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Brotherly Love [11]

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Tis not slash. Hope you like. review if you hate or love or any of the many shades in betwteen. By the way, i've been told to class it as Candyfloss. Onehsot

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Brotherly Love

They were standing in the shadows, but the lighted end of Gerard's cigarette slightly defeated the object. People of all ages, races, and heights, rushed passed, not noticing the brothers lurking in the dark.
"But Gee," Mikey protested urgently. His brother cut him off with an abrupt wave of his hand, before taking another drag of his cigarette. He exhaled a stream of smoke that floated out into the cold night causing Mikey to cough and reach for his inhaler.
"The thing is Mikey, " Gerard began, his voice husky from the smoke. "The thing is, I just don't see why." His eyes were sparkling in the light from the cigarette, giving him a slightly demonic look. When Mikey's coughs had subsided, he looked back up at his brother. "I'm scared."
Gerard sighed softly and flung an arm round his brother, holding him close for a second. "It's going to be alright Mikes. I promise."


The seven year old woke up from his dream, confused. He didn't smoke. And he wasn't old either. Neither was Mikey. Mikey was asleep in the next room. It was then that his door creaked open to reveal a small figure wearing 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' pyjamas that were a size too big because they were hand-me-downs and holding on to a teddy by one arm, casting a long shadow onto the bedroom floor because the landing light was still on. "I'm scared," the four year old muttered, his light brown hair tousled. Gerard sat up, rubbing some sleep out of his eyes, sending ripples through the plain duvet cover. "Come here," he murmured softly, beckoning to his brother. Mikey padded across to his brother's bed and hoisted himself up so that he was kneeling by his brother.
"What was it this time Mikes?" Gerard asked as his brother wriggled under the duvet. "The bogey man?"
Mikey shook his head, clasping his teddy tightly as he lay next to Gerard, feeling safe once more. "Vampires," he muttered as he slowly succumbed to sleep once more. Gerard sighed softly before hugging his brother. "It's going to be alright Mikes. I promise."
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