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Numb and Broken

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A look into the mind and acts of a teen whose life is ruined, and all the things he must deal with every day of his miserable life.

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Furry Fiction
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: A fiction written for Fur Addicted's story contest, for the non-yiffy half of it. I had to strike up my creativity nicely here to make sure I don't end up too cliche, and make it an interesting read. It won 3rd place in the contest. :) It's also based off of a song I like, which is named at the end of the fic. Look up the lyrics for it, and you'll see they make sense.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: There's no real sex in this fic, but I will warn you it's violent, horrific, gorey, stuff like that. If you're not comfortable with that, or things like death, I advise you not to read.

"Imian... I can't do it anymore..." Says the fox of silver fur.

Imian, a fox of dark red fur, holds her shoulders. "No, Sharyn... Stay with me..."

She shakes her head, looking at him with beyond sad eyes, her furred cheeks lined wetly with tears ever flowing. "I can't do this anymore... I have nothing left..."

"You have me, Sharyn," he says, hugging her against his body, "isn't that enough for you?"

She doesn't respond to the hug, just letting herself be held. "I... I don't know..." She says amongst heavy sniffling.

"Sharyn... I love you... You know this..." He says, pulling back to look at her face.

She sniffs, looking back at him, as hard as she finds it to see into his blue eyes with her own. "I love you too..."

He rubs a hand over her cheek. "I know it's hard... But we have to get through it... For us, and for our child..."

She then whimpers, remembering her pregnancy. "Why, why, Imian? I can't bring a child into this world..."

"Please... We'll get through it... We have help, and I'm not going let you refuse it..."

She just whimpers and rests her crying face on his chest. Letting out a sigh, he puts his chin on her forehead, a hand gently petting the back of her head. That's when things start to go a blur. A flying mix of picture frames, and emotions, and words. Everything becomes skewed, intelligible, almost blinding to sight and sound. And then a bell rings.

Imian gasps, snapping his head up to attention. He sees the students around the high school class begin to file out of the room, some cheering like idiots. "Well, the day is done, class. See you all tomorrow." Said the teacher, a pink feline, upon the finishing of the bell ringing.

Imian growls, and punches his desk. He was caught in that daydream again. He just sighs, ignoring the pain in his fingers and grabbing his things to leave. He's of course slow about it, not nearly as enthusiastic as leaving as the others. Walking on his way down, his teacher looks over at him with some worry. The fox's fur is of a deep red color, his eyes a pretty blue, but overshadowed by the dark circles of his eyes, and usually covered up by his long black hair, which is worn straight and wet around all sides of his head. His ears are constantly drooped a bit, rarely if ever seen perked up. He wears a generic deep gray comfort shirt with short sleeves, but over it, a black trenchcoat hanging to his knees. Next to that, deep gray cargo pants with several pockets and zipper "compartments," and various chains hanging around. His boots are black steel-toed. His tail, shown out the back of his pants, his always dead and lowered, almost touching the ground sometimes. It also looks like it hasn't been properly cared for in years, and though that's an exaggeration, it is true he has not been grooming it. The pink feline gives out a slight sigh as she watches the fox walk by her. "... Imian."

He stops, his head raising a bit. "What." He says, very unenthusiastically, and without looking back at her.

"You were daydreaming again..."

He sighs lightly, his head bowing back down slightly. "I know... I'm sorry, Mrs. Maru."

"... I'm worried about you, Imian."

He replies quickly. "I told you not to be."

"I can't help it, Imian. You used to be upbeat and enthusiastic. You were happy once."

"Well I'm not now, okay..."

"Is it all the teasing you get? It used to not get to you..."

He sighs again. "It doesn't matter. Mrs. Maru, please... Your mind should be concerned about something more worthy..."

She blinks slowly, feeling a soft chill come over her body. She didn't like that statement. "Imian..."

He lifts his left arm up then, pulling the left strap of his backpack onto his shoulder, his hand showing the black gloves he's wearing, with the fingertips missing, as well as a studded bracelet with half-inch spikes. "Have a good day, Mrs. Maru..."

