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Chapter 5

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Pairing- Ryan ross/ Brendon Urie
disclaimer- fanFICTION, i do not know or own anyone from Panic! the title also belongs to Panic!

Ryans POV

I woke up today with a slight spring in my step, I took a quick shower throughly washing my hair and scrubbing my body. I took longer then usual to get dressed being especially picky wanting to find just the right, mind blowing, turn a strait guy gay outfit. I settled on a light blue, v- neck, form fitting shirt and some dark black girl jeans. I traced the outsides of my eyes with a thin layer of eyeliner, just enough to really bring out my hazel eyes.

I practically skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen, finding my mother making a heavy amount of blueberry pancakes. Score! My favorite! I sat down with my mother and started to dig in when my wast of oxygen pest of a sister strode into the kitchen, taking a seat across from me.

Ok, now you probably want to know why I hate my sister, yeah? Well... just last year we were about as close as siblings could be, pretty much best friends and always there for each other. Or so I thought. I was sure she would love me no matter what and would never reject me. So I came out of the closet to her, and we haven't talked properly sense. Homophobic bitch.

Anyway, my ' oh so lovely' sister Claudia, grabbed a stack of pancakes and sneered at me from across the table. I quickly dismissed myself not wanting to have this day ruined, threw on a small black hoodie with a Fall Out Boy logo on it. And after adjusting my ipod headphones into my ears and flipping threw the tracks till finding one I like, I started off to school.

I walked threw the hallway and into my first period room without catching a glimpse of Brendon anywhere.
I took my seat by myself as usual and started distractedly taking notes.

About 10 minutes later and roll has already been called, and Brendon marked absent. My carefree happy attitude dissolving quickly. After giving up on the idea of being able to concentrate I let my mind wander freely
thinking about of course Brendon.

Brendon Brendon Brendon Brendon Brendon Brendon Brendon Brendon Brendon Brendon Brendon

It just rolls off the tongue, huh? Anyway I had all but given up on thinking Brendon was coming when, speak of the devil, there he is. He handed Mrs. Atwell a late slip and made his way away from her cluttered desk.

I widened my eyes in surprise and let out an inaudible gasp, when out of the corner of my eye I saw him walk past his normal seat and take the one right beside me. I looked up at him in shock but he just shrugged and sent me a small, but sweet smile.

Apparently everyone else was just as shocked, especially Brent. He mouthed Brendon a " What the hell? " and once again Brendon just smiled and let a small but significant smile grace his beautiful face. I ripped a page of notebook paper out of my binder and scribbled a question mark on it and tossed it to Brendon.

I watched Brendon as he replied, smiling the whole time. Someone's happy today. He placed it on my desk and turned back to his half finished notes. I unfolded all of the little creases to read what he had written.

" what? A guy cant sit next to one of his friends? The view is better from here anyway. "

I responded to this with a slight blush and a shy smile. I was kinda confused though, he used to sit upfront, and now he's in the back with a kid who definitely exceeds his hight, how can he possibly have a better view? While pondering this another note plopped onto my desk, also from Brendon.

" You wanna hang out after school or something? Get some ice cream? "

My grin just about tripled and I took a moment to think about my response not wanting to seem to overly eager.
I replied " Yeah of course, time and place? " I smirked and gave the note back to Brendon.

About a minute later I was reading his reply

" 3:00, at the park? " I scribbled out a " sure :] " and went back to taking notes.

I didn't talk to Brendon again in school that day. I skipped out of the school entrance and slowly walked to the park it was only 2:30 but I really had nothing better to do anyway. I walked into the park not seeing Brendon. I guess I didn't expect to, after all I was a half hour early.

I turned around after feeling a warm hand on my shoulder and was immediate greeted by those dark chocolate orbs he calls eyes. He sat on the swing beside me and started to just kinda rock back and forth.

I took a moment to really take in the situation, I was sitting next to Brendon Urie on some swings in the park where he asked me to meet him. I looked over at him, he really did look beautiful with the sunlight hitting him in exactly the right way, his longish dark almost black hair falling into his eyes.

" you look beautiful. " Oh my god! I did NOT mean to say that out loud.

Wait a minute, I didn't. That was Brendon talking to me, about me! My heart leaped in joy, but all I could do was stutter out a " thanks" I calmed myself down and also manged to get out a barely audible " you too "
He just smiled and looked at his feet.

A minute later I had manged to work up the courage to ask him the question I've been dying to know the answer to.

" Are you gay? " Wow that came out horribly wrong. I didn't mean to be so blunt. He let out a sigh and looked at me. He had been quiet for a while now and I was afraid he was mad so I decided to start talking again.

" Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you or anything I just -"

I was cut off by his full plush lips pressed against mine, it was sweet and innocent but fiery none the less.

He pulled away from me and mumbled a:

" I'm so sorry, I don't know what I was thinking I shouldn't have done that i was -"

I cut him of by pressing my lips to his, and he took no longer than a second to respond and kiss back, only slightly deepening the kiss. We pulled apart in desperate need of oxegen and stared at each other.
We both smiled shyly and lied in the grass together, talking for what seemed like endless hours talking about anything and everything, until night time fell and we just lie silent staring up at the beautiful star covered sky.

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