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Chapter 12: I Wrote The Gospel On Giving Up

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Patrick and Abby are teenagers in love...drama insues

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Chapter 12: I Wrote The Gospel On Giving Up

Patrick's POV

After a long conversation with Mary we were on our way to Wisconsin
"You think it's really her Patrick?" Abby asked as she played with her
compact disc collection. "I don't know we'll have to see" When our plane landed
we rented a car and I drove to the address I was given. Abby was napping
gently. She was so worn out. I clutch the steering wheel tighter. I yawn, I
wish we had taken an earlier flight. Next think I know our car is crashed into
a tree. Fuck I fell asleep at the wheel? A police officer walks up to me
and tells me Abby is dead. What no,no "NO!"
I shot up in the hotel bed. What a nightmare. I look at my wife laying
beside me. Grabbing my sidekick;since I have no idea where my cell
phone is; I look at the time. 6 AM. Lovely. I take a shower and as I emerge. Abby's waking up. "Hi baby we got a long day ahead of us. Abby showers and we're off. I click the radio on to the news. Reports of a tornado warning were in effect. I shuddered. I hope I was long gone
before that happened. Then it talked about how a young girl was kidnapped out
of her bed last night. I would hate for that to be my daughter.

Abby's POV

We arrive at the given address and there's police cars. I wonder what
happened?We get out and I walk over to who I assume is Mary. "Hello I'm
Abagail Stumph,you spoke with my brother-in-law and husband the other
day. You said you had my daughter here?" She shook her head sadly. "Well I
did until last night she was kidnapped." I couldn't believe it my daughter was the one who was kidnapped. I shook as I heard the sound of breaking
glass. "I'll pay for the window I'm just so frustrated. I've never met her and
to be this fucking close." I was shaking I had never seen Patrick's temper
before, at least not like this. Before we can look for Mel, he needs to go
to the hospital. Will we ever get to go on our honeymoon?
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