On that note, he starts to walk out again. With a sigh, she just looks away, toward something random on her desk. There's no more use in trying to talk to him anymore. The only thing left is to hear his boots clop on the tile floor on his way out. Once outside, he simply walks through the middle of the hallway, in the middle of all the students digging into their lockers. Waste of time. He never had use for his locker. Anything he needed he always had with him in his backpack. He looks mostly at the ground in front of him, eyes slightly locked onto the way ahead. Of course, along with seeing where he's going, he can't help but catch the usual stares and weird gestures made toward him. As usual, he passes them off as nothing. Nothing more but people disbelieving or ridiculing that which is not what they are...

Then, it had to happen again. Upon turning the corner into the open hallways, ones without lockers, he catches the eye of the three unmistakable jocks. Siongu, a panther; Seon, a leopard; and worst of all, Kengu, a lion. Kengu is a offensive linebacker on the high school's football team, as well as the most recent champion of the wrestling division. The other two are star receivers on the football team. They're three of the biggest egotistical assholes in the entire school, and Imian is one of their favorite targets. The three of them instantly smirk wickedly upon seeing him, and look at each other. Imian sees it all, and sighs. As soon as he gets a chance, Siongu steps in Imian's bath. "What's up there, shadow man?" He says.

Imian simply walks a path around him, right into Seon. "Not gonna talk again, mute? Come on, we wanna hear your voice."

Imian once again just alters his path to walk past the leopard. Then, as expected, the bulky lion known as Kengu steps in front of him. "Come on, little man, what do you got to say for yourself?"

The fox looks slightly up at his face, his eyes blank, though trying to hold back an anger, he then just looks back downward and walks around the lion. Then, stopped by a furred hand on his shoulder. "I asked a question, canine."

Imian simply shrugs the hand off of his shoulder forcefully, and continues walking. The growl he hears from the lion is not a good sign, however. Sensing the approach, his arm drops and he spins around, nailing the approaching lion in the face with his backpack of books, leaving him reeling against the wall. He then slings the backpack back onto his shoulder and keeps going. The lion roars a bit, about to pounce forward if not for Siongu and Seon grabbing his arms. "He ain't worth it, Kengu, just let him go!" Seon says.

"Your attitude has got you in trouble before, man!" Siongu states.

Kengu just growls, watching Imian turn a corner, before he finally loosens up. Imian, once out of sight of the three, lets out a sigh. That shot he just gave to Kengu should feel very good to have done, but it just doesn't. He wants to do so much more to those jocks. A bit of a wicked smile spreads across his muzzle as his thoughts drift into fantasy...

A fantasy of being somewhere like the jock's locker room. Siongu and Seon, beaten and bruised, tied to the floor benches tightly with tetherball cords. In their vision, Kengu the lion in an upright position, his wrists tied together and tied to one of the showerheads. He too has been beaten, his clothes having been ripped off in the fight, evident by tatters of the fabrics left on his body, and many bleeding slash marks in various places. Deliberate ones seen on his genitalia, shredded to near pieces. He's crying and whimpering, his two friends trying to find ways to get out of their bindings and do something. But it's no use, and in comes Imian, his hands and clothes stained with blood. He growls and pants heavily, his eyes blazing with anger, his lungs expelling the air of psychopathic fury. Walking up to a locker door in plain view of the others, he rips the side clean off it, now holding a piece of relatively sharp metal, just thicker than thin, roughly over a foot long, and looking similar to a ruler. Giving a toothy grin, he looks over to the lion, standing up and giving a staggering walk toward him. He squirms and yells out for it all to stop. He would be kicking at the fox, if his legs weren't broken. Starting to laugh louder and louder as he gets closer to the lion, Imian brings forth his makeshift blade, and cuts it right across the lion's stomach. Slowly, painfully. Kengu cries out loudly in amazing pain, his stomach sliced clean open, blood coming out like water overflowing from a tub, his intestines almost hanging out. He pants, his eyes glazed, his throat raspy, almost on a black out. But he's still awake to feel it. Just like Imian wants. Then, the fox abruptly stands, and shoves the metal clear into Kengu's chest. The lion's face shoots into a surprised, wide-eyed expression, and freezes. Imian pulls out a bit then, before he slashes the metal downward, bringing it out when he reaches the previous horizontal cut. That's when all of the lion's insides come falling out onto the shower floor. A few hit the fox at the process, mostly landing atop and at his feet. Smiling and laughing wickedly, the fox doesn't even bother looking at the now well dead lion. He instead turns his gaze on the two other felines, whose expressions show nothing but pure, indescribable terror. Gripping his "blade" in his hands tightly, the blood of the lion running down it and his hands, he starts to near the other two...


