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A Series of Unfortunate Events [12]

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A series of unfortunate events leads to what? (One shot)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-06-29 - Updated: 2007-06-29 - 412 words - Complete

A Series of Unfortunate Events

It had been the best concert of the tour. Of course, that wasn't hard. It was the first concert of the tour. The fans had been really into the gig. Well, at least they sounded like they were. It had been hard to see past the first five rows. They were drenched in sweat; all of them, even asthmatic Mikey. Frank from almost destroying Bob's drum kit; Gerard from generally doing Gerard themed things; Ray from the playing; Bob from the drumming and Mikey from the general concertness of it all. They were all still riding the adrenaline high when it happened.
"That way," Frank pointed, his eyes shining in the half light.
"No," Gerard corrected him. "That way."
"Actually guys." This was Bob interrupting. "It's that way."
And so the fivesome began joking, laughing and walking back towards wherever it was they were supposed to be. And that's when it all began.
If you want to know who actually started it I couldn't tell you, but for whatever reason Frank was playfully pushed to one side, treading on a large screen that started to fall, bringing down with it a ton of sharp objects that weren't meant to fall but did. And landed with a loud and unnerving clank around a member of the band, causing him to fall to the floor clutching his chest, the blood dripping through his fingers. This caused Gerard to dive down next to the man, yelling his name.
The injured one looked up with a brief smile. "It's just a little scratch Gee. Just a little..." And with those words Mikey Way's beautiful hazel eyes closed and his breathing slowed.
This caused a crying Gerard to continue to shout his brother's name, causing Frank who'd finally recovered form his tangle with the screen to punch 911 into his cell phone, to phone for an ambulance, which caused a medical vehicle to drive screeching into the night.
The fact that it took Mikey to the hospital meant that the other four men went with him, which meant that they were in the ambulance when said ambulance was sent careering into a wall by another car. This meant that instead of one man dying that night, eight did. So you see it was a series of unfortunate events that caused the dead to be listed on the television that night; the rock stars along side the paramedics.

Simply a series of unfortunate events.
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