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One of a set of Poems I had to do for an assignment once- a spoof off some of the mysteries I watch.

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A.N: If you dont findthis funny, no worries. Thats just the closest "genre" to it.

Professor Bucket lived a unique life, quite the curious man,
For even when his time was ended a mystery began
One his maid arrived and went to make the bed,
Instead she found a body to which the question led...

"Who would kill him? Why oh why?" the frantic servant cried.
It was not as if it were often that the poor man lied
He as friendly a cute little puppy
Even if he was just as scruffy.

But was his knowledge just too great?
Or was this tragedy just his fate?
Gumshoe Brown would not believe that
The detective explained with a tip of his hat.

So ignored a few rules,
And found all the clues.
Now all that was needed
Was to reveal who had deemed it
Necessary to commit such a crime

Finally all the suspects gathered
Even if they'd not rather
So that Mr. James. P. Brown could reveal,
The villain who's fate would be sealed.

"I know who killed him! I know who did it!"
The young man said mid-fidget.
Everyone looked around, casting suspicious glances
All worried about learning political dances

Was it the shady waitress standing so still
Who often had her hand digging in the till?
Or did the dear old Butler who constantly caused delay,
Find reason to end a contract that provides unsatisfactory pay?

At last Brown ceased his pacing
Ready to play out the scene of his making
Now if you are clever and cunning as an elf,
Why not have fun and solve the mystery yourself?

For just like a classic mystery of course,
The Butler did it! And he showed no remorse!
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