Imian snaps back to reality, seeing some students lining up at a spot, ready to catch a coming bus that one of them just called out toward. With a sigh, he turns the opposite way, walking on the sidewalk on his usual walk home. It was a bit long, but it was better than hanging out in a bus with the rest of them, at least to him...

Home. Imian sighs. Being at home was no better than being at school. He opens the door and walks inside, and as usual, heads right for the stairs. His mother, a beautiful fox with red-orange fur, immediately is on his case from the kitchen not far away. "Walked home again, I take it?"

He just nods. "Damnit, Imian, I told you I need you here early! Now... Break out your homework."

He keeps going toward the stairs. "Don't have any..."

"Don't EVEN give me that bullshit! You know very well how poorly you're doing in grades!"

"They didn't assign any..."

"Am I going to have to call them again to see?"

He says nothing, just going up the stairs now. She comes up to the bottom of the stairs to keep yelling at him. "Imian! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Your grades used to be good, and you used to have a job! And what the hell is with this clothing?! Money shouldn't be spent on-"

Imian cuts her off as he growls loudly, his fist slamming down onto the wooden banister, and actually breaking it clean in half on that part. His mother gasps loudly and hits her back on the wall behind her, startled heavily by the hit. He's punched things like the wall before, but he's never broken the banister with one. His shoulders raise and lower as he takes a deep breath, before continuing up the stairs, and taking the corner. His mother, still lightly frightened, says nothing, but instead turns and walks back toward the kitchen, her hand gently trembling in front of her muzzle, and tears going down her cheeks. Imian gets into his room, closes the door, locks it, and tosses his backpack on a random spot on the floor. Noticing his blinds on the window are open, he growls, and immediately starts closing them. Fucking mother... I tell her to leave my fucking blinds closed...

One they're closed, he turns on the light to his room, one of the lights that operates on a dial. So, he sets it dim. Using a lighter then, he lights various candles around his room, better illuminating, and showing off the red and black colors of the garments on his bed and chairs. He takes off his trenchcoat and throws it onto a chair, then sitting on the edge of bed, working on unlacing his boots to take them off. He notices his TV in front of him, with his VCR and movies, gaming systems. He contemplates playing something, but realizes he's not in the mood for any of them. Instead, he scoots up and lies back on his bed once his shoes are off. He sighs and looks at some posters across his wall, before his eyes fall on a framed picture at bedside, sitting next to a rose. He grabs it, and sits up, looking at it. ... Sharyn...

The picture is from long ago, taken by his mother. It's him when he was more full of the vigor of his youth, wearing leisurely clothes. With him in the picture is Sharyn, a silver fox and the love of his life, in a summer dress. They had been frolicking in the grass field during a weekend get-together. They were yelling things, rough housing with each other playfully. Imian's mother, who found it cute, got a camera, and the two of them posed while still sitting in the grass. It's a picture he's always adored, and his only memory of her. .... Why did it all have to go wrong...

Some months before, maybe a year, the two of them had a shock when Sharyn learned she was pregnant. It was from the result of a broken condom. Shaken over the news, Sharyn had no choice but to reveal it to people. She was disowned. Her friends called her a slut, as did other people around the school whom heard. Even some of the teachers didn't help her, as the ones in their school were known for being cynical. Worst of all, her parents - known alcoholics and suspected drug runners - were more than angry. She was already an abused child, but it got worse. At one point, she couldn't come to school because of injury. That was when Imian had to do something, and took Sharyn away. He had to fight her father in the process, but he got her away, and to a hospital. Why did she have those parents...

