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Fadeing Like The Fire

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So If you don't like origanal characters don't read, also dont read if your a grammar nazi. This about Haku who for some reason didn't pass on but isnt a ghost A diminsianl rift happend that caused...

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--sigh-- If you want a picture of these people and what they look like ask me I would be happy o show you,

Blink, Blink, Haku opened his eyes to stare out at the world, 'Why am I not Dead', Haku thought. He slowly began closeing his eyes thinking that this place was a halucination caused by being close to death.

"YOUR AWAKE"!!!!!!!!!!! The ear shattering voice that caused Haku's eyes to amiditly open and set up.

Haku opened his mouth to speak but closed it again seeing how he had no idea of what to say at a moment like this. How many times do you wake up exspecting to be where ever you are supposed to go when you die, but be near a childish sounding voice that almost breaks open your ear drum, yes thats right not many.

Haku observed what looked like a little girl, only about nine with a black and white stripped shirt, and medium length blonde hair, leaning forward, her face planted in her hands.

The two sat there for a good while just sitting there blinking, and staring.

"Ai, so whas your name I'm Katie", all smiley like.

"I am Haku".

"You hakeww".

"No its Haku", he said and smiled at the girl. 'But why I am here I do not know'.

"You are here because I guess I screwed my thing up see when I was trying to heal my puppy-Chan and I got you".

"how did-"

"I read your mind, Teehee. Well come on now". Katue got up pulling Haku with her.

"Where are we going".

"To my Onee-Chans house".

"You live with your Onee-Chans"

"Yea I don't have any parents, COME ON!!, your to slow, I will leave you here".

Katie speed up hopping from buildings, till she landed on a ledge. She turned backk to see if he was still there and he was.

"Were almost there no need to worry". And they countinued on there journney of building hopping.
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