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You've Gotta Be Kidding Me

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Hannah meets Jason's parents

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Hannah sat on the hood on Jason's car after school. She wondered if she was getting dust on her clothes, but she didn't care enough to get down. She put her head on the windscreen and stared up at the clouds as she waited for him. She was conscious of the skirt she was wearing. It was a little too short for sitting on the hood of a car, but she was tired and Jason, being a sensible car owner, hadn't left his door unlocked. He arrived not too long later and they got in.
"Just a few things before we go," he said.
"Oh come on, Jay. How bad can your family be?" she asked.
"Well, you know my sister is going to try and make you out to be a slut or a bitch or something else, so just don't give them any reason to doubt you. You know what Christi is like, just don't let her throw you," he said.
She did know what Christi was like. Insanely popular among the more plastic girls of Newark, Christi was Jason's twin sister. She had the same sandy coloured hair and green eyes, but more feminine features. She wasn't one of the more bitchy girls, but she definitely had her moments.
"I think I know how to handle your sister," she said.
"I know, but you've never been around her at home where she really is queen bee," he said.
"Is that all I need to know?" she asked.
"Not exactly. See, my parents are kind of..." he started.
"Kind of...? What?" she asked.
"Young. And by kind of, I mean very. They were fifteen when they had us," he said.
"Wow, didn't know that," she said.
"I just didn't want you to be shocked when you got in there," he said.
"Okay," she said.
"You ready for this?" he asked.
"Yeah, totally," she said.
"Cool. I guess we better go then," he said.

They drove out of the parking lot. Maeve, Lana and Fiona were at the exit. They waved as they drove away. Hannah rolled her eyes but smiled. I will find them boyfriends if it's the last thing I do.
Jason pulled up in front of a pretty white house about a mile away from the school. They walked up to the door. He opened the door and they stepped into a bright hallway.
"Mom? Dad? I'm home and I brought someone home for dinner," he called.
"I'm in the kitchen, dear!!" came a reply from the next room. Jason made to walk down the hall but someone opened a door to his left. A man, about average height, came out and stood in front of him. He was pale and had greasy black hair. His eyes were hazel and he had small, soft features. He was dressed all in black, a leather jacket even with the heating on. Hannah assumed that he was a family friend, or a neighbour, or a very handsome yet inexperienced burglar.
"Hey dad, this is Hannah," Jason said.
Dad? No way. Usually, people slightly resemble their dad's. There was absolutely no likeness between these two whatsoever.
"Oh, cool! I was beginning to wonder if this girl even existed," the man who was apparently Jason's dad said. "Hi, I'm Gerard," he said, turning to Hannah. He put out his hand. She took it and smiled nervously. "No need to be shy, I won't bite."
"How long 'til dinner's ready?" Jason asked.
"Ask your mother," Gerard said. He had let go of Hannah's hand by now. His hands were in his pockets. Hannah was wondering what to do with hers. Damn hands, always out of place.
"Come on and meet mom," Jason said, taking her hand and leading her through the door he had originally been heading towards. They stepped into a spacious kitchen. It looked like something you would see in a storybook cottage.
"Mom, Hannah's here," Jason said.
Then Hannah saw where Jason got his looks from. His mom looked exactly like Christi, but more smiley. She was barely as tall as Hannah.
"Wow, you actually brought her! About time, Jason!" she said. Hannah smiled nervously again.
Maybe this gets easier.
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