Her father was instantly complaining to Imian's mother, who luckily didn't care, since she was aware of the abuse Sharyn took. Her parents didn't know she was at the hospital, and once she was out, Imian took her to his home, where his mother was eager to help her. She did not know of the pregnancy, however. As Sharyn took refuge in Imian's home, the unthinkable happened. They discovered on the news that her parents had been killed, and their home destroyed in an arson fire. They were victims of the drug lord, and were suspected to have been behind on payments. Sharyn fell into depression and despair then. Her life was done for. Her parents were gone, so was her home and all her belongings. All of her friends and teachers disowned her. All she had left were Imian and his mother, but was refusing her help. I tried... I tried so hard...

Imian remembers holding her, trying to comfort her, telling her everything he said in his love for her. Then he can't remember what happened. His memory was snapped, his actions went unremembered. He remembers holding her close one night, before they slept. Then, time seemed to just break. It could have been a day, it could have been several, it could have been more than a week. Sometime later, she was dead. Her body found in the town's river after a long fall from the bridge above it. My life was ruined...

Imian begins to drip tears onto his lap as he remembers. He fell into the darkest depression of his life and contemplated suicide, but was convinced against it. They held a funeral for her and her parents. Not a lot of people showed up. Some family members, a friend or two, but otherwise, the community had shunned the family. Imian was angered to no end by this, and lost all respect for the people he once caroused with freely. He became outcast, no longer had friends, no longer talked to anyone. He sought fit to change how he looked to keep from social acceptance, and to hopefully keep them away. To keep them even... intimidated. I hate them... I hate them all...

He's faced constant ridicule for what he has become. Once relatively outgoing, and an okay student, he had become, to them, "trash." To him, they're the true trash. His life was ruined, and they don't care about him or his lost love. He can't help but stare at the picture. Sharyn... What did I say to you...

After the last day he remembers, all of his memories are a blur. He can only surmise that he had continued to try and make her happy, to convince her to accept help, to go back to school, to have a life. But, she killed herself. Herself, and her growing child. What did I say to you, Sharyn... Why did you leave me...

More tears flow as he sobs lightly. To him, it's all his fault. He couldn't convince her. He couldn't tell her the right words. He gave the wrong words. She's gone. He flops back onto his pillows, rolling onto his side, the picture there with him. He runs his fingers across it, across the silhouette of her. What he wouldn't give to see her again, like that, smiling brightly. She was so happy once. So happy with him. I wish I knew what happened... I just want... To turn back time... To know what I said to you...

He can't take it anymore. He picks up the picture and sets it on his nightstand, back by the rose. He runs his fingers over the rose, or rather, the plastic case it's in. It was straight from her, the first gift he ever gave her... He shakes his head off his thoughts, then taking the remote, and turning on the TV. Wiping his eyes with his paws, he decides it's best he get lost in some shows.

An alarm blares the next day. Imian rrphs, and slaps it with his hand. He yawns and wipes his eyes, looking around. Getting close to morning. He sighs and gets up to do his daily routine, shower, teeth brush, the whole deal. Good thing he has a bathroom hooked onto his room. He puts on the same clothes, of course. They're never that dirty anyway. Not like his tail. He heads downstairs to get something to eat, the light outside still not showing. He sets his alarm to get him up pretty early. And for a special reason. Well, one being so he can get out before his mother berates him, but mostly another. Grabbing his things after the meal, he leaves quietly, locking up afterward. His destination is a field that he passes by on the ways to and from school. Upon getting there, he walks up to a rock that's in the middle of it. Taking a seat on it, he pulls a pad out of his backpack and starts to draw and write things. It's not too long before he realizes it's getting brighter, and he looks forward. The sun rises, and immediately, the fox shivers. ...... Sharyn...

