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The Last Sunrise Before The Darkest Nights

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The tour of their career. It's supposed to be the time of their lives, fun with their old, and new, friends. But the night before the tour, Gerard gets a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Som...

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Okay, this started out as my own twist on the Final Destination movies, but morphed into something WAY different. evil giggle I don't know, or care, how long this will be. It'll be chaptered and stuff. It'll go where it goes, I guess.

Warnings- Extreme gore/violence, language, alcohol and drug usage, paranormal activity, slash, band crossover(s), death, boys crying more than they would in reality...

"Are you hyped up for this? Come on, come on!"

Gerard rolled his eyes, watching Frank jump up and down while waving his arms up and down. It was as if he was trying to raise the excitement level with his hands and body. Gerard was leaning against the side of the large bus, his arms crossed over his chest with a cigarette dangling from his lips.

Mikey walked past, hoisting a bag full of on-the-road essentials and clothes, shaking his head.

"Calm down, buddy. We've been on tour before, just not in awhile," he snorted, climbing onto the bus. Frank stopped jumping and yelled after him, "Hey! You know what? Shut up!"

Gerard chuckled as Mikey shouted, "Make me, bitch!"

Frank frowned and grabbed his own bag, throwing it over his shoulder and walking on the bus. Gerard took a drag of his cigarette and tossed it on the ground, stamped it out, and followed Frank on the bus. He let out a sigh of contentment, watching the various members of My Chemical Romance scurry around the tour bus, making sure that everything was in order and that they had everything they'd need for the next seven months on tour.

After finishing The Black Parade tour, and going on Projekt Revolution, My Chemical Romance had taken a break from touring to work on their fourth album. After releasing that album, they were aching to go back on tour and show fans how /real /bands do live shows. The official tour, headlining My Chemical Romance with supporting bands Aiden, Panic! At the Disco, HIM, and Fall Out Boy, kicked off in seven days in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My Chemical Romance was just finishing up packing up the bus, and would then board the bus and drive to Pennsylvania where they'd meet up with HIM, who was visiting Bam Margera. Then, they'd drive to Las Vegas and meet up with Aiden, Panic!, and Fall Out Boy, play a show there, and begin the nation-wide tour.

Gerard smiled to himself, knowing that even though they'd never toured with Panic! before, that it'd be a fun time. He knew that all the bands got along well, and the ones that knew each other were already good friends.

Frank slid past Gerard, flashing him a smile, and Gerard smiled back.

He opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly a shiver ran down his spine. Gerard froze, watching Frank walk off the bus. Time seemed to slow down, and he was painfully aware of how alone he was on the bus. His chest seized up, and a strange rushing noise filled his ears.

Fearfully, he glanced around, his wide, hazel eyes locking on his sketchpad. The pages fluttered wildly, but a quick look outside revealed no wind blowing through the trees. A wave of nausea washed over him, and a single tear rolled down his cheek. Gerard raised a hand to his forehead, and then-.

"Yo, man, can you, I don't know...move? You're standing in the middle of everything, buddy," Mikey said loudly from behind Gerard, making the older man jump. "S-sorry," he stammered, wide-eyed, and moved out of the way.

Mikey bit his lip, and put down the toaster he was carrying. Gerard was sitting in the 'kitchen' area's booth, staring blankly out the window.

"Hey," he murmured, placing a hand on his older brother's shoulder. Gerard looked up, trembling slightly. But he swallowed his fear and confusion, and managed a slight smile.

"What's up, Mikeyface?"

Mikey shoved his hands into his pockets and asked, "You okay? You look...freaked out, to say the least. You're really pale."

Gerard swallowed hard. "I'm fine, Mikes. I don't know what just came over me, but I'm fine."

Mikey frowned and placed a hand on Gerard's forehead. He quickly withdrew with a gasp.

"You're burning up, Gerard!" he exclaimed. "Are you all packed?" He paused a moment, not giving Gerard enough time to answer. "Go lie down, on your bunk. I'll finish for you," he continued. Gerard smiled weakly, and stood up.

"I packed up all my shit and loaded last night. I couldn't sleep, so...," he let his voice drift off. Mikey put his hands on his hips and commanded, "Lie down. Now."

Gerard shrugged, obeying Mikey but in actuality not feeling ill at all. Well, discounting the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach that had been there since that strange Gerard didn't know what to call it, but it was honestly one of the most frightening feelings he had ever had.

As he buried his face in his pillow, Gerard prayed that the horrible feeling wasn't a look into the future.

Unfortunately, some prayers just aren't answered.

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