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Chapter 1

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Violet, Brendon's best friend joins Panic! At The Disco on tour. While having fun and enjoying touring, old friendships may turn into something more. And in this case not just one.

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Author's notes: Hey, this is the first Fic I ever wrote in english, I've had it finished for quite a while now and I'll be posting chapters frequently. I'll be reading over the chapters before I post them but my writing skill has probably gotten better since i wrote this so don't be harsh =) hope you like it, and comment ^^

Violet's POV

Here I am. Alone in the biggest bus I've ever been in. There are clothes, cans and snacks everywhere. And you can't miss the size of this thing. I'm sure that the bus is bigger than my apartment!

There are two sofas in the front, a dinette, kitchen, bathroom with a shower and everything, four bunks and then in the end of the bus there is a huge sofa, a flat screen TV and a play station. Right now the play station is on pause, someone had been playing Guitar Hero. "Yes, I ROCK at this game!" I blurted out to myself and went to pick up the tiny red guitar. But someone had heard me.

"Yah, Right."

I quickly turn around to see Brendon standing there with a smirk playing on his face.

"HI!" I almost scream and run to hug him. He hugs me back and smiles as he lets go off me.

"Well, how was the show??" I ask excited, not able to take my eyes off my best friend.

"It was ok I guess. Ryan fell." He said and started giggling.

"Oh, no, is he ok?" I said trying to sound serious but I couldn't help but laugh, Brendon's laugh was just so contagious.

"Yeah, he's fine. Just embarrassed" He said and put his hand over my shoulders and led me to the front of the RV.

Ryan, Spencer and Jon were sitting on one of the sofas, Ryan with his head in his hands and Jon and Spencer laughing until they noticed me and Brendon walking towards them.

"HEY!" Jon jumped up all excited and ran over to hug me.

"Hi! Long time, no see" I said as Spencer came up to me to hug me too. Ryan just sat there until the hugging attacks were over and then came up to me.

"Hi, it's so great that you could come with us on tour" he said and smiled shyly, and hugged me.

"Yeah, it's great that you will have me! I'm just so happy that I get to see you guys!" I said while they just stared at me in excitement.

I, Violet Valley, have been friends with the famous band Panic! At The Disco since I was 12. Well, to me they are just my friends who suddenly became famous and left me in Las Vegas...

I'm nineteen, brown hair, green eyes, nothing really special about me. My dream is to become a singer. I have been singing since I was just a little baby, and singing in choir that's where I met Brendon. I know right, Brendon in choir, but he was always singing and he was my first best friend. Ryan and Spencer were in my class, and I met Jon a couple of months ago.

"So, we're gotta do some meet and greets right now, wanna come with?" Spencer said who still couldn't wipe that smile off his face.

"Yeah, that would be awesome, sure I won't get in the way of all the screaming girls?" I said giggling.

"HaHa, very funny, now come on." Brendon said and took my hand and led me out of the tour bus.

When we stepped outside, photographers started taking photos and blinded me with all the flashes. But it was ok, Brendon didn't let go of my hand and before I knew it I was inside a the room where they did the meet and greets.

"Is it always like that?" I said shocked and looked into Brendon's eyes.

"Yeah, most of the time" He said and sighed. They walked over to a long table and sat down and started signing some cd's and posters. I just sat down on a sofa beside the door and listened to the conversations they had with their fans.

"Wow, that was an amazing show! I just love how you put much energy into it, you were just amazing!" a girl little younger than me said to them while they signed her Panic tee.

"Thanks for coming!" Spencer said happily.

Another girl came into the room, she was a lot older than me, probably about thirty. She was really nervous. She walked over to them and couldn't stop staring at them. She handed them her concert ticket.

"So, what's your name?" Brendon said smiling, ready to sign the ticket.

"Uuuh, Brennn, no, no it's not Brendon, I mean, oh." She paused and took a deep breath. "Marie"

Brendon smiled friendly at her and said: "Marie, ok, thanks for coming. What did you think about the concert?" and signing her ticket then handing it to Ryan.

"It was, uh, the greatest" she said and blushed. "I just want to say," she paused there to take a deep breath, "that your music is so amazing and it inspires me so much. I just wanna say thank you for playing it for me." She looked down at her feet and smiled shyly.

"Oh, thank you, we really appreciate that" Jon said and handing her the ticket. "Thanks for coming"

I just watched, and thought to myself 'Wow'. People idolize them. I just couldn't believe that a woman ten years older than them loved them that much.


A couple of more fans came to get their stuff signed then we headed back to the RV. This time around the cameras were gone. Only a couple of the crew members were around, loading all the concert equipment into a truck.

As we walked into the bus I said, "So, where am I supposed to sleep?" gesturing that there were only four bunks in the bus.

"Uh," Brendon said uncertain. "I hadn't really thought about that, well, you can share a bunk with me" He had a huge grin plastered over his face. I punched him lightly in the shoulder and crossed my hands.

"Well, I don't think I can take that chance, again. The last time I shared a bed with you, you peed in your pants." I said suppressing laughter. But Ryan, Jon and Spencer weren't doing such a good job like I was and busted out laughing.

Brendon's face turned red. "Hey, you said you'd never tell anyone about that, I was only twelve!" he said in his defense but that only made the guys laugh even harder.

"Y-you were t-t-twelve?" Jon stuttered out between laughs.

"Not fair." Brendon said crossing his hands and pouted. "Okay then, you can have my bunk; I'll sleep on the couch tonight. But if you pull something like that again, you're so gonna get it!"

I grinned at him and picked up a pillow.

Ready. Aim. Score!

The pillow landed went straight to his head and I threw my hands up yelling, "I win!"

He acted surprised, but then smirked again and picked up the pillow from the floor and threw it right back at me, finding himself another pillow to attack me with.

I quickly picked up a pillow in my defense as Brendon started hitting me with his pillow. The other guys joined the fight and I screamed when they all came for me.

The rest of the night we were all joking around and catching up until we had to hit the bunks.
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