This field was one of the favorite spots of he and Sharyn. It has a perfect view of a sunrise, and they'd been known to have spent time in it every once in a while. Now, Imian only comes here to let his creativity out, to remember her, and he swears that every time the sun rises, he can hear her name spoken on the winds. Trying his best to will away tears, he continues writing for a few more moments before his instincts tell him time for school. He puts his things away, and starts his walk.

The day goes by just like any other. Long, boring, and full of stares. Though, Imian did notice some of the stares were a bit different, and people seemed to be whispering things about him more than usual. Of course, he does not care what they're saying. Possibly just some new rumor. The day ends with him in Mrs. Maru's class, which he walks out of, Mrs. Maru saying nothing to him today, rather just looking at him and sighing. Once outside in the locker hallway, he notices a distinct drop in the amount of students in the hall. Those that are still there seem to be running away. And fast. Weird. Was it because of him? They've never done this before. Soon, his questions just might be answered, as he sees coming in the hallway towards him: None other than Kengu the lion. And he looks angry. Imian immediately stops walking. Siongu and Seon are behind Kengu, Seon trying to grab his arm, though it keeps slipping out. "It's not worth it, Kengu!"

"It's not going to work, Seon..." Siongu says.

"YOU, FOX!" Kengu yells, soon getting close to Imian.

Imian just looks at him blankly. "I'm sick of you, you little fucker. This whole school is sick of you. I'm going to do something I should have done long ago." He states, rolling up the sleeve on his right arm.

Imian just sighs, and shakes his head. "I don't have time for this..." He says with little emotion, then turning around.

He gets another surprise as just a ways down the hallway, he sees another jock. A big gray wolf he knows as Cath. He's rather muscular, also a champion of the wrestling division, and he's standing in the hallway with his arms crossed. "No way out of this one, you little fuck!" Kengu states.

Imian gives a little grr, and turns around. As soon as he does, he's struck hard in the face by a punch from the lion, which sends him onto his back immediately, his backpack falling to the ground next to him. "Haha! Nice one!" Yells the big wolf Cath.

Kengu laughs, and comes over the fox, cracking his knuckles. "I got a lot more to do."

With that, Imian comes up with a sudden kick, getting the lion's family jewels. Kengu, cries out and holds between his legs, backing up away from the fox. The other three jocks wince. Imian then stands up quickly, and kicks Kengu again in the chest, getting him away. "That was a cheap shot!" Siongu states.

Imian then growls loudly, leaning up against the lockers, holding his forehead in a palm. He firmly punches a locker with the other fist, denting it almost completely in. "... Whoa... Something is wrong with him..." Seon says.

Kengu growls loudly as he stands up, albeit a bit awkwardly. "Damn right... And that is, he's gonna die!"

Kengu comes at Imian again, but gets a swift right cross from the fox, which sends the lion reeling a bit, holding the side of his face. Cath blinks. "Whoa... That little guy can hit..."

Imian, with another loud growl, adjusts something on his fist. He's taken his spiked-studded bracelet and slid it down to his knuckles, tightening it. As Kengu regains his composure, he's hit again with a left hook, the same fist that has the armband. Kengu cries out as he falls onto his ass, holding his now bleeding face. "... What the fuck!" Seon states.

Imian, in an almost blind rage, yanks the lion's paw away from his face, and strikes him with the weaponed left hand again. He then slides his claws out of his right hand and viciously slashes the other side of the lion's face. Kengu tries to fight back, but gets a hard knee to his stomach, knocking his air out and leaving him susceptible to more hits. That's when the others have had enough, Siongu grabbing onto the fox's shoulders. Imian slams the back of his head into the panther, then stands, giving a right elbow to him, followed by a left backhand with the armband. Then, he sees Seon near, and immediately gives him a shot with the spiked left hand. The fox then gets a hard knee in his back, and falls onto his knees with a cry. Above him, Cath growls loudly, about ready to come down with a punch. Imian instead rolls out of the way and nails the wolf hard in the chest with both of his feet, sending him literally flying a ways back down the hall. Cath, in his pain, groans out. "Get that... fucker..."

