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...another one for Lindsey...


We sat with Die and Reina, eating our meals and talking pretty easily. Reina actually was very nice, pretty, outgoing, and smart. Exactly Die's type, right? Someone just like him.
I faked smiles and laughs, convincing myself that I would make it without him.
We finished our meals and Die dragged me to the bathroom so we could talk for a moment.
"What is it?" I asked.
"What's wrong with you?" His eyes widened.
"...something's wrong with me?" I was slightly taken aback.
"No, no, not like that," He looked away, "Sorry."
I shook my head, "It's okay. What are you trying to say?"
"You just act like you don't care about me anymore."
"Of course I care!"
"No, no I mean the way you said you did just yesterday."
"Oh... well, you're going to get married. Why chase something I'll never catch?"
He stared at me concernedly, "Are you sure you're okay?"
I smiled, "Of course, now Reina is probably wondering where you are. We better get going."
We walked back out and I hugged Die gently as he went to leave. I waved goodbye to Reina and Kaoru drove back to my home.
We walked inside and I turned to Kaoru, "Do you want to stay again?"
He shrugged, "Sure."
"Well, it's too early to go to sleep... we could make something, like a dessert."
Kaoru laughed, "You know I'm terrible at cooking."
"It's not cooking, it's baking. Come on," I pushed him into the kitchen.

Kaoru sat on the counter with a cute pout on his face. "I told you I couldn't do this, Shinya."
I pulled him off the counter, "Oh come on, stop being a baby. You just spilled a little, it's okay."
He slid to his knees and began to help me clean up the floor.
After another half hour, we had finished and now we sat at the table, eating what we'd made.
It was Kaoru's suggestion, Dango. It was a popular dessert made of sweet rice flour. It was very good, and always fun to make.
"See? That wasn't very hard," I smiled as Kaoru ate one of the dumplings.
"We made way too many," He laughed.
I shrugged, "Let's just take them to practice tomorrow."
He smiled, "That's a good idea. It's kind of late... maybe we should get going to sleep?"
I stood up and he followed me to the bedroom after wrapping up the rest of the uneaten dessert.
We lay down, and I said a silent prayer of free dreams. I didn't want to dream of him; that would only hinder my attempts to move on.
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