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mild IsshiKen. A father is many things to his son. AU

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When Kurosaki Isshin arrived on Ishida Ryuuken's (figurative) doorstep it was the second night without sleep. Ishida hadn't taken time off work since his son's mother died, so he certainly didn't take time off now when there was only the chance of his son being killed. However, that had been enough cause for him to drag out a pile of mind-numbingly boring paperwork to sign and date mechanically while really meditating on Uryuu's ribbon of spirit thread. He had had a bad feeling.

And so, when the door opened onto the tall and dark figure standing in his hallway, Ishida the senior looked particularly ruffled. His eyes were red-rimmed and puffy and his clothes rumpled as though he had been spending all his spare time on his couch trying not to fall asleep and failing. Kurosaki the senior took all this in with the subtlist of glances.

It did not take much to convince Ryuuken to let Isshin into his expensive and overly large apartment - less convincing than either doctor had planned for. In fact, no convincing at all. Although Ryuuken refused to believe that this game that had been played for almost two decades had always been useless, he did not have the energy to play it now. A father does not ignore an only son on the brink of death lightly.

"I'm going to Kisuke's store," Isshin said, looking incogerious in his hawaiian print shirt and solomn frown. "Tonight."

And so Ryuuken packed an extra shirt and fixed his hair. Checked his cross, dropped the cylanders that had formerly held Uryuu's reiatsu into a small velvet bag, and tucked it into his jacket pocket. Changed socks, selected a new box of cigarettes and brushed his teeth. The mechanical movements were observed silently from the shinigami form in the doorway, the gigai Isshin had been living in for howevermany years lying on the bed. Finally, Ishida stood up straight and looked this man in the eye.

"Are we really going to do this, Isshin?"

Although looking pleased that Ryuuken had deigned to use his first name, Kurosaki Isshin nevertheless restrained himself from crowing out in glee. He could save it for later. There was plenty of time for teasing once they were safe.

And so, he just said: "Yes."

Ryuuken bowed his head for a moment, as if lost in prayer, before straightening his back and stepping forward purposefully.

"Let's go, then."


When they arrived, it was just in time to save the day.

Ichigo nearly passed out when he figured out who had stopped that blade from slicing off his head. Then he just got angry, yelling and jesticulating wildly, as if he had rather been killed than realize he was not the only shinigami in the family. Ishida Ryuuken watched this exchange with a look of amusement that did not miss Ishida Uryuu's intense gaze. However, when Ryuuken turned to look at his son his son was already looking somewhere else.

The sons may think they were ready to go out on their own, but that didn't mean that their fathers would ever stop watching over them.
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