Imian gets back to his feet, seeing the panther right in tow, then dodging a punch from him. He gives Siongu a hard shot to the stomach with his left hand, leaving the panther holding his stomach. Looking up, he sees the small door of a locker open. He grabs it, and tears the door clean off its hinges. Holding it in both hands, he slams it down onto the back of Siongu's head, sending the panther down. He looks to the side to see the leopard getting up, and promptly slams him in the face with the metal door as well, sending him onto his back. Imian then hears a groan, and he looks down at Kengu. The lion that is at the head of it all... Growling loudly in a returning rage, Imian tosses the locker door aside and drops down before the lion and starts to wail away on him, fist after fist slamming into the bloody jock's face, some kicks coming down into his ribs, stomach, and legs. Then, Imian stops, and yanks a chain right out of his belt. Adjusting himself to be behind the lion, he entwines it around Kengu's neck and begins to forcefully strangle him. Kengu cries out and starts to make choking sounds, trying to grab at the chain on his neck, but too much blood is making the job too slippery. "Feel it, Kengu... FEEL MY PAIN! FEEL MY SUFFERING!!!" Imian yells out.

At the same time, he starts to tighten the chain. Kengu coughs and spits, still trying to get the chain off, though his hands are starting to slow down, getting limper and harder to use as his eyes are rolling into the back of his head. Imian only sits and laughs maniacally as he strangles the lion. Cath, growling, finally manages to get up, and comes over to give a hard punch to Imian's face. Imian oomphs, and immediately stops strangling, feeling slightly dizzy. Cath grabs him by the coat and brings him around, throwing him to the ground behind him. About ready to start beating on the fox, he's interrupted. "Cath!" Says Seon.

Cath turns around, to see Seon next to Kengu, looking scared as hell. "... He's dead, Cath. He's fucking dead!"

Cath goes wide-eyed, and looks over at the fox, whom is getting up with the assistance of his left hand on a locker, which still holds the chain, and wiping the blood off his mouth with the right hand. "You son of a bitch!" Cath yells, charging at him.

Imian transfers his chain to his right hand, and then moves out of the way of a punch, which hits the lockers. He slams Cath in the face with his left hand, getting a spike right in his eye. Cath roars out with pain and grabs his face and eye. Imian then viciously whips his chain to the back of the wolf's head, making him go down onto the ground. He looks back up to the others, and gets a bit of a surprise. Siongu had opened a locker, and was pointing a gun right at him. Many people around, whom have been spectators for a little while, all gasp and talk about the panther and his gun. Imian has to think fast. "Eat lead you mother fucker!" Siongu yells.

Upon those words, the fox ducks down to ground. A bullet is fired where is face used to be, hence missing him completely. Imian's hand lands on the locker door that he tossed aside earlier, and immediately, he throws it. Before Siongu can really do much, he's hit in the face with the locker door, making him go down. Imian immediately runs over, and yanks the gun out of the panther's hand. Seon looks on in a scared horror as the fox gets the gun ready, the panther looking up at him with a hand on his nose, his eyes wide and blank, the barrel of the pistol pointed at him. "NO, DON'T!" Seon yells.

BANG. The panther gets a bullet in between his eyes. Seon gasps as this happens, a few female spectators around screaming and running away. Imian's gaze turns up toward Seon with quite an evil glare. Seon yells, and starts to run. Imian fires twice, getting the leopard in the back both shots. He then turns around, seeing Cath on his hand and knees, his other hand holding his bleeding eye. Imian walks over toward him, a bit awkwardly. Cath manages to turn and look up at him, immediately getting a bullet that sends him onto his back. More spectators yell as 3 more bullets are emptied into the wolf, before Imian stops. "... SOMEBODY STOP HIM!" A crying girl yells.

Imian's head perks up, and he looks over toward the girl, and shoots, the girl hit before she can react. A few students try to stop the fox, but they get thrown off, and more bullets start flying. Imian begins to walk down the hall, breathing hard and psychotically, shooting at anything he sees. People fall, and run away. Soon, after a few clicks, he realizes the bullets are out. Coming back to some of his senses, he throws the gun down, and starts to run, leaving his backpack behind. He runs down the hallways, out the front door of the school, and starts down the street. Running, without stopping, uncaring of fatigue. He gets home quicker than he ever has, which surprises the hell out of his mother. But what surprises her more is how he looks when he comes in, bloody on his hands and clothes, and his face obviously beaten up. "... Imian! Oh my god!"

