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Sometimes life just doesn't care about what you want.

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"Happy Anniversary Asshole." He mumbled to his reflection in the mirror. He had asked them to book a show, practically begged them to help him out just a little bit and do him this one favor to help him forget about her. But no, instead they book Pete a DJ set at Debonair in Chicago and then force him to go to it.
He kept telling himself that he didn't need this; he didn't need to be here yet he couldn't bring himself to walk out of the club. He reasoned with himself, it's not as if his self misery wouldn't be waiting for him after Pete's set, he could just stay a little bit longer appease a few more people and prove to all of them that he was ok, that he was totally and completely over her.
But really, who was he trying to kid?
They had dated for four years. Four fucking years, he had spent half of high school career with her and all of his fame.
What more could he have done?
What more could he have given?
Four years was a long time and he really didn't think it was that abnormal for him to be depressed, devastated even.
The guys however still insisted on checking up on him every five seconds, he appreciated the gesture but he just wanted it to stop.
He exhaled deeply before splashing his face with water trying his best to ignore the knock on the bathroom door.

"Patrick, you ok in there buddy?" Joe's voice was muffled telling him that he was probably right up against the door.

"Be right out." He explained before moving to unlock the door. Once outside Patrick was greeted with Joe's smiling face.
"Sorry if you were ya know, waiting." He gestured behind him to the bathroom but Joe shrugged him off.

"Just making sure you didn't fall in." The curly haired boy smiled once more trying to mask his concern for his friend.

Patrick nodded and gestured for Joe to lead the way back to their booth. He just needed to stay for a little bit longer, just a little bit then he would be in the clear. He couldn't of been sitting for more than a minute when the tall blonde who had Pete trained bounced over. Almost on cue he stood to allow her to scoot to the inside of the table and closer to the DJ booth - apparently she had all of them trained. Patrick grabbed his drink and turned to leave, maybe if he looked like he was mingling with people he could go home sooner. As soon as he turned he tripped slightly sending the drink in his hand flying, he reached to catch the glass but the liquid had already spilled down the front of a girl's shirt. It was then as if his brain had stopped. He knew that he looked like an ass, that his friends were staring and that an apology usually follows situations like these but somehow his response was delayed.

She sighed heavily while closing her eyes and letting her head fall back as if she was asking God 'why me?' She blinked hard trying to rid herself of the tears that were still falling, she had been crying before but this man didn't know that and she didn't want him thinking she was crying over spilled soda.

"I'm sorry." Patrick started to apologize but was ignored as the girl pushed past him and into the crowd. He took off his hat and ran his fingers through his hair before placing it back on his head. What the hell had just happened? He felt the urge to chase after her and apologize correctly but she had disappeared so fast. It was then that Patrick knew he needed to leave, his bad mood was now starting to seriously affect other people and he just needed to be home alone with his GarageBand.

"Hey Patrick, since you're already standing want to get me a drink?" Joe questioned with a sly smirk as he draped an arm around his girlfriend. Immediately Patrick was snapped out of his thoughts. He nodded robotically, so much for going home.

"Anybody else?" He turned to ask the table but was ignored; shrugging to himself he made his way to the bar.

There she was perched on top of a stool leaning into the bar as she talked with the bartender. It was her hair that he had noticed first, it wasn't some obnoxious color it was just red, naturally auburn, long and perfect. She had no idea how beautiful she was, that much was obvious - Patrick knew that he wasn't not attracted to her but he also knew that he was in no state of mind to even court a girl and that he wasn't completely over the last one who had just sent him through the wringer. Still though, he was intrigued, so he made his way to the bar and stood near her in hopes of listening to whatever it was she was saying. But as soon as he approached the bartender stopped his conversation with her to take his drink order. Patrick ordered Joe's beer and waited patiently as the bartender went to retrieve the drink.

"Zac get me a cranberry juice please." She leaned over the bar and yelled at the bartender who nodded in understanding, "Thank you." She called after him before once again sitting back down on the barstool. She sniffled and sighed while letting her chin fall into her awaiting hand.

"I'm sorry about spilling my drink on you." Patrick gestured to the front of her shirt finally feeling better about having her actually hear his apology - but she didn't even turn to acknowledge him, "I'm sorry - " He started again louder but was cut off when she suddenly turned to him.

"Why is the sky just blue?" She questioned randomly with her brows furrowed together, he stammered slightly but she didn't seem to notice, "I mean if it were pink or an array of colors I think I'd be in a better mood everyday."

At a loss of words he just opted to smile.

"I'm sorry I just kind of had a bad day so I'm all blah." She explained while waving her hands around as if her gesture explained exactly what 'blah' meant. Wiping a few stray tears off her cheek she laughed slightly at herself.

"I understand I've had kind of a bad day too." Patrick smiled once again before grabbing a few napkins from the dispenser in front of him. He nervously handed them to her almost as a peace offering, she smiled before taking the napkins and nodding a 'thank you.'
"I'm Patrick by the way." He extended his hand to her, she accepted.

"Samantha. I hope you have a better day tomorrow." She smiled sincerely and he nodded as Zac returned with Joe's beer, and her cranberry juice.

"I hope tomorrow the sky is an array of colors for you."
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