six doors. only one is the true exit. the other five will unfortuantely kill you. You'd better hurry, because if you stay here for too long, the poisin i mixed in with the paint will have seeped into your system and will surely kill you. Hurry, and think fast."
then, with a 'click' the tape recorder stopped.
Aradia jumped up and yelled, "I KNEW IT! I FUCKING KNEW IT!"
"knew what?" Alicia asked.
"i always knew that Pink was evil!"
Joyce chuckled and looked at the doors.
"so...which one do you think is the exit?" she asked.
"beats me." maven said. He walked over to the door nearest him and opened it. Suddenly, two swords swung down across his head. shunk! his head was cut off.

Alicia screamed. Joyce grabed Erik's arm and closed her eyes. Aradia grinned evily. 'im going to enjoy this.' she thought.
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