She comes up to him, but Imian just starts to head upstairs, panting heavily from his run. She tries to hold him, but he's out of her grip. "Did you get into a fight? Is anything broken?"

He just ignores her, going up the stairs awkwardly, panting and tired from the run being the cause. She stays close to him up to the near top of the stairs, trying to get him to stop. "Imian, stop, tell me what happened!!"

Imian finally snaps, and growls loudly, spinning his body around. This makes his mother cry out, as well as fall and be pushed backward. Imian watches with slight horror as she awkwardly tumbles down the stairs, ending up at the bottom against the wall, and motionless. He stands there and stares for a moment, horrified, before he quivers his hands into fists, and goes darting into his room, closing and locking the door. His blinds are open, but he definitely doesn't care now. He walks into his room a few paces before he falls onto his knees, his stomach sinking down, his face sinking into his hands after he pulls the armband off his knuckles. He sits there, sobbing into his hands for a moment, before he gets them off his face, staring down at the paws, seeing the blood and tears on them. .... What I have I done....

All the realization of what just happened came down on him. He had just fought 4 jocks. He strangled one to death. When one tried to kill him, he killed him instead. Shot them all. Shot bystanders. His anger and rage took over his mind and caused him to try and murder everyone around him. Worst of all, he wasn't bothered by it. He wasn't bothered by what he did, until... his mother fell. He stared at her. Down there at the stairs. She's likely dead. And it's his fault! .... What have I become...

Tears flow like faucets out of his eyes as his mind recalls everything that just happened. He's a monster... He failed Sharyn, and he failed his mother... He even killed her... His face sinks back into his paws as he falls forward onto his elbows, sobbing loudly into the quiet, empty, air. His heart feels shattered, his body feels numb, everything that he's done wrong has fallen down upon him like bricks...

The police were onto the scene in the high school within a matter of minutes. Kengu Cherusa was pronounced dead at the scene of asphyxiation. Siongu Kakanim and Cath Kicabys were found dead of gunshot wounds to the head, Cath also having suffered three gunshots to the chest area. Two more students and one teacher were pronounced dead of gunshot wounds also, a second student dying of her wound on the way to the hospital.

Seon Miatta was found with two gunshots to his back and rushed to the hospital, and survived the attack. Four students were also injured but luckily survived.

Thanks to many eyewitness accounts, police knew of who accomplished the homicide, and his address was looked up with the school accounts. Police rushed to the location, finding the front door unlocked. They found Tinxarra Falaro on the ground in a strange position at the bottom of the stairs. She luckily was not dead, just unconscious with a case of whiplash. They went up the stairs and found a locked door with bloodstains on the knob. They called out to who was inside, before kicking it open.

Imian Falaro was found dead in his bathtub, both of his wrists sliced open with a small pocketknife, using the serrated blade. His blood was out all over the floor as well as his body. He was pronounced dead at the scene, with no way to save him. The blood and hairs of the athletes he killed was found on his body, as well as gunshot residue on his clothing and fur. His backpack back at the scene contained his identification, as well as a notebook full of dark poetry and crude drawings.

Upon examination of his room, there was a paper discovered on his nightstand by the bed. It was located underneath a photo of the suspect and a silver female fox, as well as a rose in a plastic box. Believed to be a suicide note, it was read, and concluded it was a suicide note, but not like they're usually accustomed to seeing. Rather than a bunch of apologies to family and friends, the note was... a poem. A poem that seemed to be centered on an unnamed person. Most notably were the following words:

It won't be long, we'll meet again
Your memory is never passing
It won't be long, we'll meet again
My love for you is everlasting


Characters © Me
Inspired by the song "Rose of Sharyn" by Killswitch Engage
Song & Lyrics © Killswitch Engage & Roadrunner Records, used without permission

~ Scy
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