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Elricest Fic; I'm obsessed with those two. xD ONESHOT, fluffy and cute more than anything. MMMM... Lemon pie.

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Hikari tsuzuke yo...!
Let's shine on...!

He walked up the road silently, thinking about the past months... How he had finally been able to live with his younger brother again. And how RIGHT this all felt. And how good HE felt in all this. But, how did HE feel...?
As he turned the doorknob, tapping his feet on the ground to remove the half-melted snow, he heard someone calling his name inside the small appartment: "ED!!!" it had said, and soon, Edward found himself slammed to the door again, his kid brother hugging him tightly.

"Happy Birthday, brother!!" Alphonse said, beaming up at his brother.

"Eh?! Birthday..?" Ed asked, pretty honestly. Was it ALREADY his birthday...?

"Yes, silly, BIRTHDAY. You're twenty one today." Al said simply, stepping away and turning around.

Ed slightly regretted Al's absence, now, but after all... He had gotten used to the void he felt everytime his younger brother stepped away, innocently ignring what he had, once again, done to his older brother.
Yes, he loved him... Ed loved his brother, more than words could tell. When did he realise it? He... Couldn't tell. This odd feeling had been present when they were kids, about a year before their mother died, but after Ed had forcefully put Al in that suit of armor, that feeling just... Evaporated. No, instead, it was replaced by urgency, by... Surival instincts, and a drive to go forwards and restore Alphonse's body.
But, now that this was all done... That feeling had returned. And it slammed Edward in the face the minute he saw Al for the first time in... Years.

The older Elric violently shook his head to rid himself of any ideas that would otherwise distract him and headed to one os the two rooms. Heiderich's old room, to be exact... Ed... Felt bad to give Al that room, him, of all poeple, so he had claimed it himself. But the empty feeling of having someone die for you had constantly haunted Ed for the two months after the rocket engineer's death.
Ed silently put his suitcase beside the bed and took off his coat and vest, staring out the window. It hadn't snowed in weeks... But still, it was so cold outside, that the snow had been kept there, frozen in time.

Ed stood there, for a long while, but was called back to reality when Alphonse called him to the kitchen. "But close your eyes!" he said, and Edward obliged. He thus went to the doorway, closed his eyes, and took a first step before feeling a warm hand grasp his.

"A-Al?" Ed called tentatively.

"Yeah? Anything wrong?"

"No..." Ed replied quietly, feeling himself turn from peach, to pink, to crimson red.

And, before he knew it, he had been pushed forwards, just slightly, and had opened his eyes. Knowing Ed... He drooled at it.


"Al..?! YOU made thi-"

"Took me twelves lemons and a lot of sugar..." Al smiled, as Ed kept on marveling the pie. Honestly... He just didn't want to look into his brother's eyes. He was afraid of what he'd do...

"Thanks, Al..." Ed said silently, taking a risk by turning his eyes to his younger brother.

"I knew you loved Gracia's pies back in Amestris... So I thought I might bring back some old memories...?" AL said, a little perplexed by Ed's... SLIGHT over-reaction.

"Yeah, memories...." More like memories of a certain dead Nina... Ed sighed, but smiled nonetheless. "So, twenty one, eh..? Geh, I'm OLD, Al!!" Ed comlained, doing that famous 'what-the-f'k-is-wrong-NOW' look.

Al laughed quietly, at his brother, taking the pie from the table an putting it on the kitchen counter. Seeing his older brother happy like this... Was worth all the gold this world had to offer. But... This feeling didn't have its place here, with him, with THEM. Al constantly reminded this to himself, pushing back every possible scenario.
He was snapped back to reality when Ed sat down, a glum expression on his face.

"What's wrong..?" Al asked, looking down and Ed.

"Al... There's something I have to tell you..." He said solemnly, motioning at his younger brother to sit down in the chair in front of him. Taking a deep breath, Ed clasped his lightly shaking hands and opened his mouth to speak, when an other voice, not his, came out.

"I love you!" Al said, and quickly slammed his hands on his mouth, wide-eyed.

Ed sat there, dumb-stuck, and gaping at his younger brother. Did he hear right? And was his heart beating SO hard? Egh, he was starting to get dizzy, and having chest pains.

"Al...? Did you-?" Ed started, but was cut off by Alphonse, once more.

"I'M SORRY! I should never have said anything, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'M SO-!"

"I love you too..." Ed whispered, looking down at his shanking hands.

Ano hoshi no you ni...
Just like that star...
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