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Ella's gotten her happy ending, but what about her sister?

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A.N: To start off at the end of this chapter will be a tribute to all my fabulous reviewers because yes this is the last chapter, unless at some point I am really bored and decide to write another "epilogue" or something, though that is unlikely.
Anyway, I realized after reading over the last chapter that the rushed wedding scene neglected to mention a couple of details and explain a few things (ie. Derricks odd behavior) Don't worry I will start this chapter off a little bit behind where I left off and fill in a few details.
Now, here we go...


Prince Derrick was cordial and polite at the ceremony. In fact, Conrad had made him the best man! All through the ceremony he had been thinking. Throughout his whole life he's been told that he would marry, preferably at a young age and he had always resented that and rebelled against the idea. Mind you, that had been before he met Chrys.
Well, maybe that wasn't quite true. When he had first met her, she was so intriguing and refreshing and just wonderfully different to all the court beauties he'd enjoyed the change when in her company. However, that had not lasted long. The more he had talked with her and gotten to know her, the more he kept thinking about her. And by the 3rd ball, he was certain that he was in love with her. Now all he could think about was her.
His parents should be happy enough about it, this would join the two kingdoms even more firmly, and Chrystal would make an excellent queen. It was obvious that she was a leader and people looked up to her, even the common folk liked her! But Derrick was nervous. He had never felt like this before, oh he'd had crushes, but not like this!

It didn't help watching Annelise and her blacksmith together. They would be married within the month's end. So after finally catching her relatively out of a crowd, he pulled her aside into the gardens where they could be alone.
Then he had started babbling.

... "Derrick..." I asked suspiciously, "What's going on?"
"I have something to ask you." He replied, leading me to one of the benches near one of the fountains and sat down with me on it.
"Listen...we're friends, right-at least I hope we are..."
"We are." I said reassuringly.
"Well, I was hoping we were more than just...friends?" He asked hopefully. I smiled
"If you are asking me whether I love you, the answer is..."
I could see he waited with bated breath. I was glad I thought about this earlier, I wouldn't have to take too long to answer. All through the night before the wedding when I had talked with Ella about her pre-wedding jitters somehow I ended up finally going to bed with thoughts of this guy on my mind. Finally I answered.

"...Yes. I do love you." He seemed stunned at this, though a happy sort of stunned. Then (of all the things to be!) he got SUSPICIOUS
"You aren't playing with me are you?" he asked
"Well there are so MANY kinds of love aren't there?" he continued as we both got to our feet and glared at each other "Platonic love, brotherly love, romantic love blah, blah, blah!"
"You are incorrigible!" I snapped
"So are you!" he shot back "So do I get to know which kind of affection you hold for me or will you make me figure it ou-" he was cut off as I grabbed his ears, pulled his head down to my level and kissed him. Yes, on the mouth. He responded to it after his initial moment of shock. When we broke it I looked up at him.
"That answer your question?" I asked with a smile. He grinned back.
"Yes!" He laughed, then composed himself. "But I have another one for you to answer" he said as he took out a small box, got down on one knee and then opened it to reveal a ring.
"Will you marry me?"

This time, I was the one who was lost for words. Yes, a first! ME lost for words! However, finally I answered.

"No." I said plainly, though not harshly. He seemed very...surprised.
"No?" he repeated "But you just said-"
"And I meant it." I reassured him. "But I am only 17 years old; I'm not ready to settle down. I want to see the world! Go on adventures, meet new people, learn new things! I have been stuck in that manor all my life and I've hated it. Besides, it isn't like you have to have everything figured out by the time you're 20! That life might be for Ella, but not for me. Not yet anyway." I told him. "Sorry?" I finished.
Actually, his reaction was different from what I expected. He smiled a little and shook his head.
"You know," he told me, "I guess I should have expected that. That's the way you are. And I probably wouldn't love you like I do if you weren't, nor would I have you any other way. So, where are you planning to go?"
"I was talking with Lucinda, she reckons I could even go into the hero business if I wanted." I said
"Isn't that usually rescuing damsels and slaying dragons?" he asked
"Who says I actually have to KILL the dragons? From what I hear they're just misunderstood. Besides, don't you mean it's traditionally a male role?" I challenged. He couldn't win this argument and he knew it!
"Since when has tradition ever stopped you?" Coward. He wasn't even going to attempt the verbal battle. Yet, despite that I grinned and we started talking about my plans.

Three days later I had Starlight saddled, packed and ready to go with Lightening on one gauntleted hand and Angel in a saddle bag. (She's actually a bit on the small side of a collie and is very light and nimble. That combined with Starlight's large size and strength, it was no problem.) My good-byes had been said, all but one who was saying it now. I launched the hawk into the air and turned to face him.
"Hey, be careful out there. I want you back in one piece." Derrick said gently as he took me into a hug.
"Who says I'm yours?" I retorted, though I hugged him back(he's mine and he knows it, though maybe it's a bit of both) However, the moment was ended as Lightening schreeched up ahead, Angl barked and Starlight pawed the ground.
"I'm coming!" I told them impatiently before turning back to Derrick. "I'll write at the first chance I get. See you at midwinter? I'll be coming here to celebrate with Ella and Conrad."
"Count on it." He said. He insisted on giving me a leg up and for once I accepted this act of chivalry (hey I'm a runt and my horse is HUGE! Give me a break!)
However, just as I was about to ride away, he called my name and tossed me a box. In it was a broach, with a familiar stone set into it. I looked back with confusion at first and then with a smile as it dawned on me what it meant and I put it on the collar of the outfit that Lucinda had given me that wonderful day when Ella and Conrad had found each other. Then with a final wave, I wheeled Starlight around and galloped off into the sunset. Oh alright, it was early morning and the sun was just RISING.

As I began my journey I realized, hey, this symbolic...ness(?) was so cool! Afterall, It was the Dawn of a new Day, for all of us. (MY Cheesy line, leave it!)

Or is it?

A.N: Yes, this story is finally finished. And Now I would just like to take this space to thank all my spectacular, wonderful, amazing, totally cool (okay you get the point, I love ya all) reviewers for their comments and support.

Luna/Reko: I am really glad you enjoyed the story so much. Its great to know that someone likes it so much-Careful though, that makes me want to write more...

Ladycrystalite: You don't sound stupid when reviewing, and it gives authors like me a lot of help whether its with how to make the story better or to boost our confidence. Sorry for torturing you so much with the cliffys, but hey it got you guys to read the next chapter quickly didn't it?
Hunewearl and Solara: Thank you so much for warning me about the spelling mistakes in some of the earlier chapters. My spellings not the worst, but far from the best and my stupid spell-check was down. I hope I fixed most of them, if not all. I'll go over them again, now I haven't got an excuse if there are any still there (uh oh)
All in all, I'm glad you enjoyed the story
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