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To The End

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One-shot song fic :D Typical bride and groom story but with a slight twist :]

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Panic, sweat, a failing heart.

Downstairs, in the ballroom, everyone impatiently waited for the bride to come graciously skipping down the ivory winding staircase with the wedding dress that was tailored just for her. Her parents casually chatted with the groom's parents, each one exchanging their views on how the young couple would spend their lives together. Even the groom himself was forced to wait, as it was a rule that he could not see his lovely bride before the wedding. But upstairs, she knew she had to escape this mansion, this tomb.

The vows she worked so hard to memorize slipped from her mind like the liquid forming on her brow. Blonde hair curled in ringlets and silky gloves adorning her hands, she was starting to get fed up with both. This wasn't how she wanted it to be, to start, to end. In her mind she couldn't think of a way to describe this travesty. She was set up from the start. Ever since he had his eye on her, she knew that she didn't have long for the mortal world. And their parents were smitten with thought of the two getting married so it was set it stone.

Julie's itchy tingling fingers searched her vanity dresser's drawers for the last remaining shred of her other life. All these months and years she'd been rather attached to it but never before like this. In the past, she had a rather tough life, but she preferred it over to the lush pampered life. For money she used to lend her body out to willing buyers and it always got her enough to make it on her own. Julie didn't mind it and she despised change in her lifestyle.

And sometimes, Julie would lead a double life, maybe even a triple life. Some people knew her as innocent Angie while others knew her as Aurora, the quiet child who played violin on the street corner. No matter what she did, she did what she needed to do and always managed to come home being the same Julie that her family knew. Eventually, she pulled out the gold frame old-time photograph. Black and white photos were always her favorite...

She knew the wedding dress had to go or she'd be easily caught for the weight of the dress would slow her down. Her only problem was that she was on the sixth floor of her house and she highly doubted she could be the runaway bride she always dreamed to be. Pulling on skinny black pants and a form fitting electric black shirt, she slipped out of her high heel deathtraps and into a pair of lace-less shoes. Julie was as quiet as a mouse when she tiptoed to the elevator. The buttons only went up to ten but in order for her to not be suspicious, she prodded the number four button with her cheap fake nails.

"I hear her coming!" exclaimed an old uncle who everybody chose to shun countless times except for this extraordinary day.

"Ron, you better make me a proud grandparent," the groom's mother cooed. Ron shifted from a rather unbecoming smile to a quick flickering grin, yet his motives were still unclear. He held in his right hand a cup labeled "Julie" with a colored in heart to the side, but the cup was not filled with punch. When he heard the elevator make a dinging noise, he frowned because his lover was not seen coming down the staircase.

"I think it's about time we speed this party up," Ron whispered to a nearby servant carrying a platter of finger foods. He nodded and sped back into the kitchen, only to return with the platter, this time carrying little round blinking objects. Two gas masks were hidden behind his back, he handed one over to the groom and sniggered. "Thank you, kind sir. Who be the other mask for? Certainly not you."

The servant rolled his eyes and let Ron have the other mask before skulking off. Julie stood and hyperventilated briefly as she came to the third floor, the floor with the indoor pool. A camera flashed and captured her horrified look from across the room. Laying face down in the pool was her great uncle Larry, blood seeping from his mouth and into the aqua. "Why..." Julie could not resist asking herself. Ron was the Devil, an anti-Christ at the best. This wasn't the first time he "accidentally" killed a member of her family, although no one fessed up to it. But that was a whole different story and she didn't have the time to replay the tragedy in her mind.

The second floor was relatively easy to maneuver around, until Julie realized she was not alone. "Here comes the bride, here comes the bride," her soon-to-be husband said in a sing-song tone. Julie bit her lips and drank the blood that escaped, she wanted to make sure she could wake up in case this was a cruel nightmare. "I do." A playful smile danced across Ron's lips as he said those two words harshly.

"Downstairs our families are having the time of their lives. Care to watch?" he asked sheepishly. Julie shook her head but Ron continued on and grabbed her around the shoulders, thus directing her to a set of televisions that showed various rooms in the house. "Y-You keep cameras in our walls?" but Ron didn't respond. He flicked the first television to channel two and sat back, making the motion of eating popcorn with his hands.

"You enjoying the show?" Ron asked a horrified Julie. On the screen, her family members were gasping for air, her mother rolling around like a dying pig in the cake. Tears were falling internally for her dying family. Julie slammed her palms on the buttons on the television. "Make it stop! Make! It! Stop! Turn it off, damn it!" she screamed in Ron's ears. All Ron did was sit back and click the off buttons. "Sure, I can turn the screens off, but what shall you do now? The only survivor is the minister. I think you should head upstairs and get back in that dress. We have a wedding to attend to."

"Fuck you!" Julie continued shouting while heading downstairs.

"It wouldn't be very wise to go down there unless you want to die like the rest of 'em."

Julie chose the alternative route and went out to the balcony where an emergency ladder was located. Ron didn't bother chasing her because he knew where she'd go. The sweat on her hands was preventing her from making it down safely and she almost broke her own neck just trying to get down, but she immediately headed to the shed. "I'll never forget all those diamonds you ate."

Thankfully the padlock was laying on the ground, but Julie wasn't sure why because Claus, her private servant, always kept private areas locked. She bent down and only managed to pick up a shotgun when Ron's familiar voice crept up behind her. "You made this choice, Julie dearest." Julie whipped around and prodded him with the gun, she secretly wished she had pulled out a bayonet.

"Julie, remember what we always said to each other?"

Julie defiantly shook her head.

Ron took a step closer as the bride took a step back. "Would you bury me?"

This time she nodded.

"Would you carry me to the end?" he peeled off the skin from his face to reveal his rusted bones. Julie knew not what to say...

"Come with me as the party fades, stay with me to watch the last parade."

"I don't even love you!" Julie shoved his corpse away from herself.

"You made this choice Julie! Just by saying you'd marry me!" And it wasn't the first time. He'd broken hearts like this before but normally when he showed his true side, it frightened girls to death. Ron limply crawled to Julie and grabbed her left hand. Behind them, a ghastly milk white minister stood holding a bible. "You may now kiss the bride."

To the last parade,
When the parties fade,
And the choice you made,
To the end...
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