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...Because I'm afraid that Lindsey will kill me if I don't add more ._________. I still love reviews ;D -hinthint-


Kaoru and I sat at the table. We silently ate and Kaoru looked up.
"This is really good, Shinya, thank you for making it."
I shook my head, "Don't worry about it. I hope you don't get sick."
He smiled, "I'm sure I won't thanks to your hospitality. There is something I'd like to talk about though..."
I looked up, "Hmm?"
He stood up and knelt beside me, "Can I see?"
I nodded slightly and lifted my shirt over my head, discarding it on the floor beside me.
He ran a finger down my side and I twitched and writhed at the light feeling. I laughed, my sides were very ticklish.
"Oh, that's right," I saw Kaoru was smiling. He grabbed just above my hips and began to tickle me relentlessly.
I fell off the chair and on to his lap. He toppled backwards and I smiled, rolling off of him.
I quickly got my breath back and smiled widely, helping him to sit up. He stared at me seriously and my expression fell.
He reached forward and wrapped his hands around my waist, "You're tiny; you know that?"
I pulled out of his grip and looked away, "Sure, but I better go to sleep."
"Alright, well, I'm staying with you," Kaoru stood and helped me up.
"What?" My eyes widened.
"You're not hurting yourself, come on." He took my hand and pulled me to the bedroom.
I lay down on the bed, Kaoru lying beside me.
I closed my eyes, dreaming of Die, wishing he was lying next to me instead of Kaoru.

I turned over the next morning, finding my bed empty, as I always dreaded it would be in the mornings.
Didn't I deserve to wake up beside someone who loves me like everyone else? Why couldn't I have it, when I needed it so much more than others?
I sat up and rubbed at my eyes slightly. I heard a rustling in the kitchen. My heart spiked how I wished it was someone..., the someone I wanted to be there.
I rushed out to the kitchen, "Die?!"
Kaoru looked back, coffee in hand, "Ah, good morning, Shinya."
I looked down slightly and sighed. I forced a smile, "Hi, Kaoru."
"Aww, don't look so pleased to see me," He hugged me softly, "How are you feeling this morning?
I shrugged, "Alright... I don't know."
"Well, there's someone here... they want to see you."
I looked up, "Really? I don't look anywhere near decent..."
"He won't mind... he came over really early this morning. He was worried."
I walked over with Kaoru to the couch and saw the redhead sleeping on the couch. My heart beat heavily in my chest and I reached out to touch his shoulder.
He moved slightly and turned on his side, a soft, sleepy sound escaping from his lips.
"I'm going to go outside for a while," Kaoru smiled slightly and pulled cigarettes out of his pocket.
I sat on the table beside Die and watched him, remembering all the things I'd hoped before she was around.
After a few minutes, his eyes were open. He moved to sit up and pulled me on the couch with him. I sat, my legs pulled up to my chest, the leather cool against my feet. "Did you want to talk about something, Die?"
"Last night... I'm sorry for running out on you like that," He hugged me tightly; "You didn't hurt yourself anymore did you?"
I shook my head, "No... I don't want to upset you, Die."
"You won't... but I don't want you hurt," He held my hand softly.
I shook my head, "It's okay... anyway. Did you ask her?" I asked, silently hoping that he didn't.
"Yeah," Die smiled warmly, "She said yes! I'm really excited."
I tried to hold my smile, but I was unable. I looked down slightly. "That's great, Die, I really hope you two will be happy together."
"Shinya... are you really happy for me, or are you just saying that?"
I stood, "It doesn't really matter... I can make you some breakfast, if you like."
"I better get going... I've been here for a while, I think. I'll call you later though, if you'd like." He got up and stepped towards me.
"You don't have to..."
He pulled me into a hug, a hand behind my neck, burying my head into his shoulder. Tears formed in my eyes and a few slipped out, disappearing into the thin, black fabric of his shirt.
"Don't cry, Shinya... I'm sorry." He stepped back so I was standing alone, his hand still at my neck.
I smiled weakly, "I'm alright... go back to Reina, alright?"
"Don't keep doing this to me, Shinya," He said softly, pulling me into another hug, "You tell me to go back to her, and I can tell you're hurting... I can't leave you here, knowing what might happen."
I wrapped my arms around his back, "Then don't leave..."
"Shinya," He pulled back again, holding my face softly, "I have to... I promised I wouldn't be long... I can talk to you in a few hours."
I nodded and looked away, "Goodbye, Die..."
He stared at me for a second and looked away, "Goodbye..." He left, and, almost immediately, Kaoru returned.
I turned and went to lie down. I felt hopeless, and pathetic.
Kaoru followed me, "Shinya? What'd he say?"
I shook my head, "Nothing, I just want to rest for a while."
"Well, I'll stay here and make some food for you, alright? I'll bring it in for you."
I nodded slightly and waved him off, curling up in the still-warm blankets.
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