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Just because knowledge is treasured doesn't mean that you should try to learn everything.

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The expanse of sky
Above his head
Taunted him for
His Ignorance.

For his pride
He read and read,
Learned and learned,
Until he knew nearly

How you live,
How you die,
Why you live
And why you

Yet still the sky
Taunted him,
Everyday and night.

He sat, pondering:
"Why am I alive?
What will happen
When I die? I must know

Writing in his book
With red ink,
He muttered:
"So this is what it's like to

Soon the ink was replaced
By a different
Red liquid:

As his life drained away,
All he did was
"What happens when you

Right before the moment
Of his death,
From his blue, ice-cold lips
Came the words:

"And so the Blindfold comes off
With Death."


A/N: An eighth grade poem this time (two and a half years). If you're gonna tell me that the word choices I used were bad, you might want to save your time, since I'm aware of it (suggestions would be appreciated, though). But, then again, I did write this in about twenty minutes. shrugs Oh, and sorry if "angst" is a bad choice for this. I wasn't sure which of the given genres it would best fall under.

Reviews would make my day... Well, it'd make it better than it is. The fact that people've even bothered to read this already make me happy. (Fear my patheticness...)
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